Kinky Cuckold 3: Gangbang Review

Kinky Cuckold 3 ups the cuck ante like never before! Severe Sex is known for pushing the envelope and showcasing the darker fantasies in porn. The versatility of this studio is displayed through its work in several genres such as bondage, domination, humiliation and kinky sex ed! Another niche the studio is no stranger to is cuckolding, no surprise. But when someone says the word “cuckold,” you would never in a million years think humor would EVER be intertwined with this genre! Most think about the humiliation that poor husband is going to have to endure from his wife while she’s getting pounded by Shane Diesel, don’t you? Is there another name you could think of? I can! There’s one name that stands out in this particular genre the most to me. You know him and gotta love him (no matter what movie it is) – the incomparable Jimmy Broadwayy. As one of the owners of Severe Sex, along with wife Dee Severe, Jimmy returns for the 3rd of the successful Kinky Cuckold series with Kinky Cuckold 3: Gangbang. Yes, the title sounds is a bit ominous, but I was really surprised that I found myself laughing (and not at these poor men). The dialogue was surprisingly witty and made you feel like maybe some of these situations could come from real life (if we regular people dared to be so bold).

Hotwife Cuckold

Mercedes Carrera kicks off the naughty fun as Jimmy’s uber horny wife in desperate need of a good stroking. As the pair ride around the neighborhood, they spot a likely candidate (Richie Black) to take home. Not too much is said during this scene, but hey, it’s Mercedes Carrera. She doesn’t have to say one word to make her point! Since “hotwifing” focuses around around a sexy spouse whose husband encourages her to fuck other guys in front of him, this scene doesn’t possess the humiliation angle found in most cuck fucks. Rather, Jimmy gets to work on sucking Richie’s eggs while Mercedes handles the dick. Take a look at that happy couple!

Hipster Cuckold

Edyn Blair, Jay Wimp, and Mickey Mod were my absolute favorite trio in the feature. Edyn verbally reams Jay a new one, and his one-line quips and rebuttals are hilarious from the beginning of the scene to the very end! She plays the disappointed housewife married to a new age hipster. Everything about hopeless hipster Jay apparently sets Edyn off regardless of how hard he tries to make her happy, including taking her out for a night on the town for a tea tasting and Nepalese folk music. The unhappy couple, plus Mickey, a UCLA professor, come back to the house thinking the guys are going to have an intellectual conversation…but the only thing Edyn wants to discuss is how good Mickey feels inside her as Jay watches! But don’t think he’s quiet as a church mouse. His objections are witty, completely unexpected, and had me in tears with laughter!

Cuckold Gangbang

Scene three features the forlorn Jimmy once again being diligent in his duty to please wife Dava Foxx by working off his “spare tire” while three personal trainers work her over right in front of him! The entire time she plays the supposedly loving wife catering to her husband’s health – and she’s also catering to her inner bad girl, gangbang style! With squats, lunges, pelvic thrusts, it’s safe to say I think she took her reps seriously, guys. Even though Jimmy didn’t say much, his facial features said everything he couldn’t and also added more humor to the workout of workouts!

If you have never watched a cuckold movie, I highly recommend this title to you neophytes. It’s not the dark side of porn that one would usually think about at all. While cuckolding usually does carry the stigma of humiliation, Kinky Cuckold 3: Gangbang was more about the fun of variety and the spice of life! Jimmy Broadway, Mercedes Carrera, and their host of kinky co-horts are putting a new spin on the old porn niche. I honestly have to say this was one of the best videos I’ve ever had the pleasure to witness and would gladly recommend this to anyone who were willing to listen to me rave about it!

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