Joanna Jet's Top Trans MILF Scenes

If you’re a fan of transsexual porn, then you’ve most likely heard of the “Trans MILF,” Joanna Jet. The UK-born beauty has chronicled some of her most filthy sexual exploits in her Trans MILF series, and HotMovies has the exclusive release of the highly anticipated Trans MILF 5. In order to celebrate the fifth installment of this steamy series, we chose our favorite scenes from each title to highlight some of Jet’s hottest work.

Trans MILF 1 – Scene One

Basje is Joanna Jet’s curious young pupil, and today he’s going to learn a lesson about getting fucked by his trans teacher! Basje worships Joanna’s beautiful fishnet-clad legs before nervously moving up to her cock. Joanna doesn’t allow Basje to be intimidated, however, and fucks his face until he’s deep-throating her. Joanna flips him over and makes her entrance into his ass, and the young man takes his first anal pounding like a professional.

Trans MILF 2 – Scene One

Joanna is around town skateboarding when she notices the beautiful Amy Daly doing the same. The two beautiful ladies get to talking about skating and soon the sexual tension between them is undeniable. Joanna takes Amy back to her place, and it doesn’t take long for the clothes to come off. Joanna sucks Amy’s cock and rims her, then slides a finger in her ass to prepare her for her cock. These two have a chemistry-filled trans-on-trans fuckfest that is not to be missed!

Trans MILF 3 – Scene Two

Men, transwomen, and biological women: who says Joanna Jet can’t have them all? In this scene, Joanna is enjoying a nice hillside picnic with the beautiful Loz Lorrimar, and in typical Joanna Jet fashion, she can’t help but be flirty. Loz picks up on Joanna’s advances and returns them. Joanna needs no further convincing, flipping up Loz’s skirt and eating her shaved pussy right then and there. The ladies fuck in the grass until Joanna cums all over Loz’s nice, natural tits.

Trans MILF 4 – Scene Four

Joanna is out cruising around in her convertible when she comes upon two guys walking down an alleyway. As usual, Joanna is uncontrollably horny and looking to get laid, so she jumps out of the car and flashes her cock at the men. The men look at each other, back at Joanna’s hard dick, and jump right in. What ensues is a wild threesome that ends up with Joanna fitting two cocks in her ass at once!

Trans MILF 5 – Scene Three

While we’re accustomed to seeing Joanna with her long, blonde tresses, she switched it up for this scene. Joanna’s scene partner from Trans MILF 3, Loz Lorrimar has returned and brought along Cyprus Isles to share. Cyprus and Joanna take turns spreading Loz’s legs for their handheld camera and playing with her pussy. Finally, Loz can’t take any more of the teasing and starts sucking Joanna’s cock. The camera switches off with POV angles as the ladies take turns getting fucked by Joanna. She has them lie down at the end and showers them both with messy facials.

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