Adventures With The Baumgartners Review

After the resounding success of the 2016 release of Babysitting The Baumgartners, adult industry legends Adam & Eve teamed up again with director Kay Brandt to turn Selena Kitt’s bestselling erotic series into another scorching XXX adaptation. Fans of the first Baumgartners loved the film for its equal attention to storytelling, character chemistry, and – of course – the unbelievably hot sex scenes. Doc and Carrie Baumgartner, played by married superstar performers Mick Blue and Anikka Albrite, return in the exciting new sequel of the series to bring new partners into the bedroom and mentor their babysitter, Gretchen (AJ Applegate), about navigating jealousy with her polyamorous girlfriend Ronnie (Sara Luvv).

The relationship of Doc and Carrie Baumgartner is shaped by passion and trust. Even when sharing and swapping partners, the Baumgartners seem to remain connected throughout their steamy trysts, portraying the open marriage lifestyle as a positive and relationship-building experience. Their former babysitter Ronnie has taken the lessons she’s learned from the Baumgartners’ relationship and applied them to her own romantic life, dating the Baumgartners’ new babysitter, Gretchen, and her personal trainer Vince simultaneously. While Ronnie feels capable of juggling the two relationships, how Vince and Gretchen feel about sharing Ronnie remains unclear.

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Scene One: Anikka Albrite & Edyn Blair

The film opens with Mrs. Baumgartner and her friend Daphne drinking coffee in Mrs. B’s kitchen, discussing Daphne’s daughter’s new boyfriend. Daphne, played by curvaceous beauty Edyn Blair, is a doctor who Mrs. B is helping find a new house, and her daughter Paige (Katy Kiss) is a feisty, rebellious young redhead. Paige insists on moving in with her boyfriend of 2 months, but her mom isn’t having it. Gretchen – Mrs. B’s new babysitter – enters, and tells Mrs. B that her and Ronnie are having trouble finding a new roommate. Daphne and Mrs. B quickly come to the conclusion that Paige should live with the girls, and to Paige’s chagrin, it seems like the arrangement that makes the most sense. Mrs. B and Daphne seem close throughout this discussion, but once Paige leaves the kitchen, we see that Mrs. B and Daphne are definitely more than just friends… and Gretchen notices too.

Once the girls are out of the house and they’ve secured some alone time, Daphne and Mrs. B start a bath. Slow, long kisses turn to unsnapping of bras, and soon Mrs. B is gingerly shaving Daphne’s pussy before devouring it. Mrs. B kneels and licks on Daphne’s clit while she stands above her, and before things get too slippery, the women move their rendezvous to the bedroom.

Scene Two: Sara Luvv & AJ Applegate

The Baumgartners’ babysitter from the first film, Ronnie, and their new babysitter Gretchen are laying in bed together on a bright morning. The girls are roommates as well as lovers. Gretchen awakens to find Ronnie texting her personal trainer after having a dream about her girlfriend kissing someone else, which turns Gretchen on at the same time as making her jealous. The girls tease each other and flirt playfully before Ronnie begins kissing Gretchen, and soon they’re removing their clothes. Gretchen spends extra time kissing her way down Ronnie’s body, stopping right above Ronnie’s pubic bone, before sucking her toes and teasing her to an almost unbearable edge. After Gretchen makes Ronnie cum twice, Ronnie returns the favor by laying Gretchen down and fingering and eating her pussy until she’s left giggling in ecstasy. Then, the girls wrap up their morning sex with a relaxing and romantic shower.

Scene Three: Katy Kiss & Ricky Johnson; Sara Luvv & AJ Applegate

Daphne’s daughter Paige has finally moved in with Gretchen and Ronnie, and, while Paige doesn’t have the most in common with the girls, they’re doing their best to connect with her. Not long after moving in, Paige invites her boyfriend Tyler (Ricky Johnson) over, and Gretchen and Ronnie sit awkwardly next to them while they make out for an extended period of time. The couple then moves to the bedroom, and Paige intentionally leaves the bedroom door open so that the girls can watch if they want. She proceeds to suck Tyler’s cock, and Gretchen and Ronnie sneak into the hallway and peep from the crack in the door. Their voyeuristic natures get the better of them, and Gretchen and Ronnie can’t help but hook up with each other as their roommate gets fucked in the next room.

Scene Four: Sara Luvv, AJ Applegate & Katy Kiss

Ronnie, Gretchen, and Paige are unwinding and getting ready for a girls’ night together when the topic of the Baumgartners comes up. Paige tells the girls that her parents are in an open relationship with the Baumgartners, and Ronnie discloses about her own past with the couple. Once the topic of open relationships comes up, Paige seems very excitable about the topic. Her and Tyler are in an open relationship, but he hasn’t slept with anyone else, and Paige is ready to share him with another girl. Gretchen offers to be the third, and even suggests Ronnie join them to make a foursome. Paige isn’t against the idea, but wants to see if her, Gretchen, and Ronnie are sexually compatible enough together first. The girls begin kissing and a very hot lesbian threesome unfolds. Gretchen and Ronnie take turns eating Paige’s pussy together, and for the first time in their relationship Gretchen and Ronnie realize that they’re capable of sharing each other with someone else.


Scene One: Anikka Albrite, Edyn Blair & Mick Blue

Doc comes home from work to Mrs. B and is told that he’s having some very special “dessert” after dinner tonight c her and Daphne together. After dinner, Doc takes turns undressing both of the women as they kiss and caress each other. Then, he steps back and watches his wife warm Daphne up with some long, deep kisses as they straddle each other nude on the bed. Daphne and Mrs. B take turns sucking Doc’s dick, and when Daphne hops up to ride him, Mrs. B whispers sexy encouragements to her friend as she fucks her husband. While Doc spends most of the threesome fucking Daphne, watching Mrs. B’s character get off to sharing her husband was extremely hot.

Scene Two: AJ Applegate, Sara Luvv, Katy Kiss & Ricky Johnson

After the girls’ threesome a few nights ago, Paige is ready to share Gretchen and Ronnie with her boyfriend Tyler, and the girls are excited to share each other too. Once Tyler arrives, the foursome move to the bedroom and begin undressing. As soon as Tyler’s cock comes out, Gretchen and Ronnie begin sucking it together, sliding up and down the shaft with their mouths. Ronnie gets on top of Tyler and is barely able to contain herself when he begins power-fucking her from underneath, all while Gretchen sits on his face. The girls each take turns being fucked by Tyler, but Tyler isn’t the center of the foursome; everyone manages to get each other off at one point or another. Tyler finishes on Ronnie’s face, and we see her turn to Gretchen right before the camera fades to share the intimate moment with her girlfriend.

Scene Three: Sara Luvv & Xander Corvus

While she still has Gretchen at home, Ronnie has begun seeing her personal trainer, Vince, and things are starting to get serious. Gretchen is aware of her girlfriend’s other relationship and trying not to get too jealous about it, but it’s hard for her. After a training session one day, Ronnie takes Vince back to her place. He throws Ronnie on the bed and begins aggressively pulling off her clothes, and Ronnie is very receptive to being ravaged. This isn’t the super-sensual sex Ronnie’s been having with Gretchen or the Baumgartners – this is pure, hardcore fucking. Gretchen comes home early while this is going on and can’t help but touch herself outside the bedroom while hearing her girlfriend fuck another man. Maybe she’s coming around to the open relationship idea after all…

Scene Four: Edyn Blair & Derrick Pierce

Daphne’s husband has been away on business, and while Daphne’s been plenty busy playing with the Baumgartners, she’s very happy to have her husband home. Upon his arrival, Daphne is outfitted in some very sexy lace lingerie. She strips down for him, spreading her legs and ass to let him get a good view of her before he gets to touch. Daphne kisses down her husband’s body, maintaining eye contact with him until she has his cock deep in the back of her throat, giving an expert-level blowjob that gives Derrick Pierce the look of pure bliss across his face. He returns the favor, savoring Daphne’s pussy with fervor as he goes down on her before fucking her to multiple orgasms.

Scene Five: Anikka Albrite, Edyn Blair, Derrick Pierce & Mick Blue

In the final scene of the film, the Baumgartners have invited Daphne and her husband over for a partner-swapping play party. Daphne’s husband isn’t normally into this sort of thing, but the Baumgartners make open relationships look so inviting and sexy. As two couples sit in the living room, Daphne and Mrs. B can’t keep their hands off of each other. When the women begin kissing on the couch, Doc and Daphne’s husband figure that it’s time to move things to the bedroom. After undressing, Daphne stretches across the bed to give Doc a blowjob. Her husband gets behind her and begins eating her pussy, and Mrs. B is so turned on by the sight that she just sits back, watches, and plays with herself. In one of the hottest moments of the scene, when Doc is ready to cum, Mrs. B gets on all fours and lovingly looks at her husband and begs him to cum all over her face.

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