Studio Profile: Marc Dorcel

The Marc Dorcel studio produces some of the most popular content with viewers on HotMovies. Not only is it an enormous feat for a foreign studio to be as popular as Dorcel’s catalogue is, the movies buck the trends of faux-cest and step-parenting that make the “most popular” lists in today’s porn. We wanted to take a moment to recognize the beauty of several recent releases and most popular films from Dorcel’s catalogue. If you have seen anything from Marc Dorcel’s studio, you know to expect fantastic locations, beautifully shot scenes with attractive performers, and intriguing storylines. Watching anything by this studio allows you to go deep into fantasy mode, and that is something that a lot of porn these days forgets. Fantasy in porn isn’t just about the type of sex people are having; it’s about the costumes and the amazing sets.

41 Years Old, The Cheating Spouse

Starring Zara Durose, Ania Kinski, Pascal White, and Rico Simmons, 41 Years Old, The Cheating Spouse is not your typical tale of a bored housewife who needs attention. No, this film really gets to the heart of what makes couples cheat, especially when they are still so in love. Also featuring a fantastic cast including, Tamara Grace, Misha Cross, Ryan Ryder, Luke Hardy, Adrian Dimas, and Billy King in some of the most sensual and explicit scenes from Marc Dorcel. Zara and Pascal have been married for over a decade, and they are still very much in love. As Zara will tell anyone, their relationship started very quickly. They began dating on a Thursday, had dinner on a Saturday, and then the next weekend, Pascal asked Zara to marry him. They have a son together and a gorgeous home in a lovely neighborhood. So, Zara doesn’t really know why she started a steamy affair with her son’s teacher, Ryan. It started about two months ago, and it has been growing quite intense between the two of them. Ryan comes over several times a week, often on his lunch breaks from school. They fuck at least twice before he has to leave, and it’s very hot every time. Even though Zara is still so in love with Pascal, this affair with Ryan makes her feel like she is more than just a wife and mother.

my wife is a whore box cover

My Wife is a Whore

Every man wants a lady in the streets, but that lady also needs to be a freak in the sheets, right? Tarra White is the woman for the job! Not only does she sock it to her hubby so good, the insatiable redhead is sex personified and is more than ready to prove it. For Tarra, it’s not who you do but how you do them, and with her sexy body and pouty lips, who wouldn’t want to do her?! No task is too great or too small which is evident when she takes on any and every cock that comes her way! She shows no shame in flirting with her co-worker (Juan Lucho) to instigate a sizzling hot office liaison in Scene 2 before moving on to give Mike Angelo great roadside assistance in Scene 3! When Leyla Morgan gets hot and heavy with her boyfriend Luke Hardy in Scene 4, Terra decides she wants a piece of that for herself. It doesn’t take her long to catch up to him and a friend (Max Deeds) for a threesome in Scene 5 that leaves both her holes stretched before she’s covered in spunk! However, the pièce de résistance is her last and final scene in the movie. Terra apparently just hasn’t had enough cock! Scene 6 features the redheaded beauty taking on four raging rods at the same time in a gangbang I don’t think any of them will forget – and neither will you! Two guys has been seen and done repeatedly, but in My Wife Is A Whore, this woman goes from zero to multiple orgasms really quickly when she takes on a group of guys gangbang-style that leaves her covered in cum and finally sated… for now!

The Baron’s Whores

Everything about The Baron’s Whores signifies luxury – from the all-star cast of both American and European porn stars, to the lush sets, tantalizing costuming, and the amount of heart-stopping group sex in the film. The Baron’s world is a world of exclusivity, and Dorcel’s production value paired with Gazzman’s directing excellently elevate this porn film to decadently chic hardcore. I suggest you take your time to watch the whole film. You can skip to the sex, but there really isn’t too much acting between the XXX scenes. Besides, it’s worth watching Dani Daniels direct a porn scene; the performers really don’t get raunchy with one another until she steps in to emphatically show them how to grab cocks and rub pussy. This is just one of a myriad of highlights from the film.

Mathilda’s Perfume – Then And Now

This is not the kind of porn that you watch for a second, get off to, and then go about your day. The storytelling and the perversion of the characters gets into your head, and you find yourself thinking about the scenarios for weeks. Maybe you even re-watch some of the footage because you loved the sexual dynamics between performers, or the way a woman was filmed getting dressed for a night of debauchery. It’s this attention to detail that makes the movies from Dorcel’s collection so appealing to watch. This is a fantasy, and most of the sets are giant mansions, country homes to the most elite families, or the seedy (but intriguing and well-decorated) nightclubs that you have only heard about, but always wanted to visit. These are the places Dorcel takes you. His characters are sexy. They are impeccably coiffed. There is no doubt they are doing something very naughty when they begin their descent into the depravity of the scene. What is more entertaining than watching a nicely-dressed, somewhat reserved woman have anal sex in a public bathroom with a stranger? Or, what about watching the seduction of a young woman as she explores BDSM and public humiliation for the first time, especially when she is as beautiful and eager as Manon Martin?

Manon's Perfume

In Manon’s Perfume, the vision of Dorcel’s 1996 classic Mathilda’s Perfume is transformed from the secluded fairytale castle in Mathilda’s story to busy, modern day Paris streets. The scenery has changed, but the story is very similar in both films. However, the main characters could not be more different. In Mathilda’s Perfume, Draghixa plays dual roles between the young virgin and Mathilda, Remy’s deceased wife. The innocent orphan has been married site-unseen to the perverse Remy, played by Christoph Clark. The orphan’s aunt and uncle want her to be prepared to serve her new husband, but she is still a virgin. In order to show her what wifely duties will include, the quartet pulls off the road and everyone watches as her aunt instructs her how to please a man while she has sex with the chauffeur. The orphan is even more confused when they tell her to put on a see-through dress and walk the rest of the way to Remy’s castle. Once the orphan makes it to the castle, she is attacked by the maid, made to watch the sex between her soon-to-be husband and all the house staff, and be instructed on how to dress, shave, and conduct herself now that she is the new mistress of the castle. Remy intends to break her, punishing her for the crimes of his dead wife, Mathilda. Before Mathilda’s death, she had become insatiable, embarrassing Remy by having sex with all of the staff, their friends, and random people in stairwells. In order to reclaim his pride, Remy runs his new wife through the gauntlet before taking her in front of everyone. But, the orphan becomes adept to these mind games, and she becomes a skilled partner in the depraved occurrences in the house. This film is like an adaption of the book The Story of O, or one of the other wonderful French novels that focus on the rich and bored who create fantasies and intrigue between partners, igniting tension between characters, and providing viewers with a look into a fantastic realm of sinfulness that only happens in a make-believe place.

My Cousin is a Whore

Starring Lexie Candy as Elise and Ryan Ryder as her cousin Milo, My Cousin is a Whore centers on Milo’s heartbreak and Elise’s attempts to make his life better. Through sex. But not with each other. (Whoa, a family fantasy that isn’t that type of family fantasy? Who knew such a thing exists?) Along the way, Elise screws her way across London with Czech star Mea Melone, Juan Lucho, Marc Rose, Luke Hardy, Potro de Bilbao, and Pascal White. Milo watches these interactions, and even has his own scorching moments with his ex, the naturally busty bombshell Stella Cox.

Luxure- Initiation of Young Libertines

Director Hervé Bodilis released a beautifully shot, and intensely erotic film about the dynamic sexual relationships between husbands and wives. Almost all of the scenes in Luxure: Initiation of Young Libertines feature a scenario in which a wife is an insatiable sexual being, ready to indulge in a “taboo game” within the safety of her husband’s instruction. Unlike the cuckolding scenario, candaulism does not involve the humiliation of the husband watching his wife have sex with another man. These little games are created to entice both husband and wife into the experience as equal partners who both delight in the kinky experience. The lighting is shadowy, noir, and creates an almost sinister mood. Bodilis explores these fantasies by setting the scene in gorgeous locations with well-dressed and aggressive men, and absolutely stunning women who give their all in this tantalizing film.

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