Scoring Some Pussy: The Top 8 Lesbian Sports Scenes

There’s 2 things most men have a deep and profound passion for – sports and lesbian sex! And although cliché, it might be one of the most tried and true, effective porno narratives ever.

Think about it. You have a group of young, athletic women who have built undeniable bonds and friendships all while competing, facing adversity, and going through intense physical demands. Throw in some XXX spice, and you’ve got the recipe for great lesbian porn!

Many films have tried the lesbian sex/sports formula, but some are better than others. We’ve scoured our archives for some of our favorites scenes! We certainly enjoyed them, and we know you will too!

1. Field Of Schemes Part 2 – Episode 15 Of The Thornhill Diaries – Scene 4

The University Of Thornhill softball program is a powerhouse and thanks to stand-out players, Dana Dearmond and Bobbi Star, they are also able recruit some of the top talent to the school. Dana and Bobbi host Hayden Knight and Stephanie Sage for a post-game, recruiting celebration. Dana and Bobbi talk up the school, the fantastic reputation and the “perks” of being on the team. And in an incredibly shocking move, Dana and Bobbi seduce the recruits and end up having a lesbian foursome. I’m not sure these recruiting methods are NCAA compliant…

2. The Violation Of Jasmine Lynn – Scene 2

Life can be tough when you’re the weakest link on a strong team. Jasmine Lynn ends up losing the game for her softball team on a costly error in the bottom of the 9th. The coach and the rest of the team are super fucking pissed, so they come up with a plan to teach her a lesson. What’s the plan? To violate her in the shower with strap-on dildos and baseball bats. And good lord, they turn her out. Jeez, remind me to NEVER join that softball team.

3. Bad News Bitches – Scene 5

Nautica Thorn is stuck in a shitty 9-5 job with a creep for a boss. Tired of being sexually harassed and disrespected, she finally decides to quit! That’s not enough for Nautica, she really wants to exact some revenge. And she knows her old boss’ pride and joy is his precious company softball team! So, she decides to assemble her own softball team to get back at her old boss! The day before the big game, Nautica and her team gather at a pool for a “team building exercise” And when I say “team building exercise,” I mean… “wild lesbian orgy.”

4. The Violation Of Sierra Sinn – A Lesbian Gang Bang – Scene 2

Sometimes, it really IS all about the teamwork! There’s no “I” in team, but somebody should tell Sierra Sinn that! Sierra plays a cocky, but talented basketball player with a hard time for following the rules. Look, if you’re joining a team called “The Violators,” you should probably do what they say! After an in-team scuffle during practice, the Violators confront Sierra after a heated, drama-filled practice and they literally violate her mouth, pussy, and ass!

5. Finger Lickin Girlfriends 3 – Soccer Lesbians – Scene 2

After a soccer game between the veteran ladies and the rookie girls, Cindy Starfall invites Angelina Chung over to her place for a post-game beer. Cindy definitely liked her “spunk” out there on the field – and she probably didn’t mind that fine booty, either. Cindy gets down to business right away and tries to seduce young Angelina. Angelina confesses she’s never been with a woman, and that’s all Cindy needs to hear as she goes in for a passionate, lusty kiss. And seeing Cindy and Angelina going all-out, grinding pussies, scissoring, and sucking on each others titties was a real visual treat. Cindy takes charge in this scene and it shows as she expertly tongue-fucks Angelina’s wet pussy. The energy is legit here and there’s plenty of pussy grinding, scissoring, and pussy licking action for everyone!

6. Lesbian Lust and Basketball – Scene 4

In every sport, players and teams will always look for an advantage or edge against the competition. And Lisa Tiffian has a plan for rival Layla Price. Layla’s practicing at the park before the big game tonight, so Lisa plans to “distract” her so she’ll miss the game. Lisa walks onto the blacktop and fakes an injury to her knee. Layla rushes over to help and helps Lisa back to her apartment. Once inside Lisa’s apartment, the girls get buck-wild! Basketball becomes an afterthought once these gals hop on the train to pussy-town! This is a raucous scene with lots of loud screams, ass licking, and fingerbanging.

7. Love Love – Scene 3

Mixed Martial Arts or MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world. MMA has become so mainstream that more and more “average” people are incorporating MMA training into their gym routines! And that’s what the beautiful Megan Rain had in mind when she called Adrianna Luna to help train her. After some light sparring and glove-work, Megan pulls her groin! Luckily, Adrianna is also a masseuse, so she is totally suited to work Megan’s groin area! After getting her to take off her clothes, Adrianna gives her a very steamy massage that soon leads to a hot, pussy-licking session right in Megan’s backyard!

8. San Francisco 69’ers vs. The Green Bay Ass Packers – Scenes 2 and 3

Disclaimer: this scene was not shot at Lambeau Field. It’s the 2nd quarter in a closely contested game between the 69’ers and the Ass Packers. San Fran uses a trick play on their opening possession of the 2nd quarter and the 69ers receiver shocks the Ass Packer defenders with a huge strap-on! I guess the game takes a TV timeout, because the Ass Packers defenders go to town on that strap-on and they all fuck each other silly. Who cares about the game at this point?!?

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