Studio Profile: Homegrown Video

When it comes to amateur studios, Homegrown Video lives at the top with the elites. With over 1,000 movies on our site, you’ve probably seen hit series like Housewives Unleashed, Handjobs Across America, Natural Bush (my personal favorite), and Amateur Anal Attempts. How could you not!? But numbers, while impressive, aren’t what makes Homegrown one of the leaders of amateur porn across the industry. To figure that out, situate yourself in 1982 San Diego in the back of a small video store with a genius vision to tape and mass-produce your real amateur sex parties, then convince other people to tape their real personal sex adventures and send them in by advertising the possibility of making $20-per-minute at the end of every tape. Looking back, you can’t help but wonder what the hell took so long for that idea to come around, but Greg Swaim jumped on it at the perfect time, and that’s what separates the best from the rest. With that brilliant idea, amateur pornography was introduced to the adult entertainment industry and completely changed the playing field. For the first time, porn was made for and by the public, and the model still lives true today in amateur porn across the world.

In 1993, Greg Swaim sold Homegrown Video to Tim Lake, a longtime participant and customer, and the company hasn’t stopped growing since. Lake was soon introduced to Spike Goldberg, who had a vision to create an online space for amateur content and dominate the niche. By 1998, Goldberg had Homegrown’s online presence at an all time high, and in the early 2000s the site was widely known and accepted as the go-to source for legit amateur adult content. Their domination of the market led to numerous awards including 11 from AVN, 2 from XBIZ, and counting. They’ve paved the way for other great amateur studios to emerge such as and Playtime Video, two well known pro-am production companies who follow a similar model as far as producing amateur content featuring performers that look like the everyday person and perform familiar sexual acts in settings more relatable to the average viewer.

While porn is a fantasy safe space at its core, what Homegrown Video did by introducing an amateur element was make it more personal, and in doing so they created an comfort zone in which viewers felt so connected they wanted to do more than simply watch, they wanted to participate and share. The social and cultural connections that flourished as a result are priceless and still impact the adult industry as it lives and breathes today. Not only did the creative minds at Homegrown provide an online platform to follow, they made it possible for studios like run by my guy Carl Hubay, and headed by Lorenzo Loretto, to exist. The catalogs may not be as extensive, but there’s no doubt where the level of familiarity, playfulness, and amateur creativity stem from. I personally can’t imagine living in a world where amateur porn isn’t a major part of adult entertainment and its culture, and Homegrown Video is one of the reasons I’ll never have to.

Head over to Homegrown Video’s studio page and check out some of their new releases, including our VOD exclusive from them, Bad Wives. It’s another hit that won’t disappoint you!

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