Kristen Scott's Skip Day

From director Stills by Alan comes the newest Girlsway feature, Kristen Scott’s Skip Day. Parodying the classic comedy film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Skip Day manages to combine fun-loving 80s nostalgia with super-hot lesbian sex to give viewers an amusing and sexy watch. Starring popular new talent Kristen Scott as the “Ferris” of the film, Scott’s acting chops and comedic timing are pretty impressive and definitely not to be missed.

Part One:

The film begins with Kristen Scott laying in bed pretending to be sick – there’s no way she’s going to spend her birthday stuck in school! Kristen easily deceives her mom, played by Jaclyn Taylor, by feigning feverish confusion when she’s woken up, and her mom tells her to stay home for the day. Just like in Ferris Bueller, Kristen Scott breaks the fourth wall and speaks directly at the camera in the same sly, witty manner reminiscent of the original movie, and fans of the Scott will be pleasantly surprised and endeared to how funny she is in this role. Once her mom leaves for work, Kristen calls her best friend Melissa Moore to come pick her up… but Melissa isn’t answering her phone. Melissa’s too busy making out with Mexican hottie Veronica Rodriguez to hear her phone ringing. Once Melissa finally answers, Kristen tells her best friend that she has a half hour to hook up with her Latina lover before she needs to come over and spend her birthday with her. Melissa doesn’t waste any time, using every minute of that half hour to worship Veronica’s beautiful body.

In the afterglow of their sexcapade, Melissa and Veronica are interrupted by loud music suddenly playing outside. When they go to look, Kristen is outside Melissa’s window with a boombox blasting. Not one to be ignored, Kristen insists that her and Melissa go stop by the school to pick up her girlfriend, Kimmy Granger.

Part Two:

Kristen and Melissa call the school and, with some miraculous trickery, manage to convince the principal to let Kimmy out of class early. In order for Kristen to pick up her girlfriend from school, she needs to borrow one of Melissa’s rich dad’s cars… another nod to Ferris Bueller. He has a garage full of luxury vehicles, and since it’s her birthday, Kristen wants to take out his most prized car. Melissa is horrified at the idea of her reckless friend driving her dad’s collector car around town, but Kristen always manages to get her way it seems. Melissa makes her promise to drive slowly and come right back, but Kristen picks up Kimmy and goes straight back to Kimmy’s place to unwrap her birthday present instead. As it turns out, Kimmy is a virgin and wants to give Kristen her virginity as her 18th birthday gift!

Part Three:

At this point, Melissa is freaking out about getting her dad’s car back. Kimmy devises a plan for her and Kristen to seduce Melissa into having a threesome with them in order to calm her down, and hopefully help her forgive them for taking the car. Once the car is returned safely (unlike the fate of the car in the original movie), Kimmy comes on to Melissa strong. Luckily for the girls, Melissa is receptive to their advances and a wet and wild squirting threesome ensues that is surely the highlight of the whole movie!

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