Beach, Please: 12 Hot Beach Movies

Nothing says summer like a beautiful beach and bikini-clad babes! The temperature is rising, people! And, luckily for you, we have a smorgasbord of beach-inspired XXX perfect for the summer time. Save yourself the hassle of sitting in traffic and dealing with an overcrowded beach – we picked out some of our favorite and hottest “beachy” films and series just for you. Now grab a frosty beverage and try to stay cool after watching these movies!

Babewatch Series

As a youth, I thought Baywatch had it all: boobs, hot chicks, the beach, boobs… and David Hasselhoff. But even as a youth, I knew Baywatch was ultimately just a tease. Without the nudity or sex – what was the point? Thankfully, Baywatch is prime, porn parody material, and the Babewatch series featured plenty of star power and a winning combo of beach, bathing suits, boobs, and blowjobs.

Sins Life Volume 1

Take a peek at Johnny and Kissa Sins’ real sex life! The movie is chock-full of good scenes, but the final scene on the beach is Kissa’s 2nd appearance ever on film. The scene is plenty legit. You can see Johnny constantly looking around to make sure nobody was watching them get it on!

Big Boob Bangers

This title takes you back to the late 90s-early 2000s era of porn where blondes and huge tits were all the rage. There’s some nice sex scenes on the beach – and if you go in the water, you got them big ass titties for flotation devices!

Black Beach Patrol

Another obvious knockoff of Baywatch, this longstanding series from Heatwave actually went through 16 installments, featuring black lifeguards in Los Angeles. Don’t look to this series for a fun or interesting plot – but definitely take a look if you’re craving late 90s action!

Fat Beach Patrol

You know the expression, “Wait an hour after you eat before you go swim.” Well, that’s some bullshit, especially when you ask the lovely ladies of Fat Beach Patrol! Honestly, this series is pretty great and provides plenty of silly laughs to go along with some kinky BBW sex. I can guarantee you’ve never seen a series quite like this one!

Drunk Sex Orgy – Baycrotch

Ok, so the “beach” in this movie is actually a fake beach in a big warehouse somewhere – but who cares? Especially when there’s a full-fledged orgy happening right in front of the fake beach landscape! Look, they got fake sand, fake water, blow-up pool toys, and everyone is dressed for the occasion! Did I mention the badass German house music blaring in the background? More like Beach Blanket Bango!

Sexual Healing

Marvin Gaye would be proud! This is a mid-2000s film from Private and features plenty of impressive fucking: multiple beach fucking scenes, fucking on a boat, in the jungle… there’s fucking happening pretty much everywhere. Private also showcases plenty of scorching hot Euro starlets, which adds even more eye candy to the great visuals.

Bitch Volley Anal Competition

Beach Volleyball has always been one of my favorite sports… for obvious reasons. Let’s be real – long-legged, beautiful women playing volleyball in bikinis is hot as fuck. Bring on the sun, bring on the beach, bring on the cum, and bring on the fun!

Anal Beach Buns

Technically, there’s only 1 scene shot at the beach – the other scenes are shot poolside – like you fucking care! Besides, there are plenty of beautiful babes in bikinis – and they’re taking it up the ass, too! The lone beach scene with Criss Strokes, Rucca Page, and Ricki White is well worth the price of admission!

Bottoms Up In Brazil

Aside from the women, Brazil is also famed for their gorgeous, picturesque beaches. Give credit to Bottoms Up In Brazil for showcasing those beautiful beaches – along with another national treasure – Brazilian booties! Every scene is shot on a gorgeous beach location and shot incredibly well. After watching this one, you might be booking a one-way trip to Rio de Janeiro!

Girls Going Crazy – Nude Beaches

This one is for all the amateur fans out there. Despite the title, none of the girls are going crazy. In fact, they’re really chill and relaxed. But the girls are real and the footage is real. This is perfect beach porn for your inner voyeur!

Remember That Fucking Summer?

A handful of European porn stars take a boat out to a small, deserted island to engage in some “sex games.” Basically, a bunch of sex instructions and positions are written on cards for the stars to follow. And, eventually, the game just explodes into a full-on orgy.

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