UK Gothic: Our Favorite Alt Stars from Overseas

There’s some people that find goth and alt chicks to be intimidating, but here at HotMovies, we’ve always found goth and alternative chicks to be alluring and oozing with hotness! The American market is flooded with goth and alt stars – and we love them – but this time around, we wanted to recognize and turn you on to a few of our faves from the UK!

Harmony Reigns

Harmony is a sultry, heavily tattooed, buxom babe from the UK. And, she might have one of the most curvaceous bodies in the whole business! As her name would suggest, she loves music (note the music notes tattooed on left arm) and she’s a talented singer, too!

Alessa Savage

Alessa is a British beauty known for her fine ivory skin, jet black hair, tattoos, and limitless sexual energy. Alessa is a no-frills kind of performer – she just loves to get fucked! This is a woman that likes it rough: hair pulling, spanking, dirty talking, and face fucking! In her spare time, she loves smoking pot and playing video games. So, in other words… she might be the perfect woman.

Becky Holt

Becky Holt is one of the UK’s top pinup and glamour models out there today. Aside from modeling, she’s also a sex toy reviewer, a dancer, and even an underwear maker! And as far as her tattoos go, she hopes to have her whole body (except head and neck) covered with tattoos eventually.

Delta White

If you love a blonde with big boobs, piercings, and tattoos — you just hit the jackpot with Delta White! And she stands at a diminutive 5’1, but she totally has a bad girl look and vibe to her! Delta is proof that bad ass things come in small packages!

Roo Morgue

Besides having an awesome name, Roo is also a talented and petite alt model from Manchester. Roo has a great rockabilly model look to her and she’s been photographed in countless publications. Don’t sleep on Roo – it might be a “grave” decision.

Adreena Winters

Adreena is a very popular erotic and fetish model, as well as a performer. Besides the great look, she’s a heck of a performer and brings a lot of versatility to the table too. Speaking of versatile, Adreena is a former triathlete and is pursuing a Food Science degree in college.

Holly D

Don’t stare too hard or she’ll dropkick you and put you through a table! Before making the transition to wrestler and dominating the squared circle, she was a feisty alt model and performer! Holly wasn’t in the industry very long (almost 2 years), but still managed to impress and garner a strong following along the way.

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