The Authentic Lesbian Reviews MissaX has been all the rave around the office lately and, as usual, I’m late to the party. In my defense, I’ve been distracted by all things Honey Gold and climbing out of that rabbit hole was a task I did not want to complete. I’m temporarily out of infatuation with my latest boo thing though, and ready to jump into some MissaX sexy weirdness head first! Desperate Lesbians Get Blackmailed feels like a good starting point (insert sarcasm).

Desperate Lesbians Get Blackmailed

As soon as you press play, Adria Rae and Lyra Law are sitting right there in your face promising to give you all their love and blowing kisses your way. I know from encoding some of these that they all start this way and I like it. What I like even more is that it only takes about 5 seconds and then we’re thrust right into our fantasy. Lyra is babysitting Robby Echo and instantly I doubt I’ll be able to take this seriously. Robby is big as hell, role playing as someone who still needs to be watched, and having a pretty good clue where this is headed, I’m already questioning how well this is going to play out, but I’m strapped in for the ride nonetheless. After tucking Robby in for the night, Lyra goes downstairs and starts plotting to meet up and hook up with someone. Lyra makes sure she’s ready with the always reliable sniff test just as we hear a roaring engine pull up to the house. In walks Adria’s sexy ass, hair blowing behind her and I’m instantly turned on. I mean, I would love to see what she pulled up in, and hair blowing in the house is always comical, but Lyra and Adria look really excited to see each other by the smiles on their faces. This has all the makings of a great encounter. Kissing, caressing, and undressing immediately happens and I’m in heaven! Then, just as the most beautiful shot of Adria’s ass flashes on the screen, we’re interrupted by Robby and his smartphone creeping on the steps recording the whole damn thing. The girls eventually notice Robby beating off behind them and confront the little bastard for spying on them. Adria pulls her shorts back up and Lyra tries to assert her authority but Robby ain’t having none of that shit. He threatens to tell his rich dad what’s been going on and at first the girls take a “fuck this shit” attitude.

They aren’t about to entertain some little snot-nosed brat just because he wants to get his rocks off at their expense, at least not until Lyra confesses to Adria that she already signed the lease on an apartment that’s slightly out of their price range and needs the money coming in from Robby’s dad to make rent money (such a lesbian conversation to have in the middle of being blackmailed). At this point it’s obvious that the girls must put on a show for Robby. Adria is completely against it, but Lyra makes her a little more comfortable about it, and before you know it they’re back to kissing and touching and rubbing all over each other. They think Robby will go away after he beats off in his PJs, but when he starts barking out orders things take a turn for the awkward. Turns out Adria is a teacher and once she finds out there’s a video of her and Lyra, she knows her career is over if it ever gets out (seems to be a theme these days), so they’re literally fucked. Lyra doesn’t want a dick in her mouth, so she agrees to fuck the little shit and he goes straight into director mode, instructing the girls to “do what they do in the pornos.” Adria plays with Lyra’s boobs while Robby fucks her missionary, and there’s no doubt Lyra is beginning to enjoy the feeling (if not the person) while Adria is still pretty freaked out. The facial expressions she managed to keep throughout the action were key to keeping the fantasy going. After he cums all over the floor it’s her turn to fuck Robby and she keeps the acting going as much as possible without shit getting too creepy. I for one really appreciated that! Like most straight men I encounter in the world, Robby thinks his penis is the cure to lesbianism and vows to “make you ladies bisexual,” while I resist every urge to turn this flick off. Eventually his nut explodes on Adria’s stomach and the look of disgust that followed was hilariously appropriate. For me the storyline and fantasy are key to the sex, and since I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of lesbians being forced (I know it’s roleplay people) into sexual intercourse by some horny idiot, getting off was completely out of the question once he entered the picture. That being that, I was extremely impressed with Robby Echo. Adria and Lyra are sexy as fuck and performed perfectly to me, but I wasn’t expecting the level of acting that I ultimately got from all three of them. Robby definitely had me convinced of his teen doucheyness.

A Sticky Situation – Cheating Mommy

In A Sticky Situation – Cheating Mommy, after our lovely kisses and promises of all her love, we’re thrust into Adriana Chechik‘s bedroom in the middle of a phone conversation with her lover. She’s plotting to meet up with him while her husband is out of town and her stepson is out of the house, but we already know that isn’t going to go down the way she thinks it is, and within 10 minutes of her planning shit is already going awry. Mommy dearest dropped something (looks like a key) down a vent and while reaching for it managed to get her bracelet caught on something that she can’t free it from. Immediately I’m thinking “silly lady, just unhook your bracelet with your other hand and go get laid,” but I realized this would completely kill the story and got down off my high “I solved the problem” horse. Adriana’s cell phone is just beyond reach on the dining room table so our horny cheating mommy is stuck on the dining room floor for 53 minutes.

Hey, look who it is! Robby Echo is back in our lives, and this time he seems like a good stepson trying to help his lying cheating mother figure. He tries several times to pull her loose, mostly from behind, prompting him to get hard and back away a little too cool himself off, but when he picks up mom’s phone, which has been blowing up the whole time with calls and texts, he finally realizes why she’s in such a hurry to get free and can’t help but feel angry. Adriana tries to explain herself with the usual arguments, telling Robby his dad is away most of the year and she’s lonely and women need affection and blah blah blah, but it goes in one ear and out the other. In real life, son-Robby would probably run up to his room, heart filled with sadness and debate whether he should tell his dad what’s been going on and possibly break up their marriage, but in the beautiful world of MissaX, Robby decides mommy needs to be punished! Adriana already suggested he grab massage oil to help free her bracelet, and naturally it found its way to her ass, so Robby starts with a nice sound spanking. Initially Adriana is horrified, repeatedly telling Robby to stop and that what he’s doing is sooo wrong, but when he slides his fingers in her pussy and feels how wet it is, the pleas become invalid. When he begins to fuck her doggy style, her mouth is saying one thing but her face is saying something totally opposite. There’s definitely an element of shock that Adriana plays off, but as time goes on her body betrays her and she gives in to her punishment. Her pussy is dripping, her nipples are hard, and the moans are so intense just listening to the audio will make you pop! Robby decides to leave the cheating spouse with the gift of a creampie, and while she’s pushing it out onto the dining room floor, I’m writing a part 2 script in my head that involves pregnancy confusion and a possible father-son tag team. Surprisingly, mom looks extremely pleased and pulls her arm out of the vent effortlessly… she couldn’t have planned the whole thing, right!?

Side Effects IV

Side Effects IV opens with Dr. Jay Smooth and nurse assistant Adriana Chechik giving patient Megan Rain a breast examination to see if she qualifies for a new experimental treatment that enhances women’s breasts by injecting a small dose of testosterone directly into the breast tissue. As president of the itty bitty titty committee, I can empathize with Megan here as she just wants larger boobs but without the surgery and foreign objects being placed in her body. I don’t think that’s asking too much. Dr. Smooth and nurse Chechik begin with just 2ml of liquid, but Megan is overeager and pushes the doctor’s hand completely down on the syringe which was of course filled with more than 2ml. From their facial expressions we know Jay and Adriana are shocked and confused. No patient has ever taken that much testosterone and the side effects (get it?) are unknown. Megan starts sweating, her breasts begin to pulsate and everyone in the room is freaking the fuck out when they see what’s growing in her panties. The doctor leaves in search of a remedy and the look Megan gives Adriana tells you exactly what’s about to happen.

Poor Adriana is scared shitless when Megan grabs her hand and basically starts the damn handjob herself. To be fair to Megan, they did say some women experienced heightened horniness after the treatment and her dick did grow in rock hard, so the fact that she desperately needs some relief isn’t a huge surprise. It’s just that nobody explained this part of the job to Adriana in medical school. After pleading with her to “just touch it,” Megan grabs her nurse’s head and pushes it towards her cock. This woman needs a blowjob bad! Thinking that would be enough to help her struggling patient, Adriana is thrown for a loop when Megan’s little ass flips her on the examination table, pulls her pants down, and inserts her newly acquired fucking tool into her pussy. The intensity between these two is at an all-time high, and I have to admit I enjoyed myself multiple times watching Megan go hard in the paint! Adriana’s eyes roll back in her head as she succumbs to the inevitable pleasure made evident by her heavy breathing and nonstop moans. Fake cum grosses me out (I hate the way it looks), but the extreme load released was believable with Megan’s acting and by the end of it all I felt relief for the poor girl. I hope this story gets continued as the possibilities are endless. I can see Megan going on a fucking rampage around the city trying hopelessly to rid herself of the intense craving she now has for women (or anything with a hole). Hey Missa, I’m down to brainstorm whenever…

Overall, I like the MissaX studio. Although I wasn’t turned on by the plot of Desperate Lesbians Get Blackmailed, A Sticky Situation – Cheating Mommy and Side Effects IV were right up my alley. With over 50 movies on our site, there’s sure to be something for everyone. Check out these movies and more here, and make sure to follow me on Twitter @authenticlezz1. Stay horny!