Our Ten Favorite Alpha France Titles (And Five Classic Stars We Love!)

Between 1976 and 1983, Alpha France produced more than 150 French hardcore 35mm movies. Largely unavailable outside of France for years, these movies are erotic and iconic. Featuring excellent acting and character development (usually), these films vacillate between classy and smutty in the way that only a European film can. They occasionally contain scenes that are so outright bonkers they have to be seen to be believed. Here are HotMovies’ top ten favorite Alpha France productions and five of their most beloved stars.

Pussy Talk Series

1975’s Pussy Talk has every reason to be regarded as a cult classic as it was the first international success for French adult cinema. The immodest, scandalous revelations of a talking vagina put the protagonists in some very sordid situations. It was remade two years later as an R-rated comedy in the US called Chatterbox (featuring Rip Taylor), but this Alpha France production and its sequel are by all accounts and purposes still the quintessential talking vagina experience to this day.

Sex Air Lines

This film was released in Paris in 1976 and featuring Veronique Maurgarski, Karine Gambier, and Erika Cool as three gorgeous stewardess working for “Sex Air Lines”. This sexy and quite bonkers film was one hell of a tremendous success, even with the nuttiness that permeates the final scene (a hilarious mostly-softcore orgy on an airplane!). The only hardcore action in this orgy is male-on-male action between Guy Royer and Thierry De Brem, played for laughs and subversion, but unaccredited stand-ins were used for the penetration shots. Kudos to those two brave stand-ins who have never gotten their due!

The Intimate Diary Of Mr. Leon Spanking –

This kinky comedy classic was released in 1976. When Mr. Leon’s mother gave him his first spanking, she never could have guessed that in fact she was setting her youngster off on a long and fruitful sexual career! Mr. Leon’s spankings were bare bottom and not simulated during production. Poor Corinne Lemoine shared that while her spankings did not last very long, they were indeed quite painful!

A Foreign Girl In Paris

While the wife is away on vacation, her naughty husband decides to use that opportunity to become bachelor again. Released in France in February 1981 to positive critical and audience reception, this is one of Jane Baker‘s most popular appearances in the Alpha France catalog.

The Nymphomaniacs

Released to overwhelming enthusiasm in 1980, this is another sexy airline offering from Alpha France! Serena is an airline stewardess taken from all sides in mid-flight! France Lomay is the insatiable nurse, Morgane the little flirt, and Olga Cris is the snooty, perverted bourgeoisie and their performances are just downright stunning.

The Initiation of a Married Woman

Debuting in French cinema in 1983, this is the last film produced by legendary French porn film producer Francis Mischkind, and the last film directed by Burd Tranbaree. A well-written plot with many locations, not to mention a huge cast of thirty-six supporting actors enabling the sexual initiation of this married woman played by the gorgeous Cathy Menard, this was meant to be the most ambitious X-rated movie ever done on 35mm before the taking-over of video.

Crazy Girls In Heat

Debuting in Paris in 1976 to record numbers, this title is also known as The Kinky Ladies of Bourbon Street. This is Alpha France’s ode to pleasure in extreme forms, featuring a masturbation scene shot in an actual graveyard! It’s crazy, well-shot, and of course, erotic as hell. Maybe literally!

Indecencies 1930

This film is also known as Parties Fines and Education Of The Baroness. Debuting in Paris in 1977, this title was Bridgette Lahaie’s first big role for Alpha France.

The Sex Window

The Sex Window has become a French adult cult film that features some very exceptional archival footage. The plot follows a reporter who is doing reporting on the making of an adult film. When first released back in 1977, this film gave audiences members a look at the hidden side of spectacular X-rated production.

Virginities To Take

Another hit from Alpha France released in Paris in 1981, Gaëlle, a young virgin, falls madly in love with the former lover of her mother. She decides to join him in Corsica. Following a journey of sexual adventures in which his “virtue” is put to the test, she finds him, charms him, seduces him, and experiences her first real night of love.

The Stars of Alpha France

Brigitte Lahai

Brigitte is a beautiful blonde bombshell who may very well be the face of Alpha France. She was discovered in 1977. Overall, she is credited with over 50 porn titles between 1976 and 1980, with Claude Mulot’s Les Petites Ecolières being her last movie before moving to mainstream productions, like the French-Belgium co-production Calvaire, from 1994, which was a horror film that also served as a satire on the patriarchy. Currently, Brigitte hosts a radio show on RTL called “Lahaie, l’Amour et Vous” which deals will all things sexy and sexual. She is also hosts an X-rated television talk show in France.

Jane Baker

Jane has as appeared in only a handful of titiles in the Alpha France catalog, but this girl-next-door beauty has a huge following and has been described by fans and co-stars alike as nothing but charming. Watch her considerable talents at their height in A Foreign Girl in Paris.


Olinka is well known for her striking resemblance to Marilyn Monroe as well as her exceptional flexibility. She first began performing in explicit hardcore films in the early 1980s. Olinka has also posed for layouts in several adult publications at the height of her adult cinema popularity. She has since retired from the adult entertainment industry and was last reported living in Paris, France.

Marilyn Jess

Marilyn started her adult career with minor roles in the very early seventies and moved on to perform in countless scenes from Alpha France through the late 70s to the early 80s. Her last starring role was In Traci Lords’ only legal film, Traci I Love You.

Sylvia Bourdon

Sylvia was a popular Alpha France mainstay and is a favorite and friend of Lasse Braun. She’s always been a big fan of rough sex. She is an expert on art and design and now advises the European Commission.

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