The Authentic Lesbian Reviews TGirl Schoolgirls Volume 1

The addition of Two TGirls studio to our site has been a sexy eye-opener. Trans women aren’t new to porn, but think about the last time you’ve seen a transsexual woman fucking another transsexual woman. It’s rare. Throw an all-trans threesome in the mix and you’ve blown minds across the world. That’s what Two TGirls did with their transsexual content and it was such a huge hit on the site I couldn’t wait to write and review something. I decided on TGirl Schoolgirls Volume 1 and off we go!

Scene 1 – Kira Crash & Valentina Mia

Kira Crash is helping classmate Valentina Mia study for a sex-ed test with what she calls “the hands-on approach.” The friends start kissing with Valentina following Kira’s lead, and the playing-innocent thing is a major turn-on, but before you know it Valentina is sucking Kira off and that girl knows her way around a dick. Kira enjoys it so much that she doesn’t want it to end as she starts giving out instructions and pulling Valentina’s hair as she guides her head movements. The pair kisses on and off but the focus here is the blowjob and it lasted way too long in my opinion. Can’t blame Kira for trying to make a good thing last, but I got bored with it. I get that everyone has to stay hard, but it got predictable after a while, with every action being followed by a blowjob, including after Kira ate Valentina’s ass, which was extremely hot!

Finally, we get some fucking! After a face-fucking session equipped with drool and gagging, Kira puts a condom on and goes in on Valentina’s tight ass. She promises to be gentle, but that lasts for about 2 seconds as she pounds away doggy style with Valentina moaning and loving every minute of it from the very beginning. Valentina rides cowgirl like a pro as Kira pulls her arms back, but my absolute favorite is when they’re chest-to-chest missionary style kissing and stroking away. I love that shit! Valentina throws compliment after compliment Kira’s way and it appears to serve as motivation because Kira pumps harder and harder until finally she jerks off into Valentina’s mouth. I didn’t like that Valentina didn’t bust a hard-earned nut onscreen, but she didn’t seem to mind much as she sucked up everything Kira squirted out.

Scene 2 – Beth Bell & Shiri Trap

Biology teacher Shiri Trap is helping student Beth Bell study science and Beth is really bad at it. She doesn’t seem interested and would clearly rather be anywhere doing anything else. They’re studying DNA (you know where this is going) and Shiri decides Beth should see where it comes from. Beth is all interested now that they’re touching and feeling each other up and so am I. I remember thinking Shiri is fucking beautiful as Beth went down on her bulging cock. She returns the favor by licking Beth’s asshole while her eyes roll back in her head and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her thigh tattoo (tats are so sexy!). The blowjobs in this scene were still too long for my taste but looking at Beth’s ass made up for most of it!

Shiri spanks Beth with a ruler (yay!) before she fucks her struggling student doggy style on the couch. Beth is definitely all in now. She looks at the camera more than I’d like, but when she starts feeling it she acts a little more naturally. The aerial view of the pair fucking missionary was cool and I loved when Shiri grabbed one of Beth’s boobs to hype up the intensity. They get back in the doggy style position, this time with Beth gripping the ruler she was previously spanked with, and watching Shiri build up her climax was crazy intense! The long strokes and moans can be heard in all four corners as she nuts in Beth’s mouth.

Scene 3 – Mara Nova & Sydney Farron

I absolutely love Mara Nova‘s look! The blue and green streaks in her hair match perfectly with her pierced face and even fit her “bad student” role. When we meet her, she’s sitting in principal Sydney Farron‘s office getting chewed out for her nonchalant attitude towards her studies. When Ms. Farron mentions Mara’s future, she replies she plans to strip and/or do porn anyway so fuck school. This wouldn’t sit well with any educator and Sydney is no different. She decides punishment is in order and begins spanking Mara with a ruler, but when that doesn’t work things take a turn for the sexy. Sydney whips out her cock and Mara gets on her knees (she’s clearly been punished this way previously), and goes to town sucking her principal off. Mara seems to be enjoying her punishment but Sydney remains convinced it will work as she goes down and sucks Mara off. Again, blowjobs everywhere, but the chemistry so far between these two has me distracted and it wasn’t as annoying as in the previous scenes.

First, the pair fucks doggy style standing at the principal’s desk, and noticing a small cross necklace hanging backwards around Mara’s neck turned me on even more! I don’t know if that was intentional or not but it was a very nice touch. Mara rides Sydney’s stiff cock like there’s no tomorrow and for the first time my rewind was in full effect. I love the energy that position produced and from the look of things Mara was enjoying herself a lot also. As they flip into the missionary position on the couch I couldn’t help but think this was no longer punishment for anyone, with both horny ladies moaning and groaning nonstop. Mara sucks Sydney off until she cums all over her face and in her mouth and I’m stuck sitting there craving more from these two. I could watch them fuck all day!

Scene 4 – Casey Kisses & Jelena Vermilion

Casey Kisses and Jelena Vermilion are two cheerleaders fresh from a game in which their team won and the energy is at an all-time high. The girls just can’t sit still as they begin talking about another student, Steven, who they both seem to have a crush on. Before long uniforms are coming off, and I must admit, not only is the interaction between these two on point, the way they look on camera is like they were made for scenes together! They’re both tatted up hotties with long hair in pigtails and their bodies wrap around each other perfectly when they 69. They even kiss cute! Anyway, Jelena admits to having a crush on Casey and Casey’s response to Jelena is basically kiss on this dick then girl. And that’s exactly what happens. Jelena sucks Casey off and in their playful banter its revealed that both ladies have had sex with Steven and both are more impressed with each other.

As Casey bangs Jelena missionary and sucks on her tits, it’s evident these two are extremely turned. Jelena doesn’t hesitate to tell Casey exactly how she likes it and Casey is careful to oblige. When Jelena demands to be fucked harder Casey does the stroking with ease and makes Jelena cum. The effect of Jelena busting a nut before Casey was even close was beyond hot to me! As they slide into the doggy style position their moans and body movements fall in sync with Casey pounding away like there’s no tomorrow until she can’t hold it anymore and nuts on Jelena. To top it all off, they cheer out “you’ve got spirit, yes you do” and I was done from there. I definitely had to watch this a few times after that.

I see why Two TGirls has been such a hit on our site. The content is original, authentic, and a little quirky just to push it over the edge. Watch Tgirl Schoolgirls Volume 1 here on the site and let us know what you think in the video’s comments section.

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