HotMovies Lands in Tromaville (WTF!)

Troma Entertainment, helmed by that saintly degenerate Lloyd Kaufman, is finally available for streaming on HotMovies! After more than forty years Troma is STILL making indie films and is STILL the gold standard of sleaze. We may have lost the grindhouses of the deuce forever thanks to Giuliani and Disney, but Troma continues to carry the torch, still producing crazy, violent, and inventive exploitation films, just like mom used to make. Most of Troma’s content is not for the faint of heart, but if you know anything about Troma, you know that. Troma’s guerrilla filmmaking provides econo-buy graphic violence, nubile young flesh, and NOT-so-nubile flesh, Cryptozoic creature sex, implied castration, what-the-fuck celebrity resume moments (Kevin Costner, JJ Abrams, James Gunn… WTF?), and out-of-the-blue, topless musical numbers. Troma films are not just sleazy exploitation – Troma is where filmmaking dreams begin. Let’s go back to JJ Abrams, who got his start in film scoring the killer alien schlock-fest Nightbeast, distributed by Troma, or James Gunn’s first paid screenwriting gig with Tromeo and Juliett (apparently Lloyd Kaufman paid him one hundred bucks for his hard work).

Troma starlets like April Adams, Nadia White, and Shauna Sands can also be found here on HotMovies. Shauna Sands makes an appearance in Troma’s softcore fantasy The Chosen One – Legend of the Raven also starring Carmen Electra.

Nadia White has her own kinky studio After Dark With Nadia White. Nadia co-hosts Kabukiman’s Cocktail Corner with Sergeant Kubikiman.

Cocktail Corner Producer Doug Sakmann also has a kinky game show series featured on HotMovies, Strip For Pain, where male contestants get the shit knocked out of them in exchange for gorgeous women like Joanna Angel peeling off their clothes (see, patriarchy hurts us all!)

90s blonde goddess April Adams headlines Troma’s softcore girlie romp “Eve’s Beach Fantasy.” April can also be found here on HotMovies in the Babewatch series from Vivid.

While the horny maniacs here at HotMovies are in awe of Troma’s budget-saving, boundary-pushing what-the-fuckery, there is plenty of odd and shocking HotMovies offerings that can compare to the lunacy in the Troma catalog. Check out our WTF category and browse the strange, the dark, and sometimes painful to watch but I can’t take my eyes off this shit – you might find something you like (get professional help quickly if you do, for fucks’ sake!)

You probably prefer your sleaze compiled, compartmentalized, and easy to find (who doesn’t?), don’t miss Troma Entertainment’s Horror Boobs and Horror Penises – compilations featuring Troma’s most shocking and titillating scenes. Let’s do a scene-by-sleaze comparison of Troma’s and HotMovies most shocking content.

What position does Bigfoot like to fuck in? A question that keeps us all up at night. Check out Bigfoot ravaging some horny campers in a clip from Horror Penises, or you can swing by Jim Power’s creepy, crazy-kinky vignette series Perverted Stories. Perverted Stories Volume 35 features Taylor Lynn in a sexy romp with a horny bigfoot – a scene clearly inspired by Troma mentality. This rubber monster seems to be caught in his zipper and terrifies, petrifies, and really unloads on poor Taylor Lynn in one of the most bizarre sex scenes we’ve ever seen. Perhaps one day Jim Powers should run for mayor of Tromaville!

Troma’s Horror Penises showcases many a penis in many a precarious position! MissaX’s Side Effects IV features a plot only a Troma fan could dream of. Jay Smooth is a mad doctor searching for a non-surgical treatment for breast enlargement. Things DO NOT go as planned for our gorgeous guinea pig, Megan Rain, to say the least, and she gets more than what she bargained for.

WTF-shocking celebrities career moments are constantly popping up in both Troma and HotMovies streaming catalog. Be sure to check out Troma Entertainment’s Horror Boobs compilation for the most famous celebrity now found on HotMovies… Kevin Costner? It sure is: Mr. Costner made an early career appearance in Troma’s Malibu Hot Summer. And he’s just as powerful a screen presence making out with a beautiful topless waif as he was when drinking piss in Water World. Nice to see you on HotMovies, Mr. Costner!

Julie Strain and Shannon Tweed, two softcore starlets that helped introduce me to the wonderful misery that was my body during the start of puberty appear on HotMovies in Troma’s The Rowdy Girls. The Rowdy Girls is a softcore cowboy romp that finally proves that men really have no place in a Western!

Don’t forget Troma’s random, musical numbers. While lacking in violence, but not musicality, strangeness, or, of course, tits, is the oddball musical porn spoof, Alice in Wonderland that no doubt served as in inspiration for Troma itself.

If you’re off the meds (it happens!) and are in the mood for some more Troma inspired madness here on HotMovies, don’t miss the high-intensity fetish films featuring a sci-fi/horror influence from ZFX, or the softcore Pink titles from Japan’s independent film scene courtesy of Pink Eiga. There’s also the sex and horror mix of madness from Juniper Movies and Seduction Cinema.

It was Troma titles back in the 80s that first introduced me to exploitation and my love for insane cinema. Another little known secret about myself: I blew my first load to a Troma film: it was the scene in The Toxic Avenger where the kid on the bicycle gets puréed into pulp in the street by the dumb jocks in the car (don’t worry patrons, I’ve discussed Troma with my therapist. You should too!)

Troma is the premiere studio to have on HotMovies for sleaze fans like us (angry loners and people who prefer to drink alone). Don’t miss Troma Entertainment here on HotMovies!

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