RIP Hugh Hefner: HotMovies' Favorite Playboy Centerfolds

On Wednesday, September 28th, the adult industry and popular culture at large lost an invaluable influencer/icon when Hugh Hefner passed away at 91 years old. The legendary founder of the Playboy empire gave us unprecedented access to a great publication notorious for its amazing articles, and obviously, glamorous images of naked women. Hefner did more than provide a print platform for subversive content, however; he played a pivotal role in shaping American sexuality and pop culture into being a more open and accepting sphere for sexual suggestion altogether. The world may never be the same without Hef, but we remember his contributions to our industry and the paths he paved for others with fondness.

Pay homage to the late, great Hugh Hefner with one of his greatest passions in life – beautiful women. The following list are classic models who have appeared in Hefner’s legendary magazine throughout the decades, as well as appearing in more hardcore video content you can watch right here on HotMovies!

Marilyn Chambers

Marilyn Chambers made her porn debut in 1972 when she was just 20 years old. She happened to see an advertisement for a casting call and rushed to the audition, only to find it was for an adult film. Little did she know, she was about to be part of a project that changed the world of porn forever. Just as she was leaving, Chambers was noticed by the Mitchell brothers. Noticing her resemblance to Cybill Shepherd, the two directors realized that the wholesome blonde actress would be perfect for their film. Resistant to starring in a XXX film, Chambers asked for a $25,000 salary and a percentage of the gross, never expecting they’d agree. But they did agree, and Chambers found herself performing in the Mitchell brothers newest film, Behind the Green Door. Behind the Green Door was a wildly successful film, kick starting Chambers’ career and making her a household name.

Annette Haven

Annette Haven was born in Las Vegas raised in a conservative Mormon family. At 17 years old she was married, but the marriage was short-lived as they divorced two years later. Shortly thereafter, in the early 70s, she left her home in Las Vegas and travelled to San Francisco where she began working the dance circuit as a stripper. It was there that she met Bonnie Holiday, an adult performer who became her friend and later lover. By 1975, Annette had established herself through some of the most preeminent and successful pictures of the time; more specifically, she had a reputation for setting the tone on a set and would not compromise her integrity and moral code for anyone.

Linda Lovelace

Linda Lovelace was born the daughter of a NY police officer and attended Catholic School where she was known as “Miss Holy Holy” for keeping her dates at a distance. After graduating, she decided to attend computer school and became involved with a man named Chuck Traynor. It was Traynor who convinced her to begin performing in 8mm loops in 1971. In 1972, she landed her role in Deep Throat. For all of her notoriety, she only performed in a handful of movies.

Carol Connors

Carol Connors is seen by many as one of the greatest porn starlets of all time. Connors was a very popular adult star in the 1970s, starting out as an actress and performer in mainstream films and productions. Carol’s big screen debut came in Howard Hawk’s 1965 film Red Line 7000. However, Connors still found difficulty finding consistent work, so she decided to try her hand in the adult film world in 1971.

Juli Ashton

Juli Ashton was born and raised in Colorado, where she later attended Colorado State University with a double-major in Spanish and History. While in college, she married, but the young couple had trouble making ends meet. She began waitressing at a local topless bar in order to contribute financially. After graduating college, Juli taught junior high Spanish for a year before deciding that wasn’t the career path for her. And in 1994, the couple moved to Florida and she began waitressing again—this time in a strip club. When she noticed how much money the dancers were making, she decided to give dancing a try. While dancing, she became more and more interested with other aspects of the adult entertainment business; namely, films. When famous stars Shayla LaVeaux and Alexis DeVell came to the club Ashton worked at, she got their managers’ cards and an invitation to come to Southern California to begin appearing in adult films.

Ginger Lynn

Ginger was born in Illinois, a sweet girl with dreams of moving out of her hometown. Her dream came true when she was 20 years old, albeit under sad circumstances. Her grandfather became very ill and Ginger moved to California to care for him after a heart attack. Following her grandfathers death, a male friend came to live with her who would eventually become her first real boyfriend. Nice as he was, Ginger supported them both financially and soon realized that she would need to make more money. She answered an ad from the World Modeling Agency in 1983. Modeling brought her to the attention of the adult film industry, and the rest was history.

Constance Money

Constance Money grew up in the small town of Kenmore, Washington. After graduating from Inglemoor High School, she moved to Oakland to attend Mills College where she studied psychology and sociology. In 1975, the 19-year old met someone involved in the adult industry and decided to try her hand at performing. Her reasons were partly financial – to pay for her tuition fees; but it was also partly because of her rebellious nature and a desire to prove to herself that she was physically acceptable to the real world.

Teri Weigel

The third of five children, Teri Weigel was raised within a devoutly Catholic family in the conservative city of Deerfield Beach, Florida. A natural beauty, she began modeling in her teens, appearing in catalogs for Saks Fifth Avenue and other high-end companies. She later moved to New York and signed with a major modeling agency, which placed her in Seventeen magazine and other publications. Modeling gigs in Europe followed. Soon, Playboy Magazine soon came calling. She did some test shots for the magazine, and was asked to become a Centerfold. She graced the cover of the November issue, and appeared as the Centerfold in April. Weigel found posing nude liberating, and she enjoyed the fame and money that came with being a Playboy Centerfold. Wisely capitalizing on her fame and exposure as a Centerfold, Weigel quickly became a sensation within the porn industry.

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