The Submission of Emma Marx: Evolved – A Review

The steamy story of Emma Marx continues in The Submission of Emma Marx: Evolved. The indomitable Jacky St. James wrote and directed this storytelling feature, the fourth installment in an award winning series that has the adult film industry buzzing. For those of you who somehow missed the first three films, you should know that this is a story about Emma Marx (played by Penny Pax), a woman in a submissive relationship with Richie Calhoun. Throughout the series you see her evolve as a sexual being and learn more about herself and her desires. Well, Richie has passed away since the last film and Emma is on the hunt for a new relationship that will challenge her. There is one very important detail to note: she’s given up on being a submissive.

Emma’s sister, Nadia (Riley Reid), is going through a divorce and needs roommates so she can remain in her luxurious home. Naturally, Emma agrees to help her sister by moving in with her temporarily. The other roommate, Mariah (Violet Starr), ends up changing Emma’s life in more ways than she could imagine. Two women’s lives are intertwined in the most intimate ways, and when they finally separate, the toll it takes on them both is too much to bear.

Scene 1: Riley Reid & Van Wylde

Riley Reid plays Marx’s sex crazed sister who can’t seem to get enough of her husband, played by Van Wylde. These two my be going through a divorce, but they can’t seem to keep their hands off each other. She claims that hate sex is the best sex! This scene begins with the couple vehemently arguing about who will get the house in the divorce. One moment they’re hurling jabs at each other, and the next moment they’re ripping one another’s clothes off! Reid devours Wylde’s cock, getting it nice and wet so it slides in nicely when she sits on it in cowgirl position. She bounces on his cock like a real pro, taking it hard and deep until she squirts. Wylde also gets in some tongue action before plowing his lovely lady in a few different positions, including missionary and spooning, before shooting his load on her freshly fucked pussy.

Scene 2: Violet Starr & Damon Dice

Emma has never actually met her roommate, Mariah. Thinking she’s out of town, Emma goes into Mariah’s room and discovers her BDSM lifestyle, complete with whips and handcuffs. She flashes back to her time as a submissive with Richie, but snaps back to reality when she hears Mariah downstairs! Nervous she’ll be caught snooping, Emma hides under the bed. It doesn’t take long before Mariah has her lover, Damon Dice, spanking her and eating her out while she’s bound in handcuffs. Mariah begs Dice to slap her, choke her, fuck her face. She chokes herself on his cock, strings of spit dripping from her mouth. Super sexy! Dice finally gets to bury his cock in her pussy when she climbs on top and rides him hard. He fucks her even harder from behind before unloading on her juicy ass. Mariah quickly dismisses him before bending down to confront Emma about snooping.

Scene 3: Violet Starr & Jay Smooth

Mariah wants to learn all about BDSM and the psychological aspect of being a submissive. Who better to teach her than Emma? So Emma becomes Mistress Emma, and Mariah her willing student. Emma teaches Mariah everything she knows about the lifestyle, including how to master her fear and control her pleasure. But everything must come to an end, and Emma knows it’s finally time for Mariah to choose a permanent Dom. Emma blindfolds Mariah and brings in three men to play with her; Mariah chooses Jay Smooth to be her Dom. Mariah is bound and teased, her passion ignited as her senses are overwhelmed by her new Dom. She begs to suck Smooth’s cock, begs to be fucked, begs to be punished. She gets everything she desires. She has truly become a thankful submissive by the end of the scene. Smooth fucks her in various positions in between spanking her, slapping her tits, using a pinwheel on her tender flesh, and then covering her bush with his hot cum.

Scene 4: Penny Pax, John Strong, & Mick Blue

Emma tries to explain to Mariah that she can longer play the role of a dominant to Mariah’s submissive. Mariah is upset and moves out of the house with no forwarding address. After months of searching for her, Emma finally hears from Mariah. She tells Emma that she is a changed woman, and begs Emma not to give up the BDSM lifestyle. Emma is determined to move forward in her life, and knows the only way to do that is to allow herself to be a submissive one more time. She is stripped down, blindfolded, and used. Her mouth, her pussy, her ass – all used by her two Doms. She revels in her power as a submissive, and is overcome by the pleasure she gets as they use her body. She is fucked in virtually every position, being double penetrated over and over again. Finally, exhausted and spent, her Doms splatter her ass with their seed and leave her.

This movie wraps up this series beautifully. How fitting for Emma to come back to the BDSM world only to realize that it is the role of a Dom that suits her best now. And who helped our sweet Emma to understand her true nature? Well, Mariah, of course. So it’s only fitting that Mariah and Emma should wind up together in the end, Mariah bound to a cross as Emma revels in her new role as the Dom. “Now don’t come,” Emma warns her sub as the movie ends. And I could say the same to you, dear viewer, try your hardest not to come. There is so much pleasure to be had in denying yourself release.

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