Writers' Roundup: Our Favorite Britney Amber Scenes

Britney Amber has graced our screens with XXX performances for nearly a decade now, and the busty blonde continues to delight and surprise us with new career developments. Britney’s performance in Naked showcased her acting chops like we’ve never seen before, but the HotMovies staff writers agree that Britney has been AVN-worthy for awhile now. We decided to put together a list of other noteworthy roles fans of the California cutie should take a second glance at – whether it be to watch the sex, the acting, or just see Britney’s sweet smile – these are scenes of hers you don’t want to miss!

@Asian Bad Girl

The Donald – This Is A Parody – Scene 4

No offense to Evan Stone and his portrayal of the Donald, but Britney stole the show as Sarah Palin! Not only was she looking great in those glasses and that updo hair style, but she totally sounded like she could be a cast member on Fargo with that Palin impression! Britney goes in to talk to former political candidate, Carly Fiorina (played by Alyssa Lynn). For the record, Alyssa Lynn doesn’t look anything like Carly Fiorina. Alyssa is dressed up in S&M corset thing. Britney plays a bashful and inexperienced Palin, who’s about to get her first taste of lesbian loving! Yes, the sex was very hot with Britney and Alyssa – but it was a pretty funny and well-acted scene too!

@Authentic Lesbian

Love, Anonymous – Scene 3

Britney Amber is damn near perfect in everything and it’s obvious from the get-go. She has the look, the enthusiam, and even a cool background story complete with Bunny Ranch experience to pull you in. My love affair with her first started in 2015 with Adam & Eve’s Love, Anonymous. I fell head-over-heels for everything from that cute-ass title, to the opening music, and even Tyler Nixon pretending to be a poet and getting pussy because of it! What really did it for me though was Britney’s scene with Van Wylde. She’s introduced to us as a hot, probably spoiled next-door type chick who eventually gets seduced by a guy she found too shallow for her taste. It doesn’t sound difficult or challenging, but in a plot where the director is attempting to get a serious theme of misplaced love across to an audience already expecting sex as a main focal point, lots of the responsibility falls on the actors, and even in a complimentary role, Britney demands your attention with her onscreen presence…. all while making it look effortless. Mix that acting talent with the energy she brings to the sex and you’ve got a hit scene every time. Somebody give that woman a damn award already!

@Judy Hologram

Indiscretions – Scene 1

Asa Akira stars this romantic thriller from director Stormy Daniels, and every strong actress needs some strong backup. Britney Amber plays Asa’s BFF, and helps her through her separation and the turmoil that follows. Britney doesn’t have much to do plot-wise, but she still holds my attention whenever she’s onscreen. From her genuinely cute and romantic opening scene with Marcus London, to her look of concern and disbelief when she learns of Asa’s husband’s affair, she knows how to convey a character and make it her own. It helps that Britney has huge, expressive eyes that burn with emotion in every scene that she’s in. Oh yeah, and the sex is HOT! Britney and Marcus (another strong actor in his own right) have tons of natural chemistry together and their sex scene is both adorable and fucking sexy as heck. I agree with the Authentic Lez; give Britney an award already!

@Explicit Bridget

Flesh – House of Hedonism – Scene 2

In this fetish-inspired, Holly Randall-directed feature, a redhead Britney Amber plays a timid, latex-clad housemaid/slave named Ginger. On this night in Mistress Vivian’s House of Hedonism, Ginger has been chosen to participate in the festivities as Master Carlo’s slave for the evening. I haven’t seen Britney Amber in a ton of BDSM titles (and I’m more familiar with her Femdom work), so to see her take on a submissive role in this scene piqued my interest for sure. Very much like a scene from Kink.com’s The Upper Floor, Ginger is tasked with obeying her Master, as well as serving him in front of a room full of people. No acts – or holes – of Britney Amber’s are off-limits in this hardcore scene, and just go to show what a versatile performer she is.

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