Review of Kay Brandt's Naked

Reality television has become one of the most popular types of programming on TV today. Leave it to Adam & Eve to not only stay abreast of programming trends, but to bring together some of the hottest stars in the biz today, including Britney Amber, Chanel Preston, Mia Li, Donnie Rock, and many more.

Written and directed by Kay Brandt, Naked is a film that shows the reality of what happens when the camera stops rolling on your favorite reality show. Cadence (Britney Amber) and Jackson (Derrick Pierce) are contestants on a reality survival show where they must rely on one another to survive the harsh elements, all while being completely naked. Despite the difficulties of their situation, the two find themselves unable to ignore their intense sexual chemistry. But once the show is over and they get back to their real lives, Cadence becomes convinced they are meant to be together. There’s just the small matter of her boyfriend, Jackson’s girlfriend, and the long distance between them.

Scene One: Britney Amber and Donnie Rock

Cadence (Britney Amber) and boyfriend (Donnie Rock) discuss her desire to appear on a reality show, totally naked, with a complete stranger. They end up in the bedroom afterward where Rock pays a lot of attention to Amber’s clit, eating her out for at least 5 minutes. She returns the pleasure with a blowjob, lots of moaning involved. Rock then slides into Amber’s wet hole, drilling her in a nice variety of positions, including missionary and spooning. There are a lot of really great close-up shots of Rock’s cock sliding in and out of Amber’s pussy, his dick glistening with her juices. She literally begs for his cum and he doesn’t disappoint, shooting his load onto her heaving tits.

Scene Two: Mia Li, Logan Long & Small Hands

Meet the production crew! When shooting wraps for the day on the reality show, these three have nothing to fill their time, so naturally they end up fucking! Lucky girl Mia Li has two pairs of hands caressing every inch of her body, two tongues pleasuring her, and two cocks pounding her! After Small Hands gets her pussy ready with his tongue, she gobbles up Long’s cock while Hands slides into her eager pussy from behind. These boys know how to take care of their girl, fucking her in doggy, missionary, spoon, and cowgirl positions. After they both make her cum multiple times, Hands and Long finally get to unload onto Li’s gorgeous tits.

Scene Three: Chanel Preston, Derrick Pierce & Ryan Driller

When he’s not starring on reality tv shows, Jackson (Derrick Pierce) lives a normal life with his girlfriend, Chanel Preston, and her other boyfriend, Ryan Driller. Preston’s two boyfriends lavish her with attention, paying close care to her sensitive clit. Pierce and Driller do their jobs like champs, flipping Preston into various positions while using her pussy and mouth simultaneously. Preston is no slouch herself, slobbering on whichever dick isn’t balls deep inside her, grunting and groaning in pleasure. After their rousing threesome, Pierce and Driller cover Preston’s tits and belly with their liquid lust.

Scene Four: Britney Amber and Derrick Pierce

You finally get to see what really happened when the cameras stopped rolling. Naked, filthy, starving, and afraid, Cadence and Jackson succumb to their passion in the wilderness. Hugging for comfort quickly turns steamy as they begin to kiss. It isn’t long before Cadence is on her knees with Jackson’s cock in her hot mouth. Fast forward forty seconds and he’s sliding in from behind, grabbing a fistful of her hair so her can pound her hard. He fucks her hard and fast from behind before switching to cowgirl, getting his dick sucked between positions. When he finally erupts, he bathes her tits in his cum.


Scene Five: Chanel Preston and Ryan Driller

Preston and Driller are back for an encore. After a heart to heart between Jackson (Pierce) and Preston about Jackson’s feelings for Cadence, Preston and Driller come together again for another steamy scene. Driller revisits Preston’s pussy with his tongue, once again wowing her and bringing forth moans of ecstasy that are such a turn on! Preston gives it all back, gagging on his cock before climbing on top and riding him hard. He pounds her in missionary and then slides in from behind while they spoon. Theirs is a passionate coupling, filled with kissing and gentle caresses between the two lovers. When Driller shoots his load, he aims at Preston’s cute little triangle of hair just over her freshly fucked pussy. They end the scene kissing sweetly.

The film wraps up with a heartfelt conversation between the two reality star lovers, Cadence and Jackson. Cadence is confused about Jackson’s alternative lifestyle and unsure if she can trust him now. But Jackson uses his charm and good looks to ease her fears and the two close out the film with a loving kiss. It looks like their onscreen romance just turned into a real life love story!

Adam & Eve always produces quality films with red-hot sex scenes, and Naked definitely fits the bill. And with smokin’ hot actors doing exactly what you came to see, coupled with a well-written script, you’ll come for the sex (pun intended!), but you’ll stay for the story!

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