Mia Isabella Crowned 'Miss Cocktober' on Howard Stern

This week, gorgeous trans superstar Mia Isabella was crowned 2017’s “Miss Cocktober” on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show. The title was awarded at the end of a month Stern has dubbed “Cocktober” for the purposes of his longstanding, legendary radio show. Mia Isabella won against three special ladies: a former D.C.-based escort named Brittany Bendz, and two other stars that fans of transsexual porn may be familiar with – Valentina Mia and the incomparable Venus Lux.

The t-girl contestants were judged by a panel of Stern show staff like Gary Dell’Abate, Ronnie Mund, JD Harmeyer, Brent Hatley, and Robin Quivers. The judges awarded the girls points based on criteria like overall beauty, and, of course, the beauty of their penises. While all ladies had qualities the judges appreciated, Mia took the breath right out of Brent, and JD couldn’t help but comment on her “good ass”. Venus Lux was a close competitor and the de-facto runner-up, of course, appearing on the show to promote her performance in upcoming Wicked Pictures title Jessica Drake Is Wicked. Venus told the judges, “I love my cock. I don’t feel like my genitalia dictates my gender identity.”

Of her triumph as the new Miss Cocktober, Mia Isabella told AVN, “They were wonderful people, the entire staff, and Howard was very classy and attractive. I told him I appreciated his stance in support of transgenders in the military, but I attribute my win to the appreciation of my boobs and butt, ha-ha. But jokes aside, they were lovely people and I am so happy with the experience.” Congrats Mia!

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