Porn Star to Run Against Vladimir Putin in Russian Election

Vladimir Putin will face some stiff competition in the upcoming 2018 Russian presidential election, as retired porn star and Russian reality television personality Elena Berkova has entered her name in the ring for candidacy.

Vladimir Putin

The brunette beauty starred in titles like Laced & Loaded 3 and Housing Blowjob during her adult career, which Elena Berkova enjoyed between 2003-2005 – long before she realized her political aspirations. This isn’t Berkova’s first run at politics either; she ran to be the mayor of Sochi in 2009.

Now, however, Berkova has a detailed candidacy platform with which she’s prepared to run. Most surprisingly, Berkova’s platform is somewhat inspired by the Harvey Weinstein scandal that has been rocking the U.S. entertainment industry for the past month. With her candidacy, Berkova hopes to eliminate sexual harassment in Russia by making it punishable by death, as well as making it legally impossible for couples to divorce, outlawing the wearing of long skirts, and introducing sex education in schools.

Elena Berkova

Berkova is quoted by The Independent explaining her platform in more detail:

[I want] the death penalty for harassment. We’ve got the Weinsteins, too. I plan to make divorce almost impossible for men, as these days women bear almost all the responsibility for children. I plan to introduce sexual and legal education in schools. And to introduce a mandatory sex exam. Often our youth still do not know about sexual legal norms, hygiene, not to mention pleasure.

While Elena Berkova’s presidential run will certainly be unconventional, our global political climate is more unpredictable than ever before. She’s got just as good of a chance as anyone else! Check out her XXX career right here on HotMovies to see what could be the first female president of Russia in action!

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