My First Webcam Experience

Did you know you can now use your HotMovies minutes to connect with live girls? Prior to this, HotMovies staff writer The Authentic Lesbian never used webcams before and decided to test out this new site feature and report back to us. Below is her detailed experience.

I was nervous. Beyond nervous. I covered my laptop camera with a post-it even though I knew they wouldn’t be able to see me. I also went the overly prepared route which entailed double-checking my internet connection twice, making sure the door was locked twice, and for some strange reason, sitting a glass of water on my nightstand, you know, for those ever-so-common dry spells. I have no idea what I was thinking, but I eventually calmed down and got into the groove of things. What followed qualifies as a successful experience I would like to try again.

I decided to go with a straight couple my first go-around. Something about a couple was more comfortable for me. I found a decent-looking girl and guy – she had nice breasts and he was the young ripped type – and they were really into each other. But before I got to interact, they were having internet connection issues (mom was right, check twice) and by the fifth screen blackout, I had checked out. I knew it was on their end so I decided to look elsewhere. Two minutes in and I already ran into my first issue, the damn internet.

This time I found a curvy, mature woman named Charlotte Diamonds who was absolutely in love with her vibrator! This woman was more passionate about that toy than I was about my first car, and she drove that point home like a champ. For the record, I’ve never seen a vibrator work that hard in my life. I mean, Charlotte was flipping in and out of positions like two eager college kids freshman year, and I was turned on! In this moment I realized there’s something incredibly sexy about someone willing to put themselves out there on cam in front of a bunch of strangers. Now, I know that last sentence might read a little strange to some of you since I’m constantly around porn, which is filled with nothing but people showing it all for strangers, but this is different guys. These are not porn stars glamorized up and filmed at perfect angles with time to spare between shots or positions. There’s nothing wrong with that, hell I love it, but this was completely new and there was something incredibly hot about the “normal” or “regular” woman appeal.

With my lady parts tingling and ready to go, I kicked things up a notch and actually said something to her. I know crazy right!? Seriously though, I was intimidated. I was still in a public chat and the fact that everyone could read whatever I said was a little off-putting, but once she started talking directly back to me I felt better. There was also a 3 minute period in there where it seemed like the other people in the chat really liked my suggestions. It might seem weird, but having people agree with you is awesome regardless of the situation, and honestly, who wouldn’t agree with having Charlotte put her vibrator in her pussy, turn around, and twerk for the camera? While my confidence was the highest as it’s been all year, I figured it was time to private chat.

I imagined this to come across as a corny chat filled with porn lingo that neither of us would probably ever use in our real lives, and although I had grown very fond of Charlotte during our time together, I didn’t expect her to take this seriously. That sounds like an insult now, but how into it can you be when you can’t see the person on the other side of the screen? Much to my delight, she made me feel comfortable – her voice, body language, and actions were always believable, and she interacted with me instead of simply doing what I asked. Believe it or not, there was a level of familiarity between us at this point and I enjoyed myself a million times more than I thought I would.

Overall, my first webcam experience was great! I love that I can use my HotMovies minutes to tip without setting up separate accounts, and the model selection is boundless. My only complaints are reliable internet connections for the webcammers isn’t always there, and depending on if they’re using a laptop or desktop can really change the microphone and sound. You won’t run into this every time, but it can be annoying when you do, especially if a conversation has already been started. My number-one suggestion for my favorite VOD provider (hey @HotMovies, luv u!), add a search function! I wanted to go back and try the couple I originally found after Charlotte Diamonds rocked my world (I’m greedy), but I had to scroll through a few pages, and being the millennial that I am, I wasn’t having any of that. Put it at my fingertips please. Other than those few things, this was a pleasant surprise for me. I strongly suggest giving it a try! Look around and feel a few models out before jumping in and I think most will love the experience.

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