5 Tips For Buying A Strap-On

Purchasing a strap-on can be challenging no matter who you are. Everyone from kinky experts to first-time explorers will have at least one question before the final purchase, and we at HotMovies thought we could help ease you along in the process with a few healthy and helpful tips.

Important Note: If you have a partner you plan to use the strap-on with, we suggest making the purchase together. There’s nothing like walking home with a brand-new toy only to find that your significant other, who you’re so in tune with, wants no part of your prized new 10-inch dick (some of you know what I’m talking about). Nothing.

Pick a Size

Dildos come in a variety of sizes and colors, with the former being crucial to your experience. Going too big or too small can seriously interrupt pleasure-time, so think about how deep and wide you want to go and experiment with your fingers as a guide.

Harness or Nah?

Thanks to a very creative lesbian we now have strapless strap-ons, and some believe they give the users more intimacy by allowing the “giver” to be closer to their partner during penetration (check out the Feeldoe over at Tantus). I’ve tried this and it is pretty fun and exciting, but for those of you who like the timeless harness, you’ve got some options.

Choose a Harness

This may be overwhelming for first-time buyers, but I promise it’s worth the effort. Whatever harness you choose is going to be very up-close and personal with your skin, and if you’re using it with a partner or 3 (for all my orgy lovers out there), it’s going to affect the way they receive you or vice-versa. In other words it’s very important. There are quite a few harness types out there (rope is super fascinating to me right now!), with some being leather and waterproof, and others being super comfortable poly-spandex material like the joque harness that is loved around the world, so do your research and check out a few reviews online before you head out the door. I also suggest trying a few on in a store, even if you’re online shopping.

Be Picky With Materials

There’s always debate back and forth about the safety behind using silicone dildos and the mislabeling that runs rampant in the sex toy industry. There’s equal debate about rubber and plastic. The bottom line is to know your body, research different materials, and pay attention to the packaging labels (seriously, people/companies lie a lot).

Break It In

Regardless of your decision to go strapless or grab a harness, you’ll want to break your new strap-on in. Wear it around the house to get the feel, do a few pelvic thrusts in the mirror for practice, and – to please your adventurous side – doing some dingaling air circles is always fun. Of course you could break it in by fucking someone with it too. I suggest doing all of the above.

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