5 Progressive Transgender Studios on HotMovies

Times are a’ changing in the adult entertainment industry, both for performers and consumers. Commonly held
attitudes towards transgender performers and studios have been changing, thanks in big parts to transgender
performers themselves, by taking control of their own content, embracing sex and body postivity, and rejecting the
dubious scenario that transgender performers should merely be props in a scene as opposed to sexual beings with
their own agency and unique desires. Some of the rest of us are finally catching up to the fact that transgender
performers are neither objects to be fetishized nor fragile ornaments to be kept behind glass to be protected and
worshipped. Here are five progressive transgender studios that feature some talented and hard-working models and
filmmakers that embrace the legitmacy of the narrative of their performers – and the sex is pretty good too!

Grooby has been around since 1996 as one of the longest-running transgender adult companies featuring performers
from all around the world. You’d be hard-pressed to find a popular female
trans performer they haven’t worked with yet. Grooby recently took a stance on deragory language in the community
and removed the terms “she-male” and “tranny” from its vocabulary. Check out their very highly rated trans-on-trans
series T-Girl Teasers.

This trans website run by CEO/Director Mayumi Sparkles is growing in popularity with its new content focusing on the
pleasure of trans women that, until recently, hasn’t been seen too often in the transgender market. Featuring great
performances and storylines that put the pleasure of the transgender women in the scene front
and center. Mayumi is incredibly pleased with the vignettes and sexual chemistry in her acclaimed series Two Tgirls. See it here on HotMovies!

Kennston is the love-child of BBW trans performer Michelle Austin. Michelle routinely features scenes with both trans men and women, BBW performers, squirting men, horny amateurs, and more. Michelle’s camarilla of trans amateurs come off like one big sexy family, giving trans people of all shapes and sizes performers they can relate to while they get off. Don’t miss Michelle as a blonde in her top-rated title Michelle Austin: The Voluptuous Diva.

Headed by Courtney Trouble, a pioneer in giving greater visibility to feminist and queer porn, Trouble Films has always focused on sex positivity, diversity, and authentic representation for genderqueer and trans performers. Don’t miss their series Queer Porn TV, featuring a wide range of trans performers celebrating their bodies and sexuality in the most realistic settings and couplings that will show you trans/queer performers enjoying their own sexual autonomy, just like you!

Handbasket Productions is a media collective that also focuses on real trans representation in fiction as well
as in the adult entertainment industry. Handbasket uses both amateur trans men and women in authentic representation that seeks to prioritize the pleasure and real-life experiences of their performers. Check out their
plot-driven satire The Genderfellator
featuring a young trans man from the present who falls asleep for 80 years and wakes up in the middle of a major
conflict over illegal genders.

What these studios are doing is timely and very vital. Trans people are not objects, but people with wants,
desires, flaws, and their own narratives just like any cis-gendered model or consumer. Trans models should not be
otherized or delegitmized. Let’s remember that forward-thinking studios like the ones listed above are vital in combatting bigotry and furthering social change. Don’t deny the legitimacy of someone else’s narrative, and please try to give your financial support to those who identify as members of other marginalized groups in society, such
as those who are disabled, people of color, and/or LGBTQ who work in and outside of the sex industry. We all want
to get off – we’re all human after all!

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