10 XXX Titles You'll Love if You Have a British Sense of Humor

With over 150 hardcore films in their impressive library, it wasn’t easy to choose just 10 favorites from Television X, a popular, UK-based studio! There’s a good reason why they attract some of the biggest names in the Euro porn scene: Tanya Tate, Leah Jaye, Alexis Crystal, Chessie Kay, Angel Long, and the list goes on and on! Besides the impressive star power, Television X titles are creative, fun, and quite cheeky! These 10 titles are some of our personal faves!

I’m a Porn Star Get Me Out Of Here

It’s almost exactly like I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, but replace the celebs with some of Europe’s hottest porn stars instead! This title is a great example of Television X’s quality and humor. The stars really go through obstacle courses, go camping, and even participate in a gross eating challenge! More importantly, they also get to shag each other like rabbits in the forest!

The Great Out Whores

No, it’s not a parody of the classic 80s comedy. But, the movie does feature plenty of great shagging/fucking scenes outdoors! There really is something peaceful and serene about being outside and getting your dick sucked, ya know what I mean? This is a great title for all you outdoorsmen types.

Weird Science XXX

Now this is a pretty sweet parody! Weird Science is an iconic comedy that helped define the 80s and also happens to make great porn parody material. The premise follows the original pretty closely, too; nerds create a hot chick and hilarity and hijinx ensue! Tanya Tate also really impresses here, playing the Kelly LeBrock role. Honestly, they couldn’t have made a better choice; she smashes it here!

A Fucking Idiot Abroad

Ok, so it’s not exactly like the British travel documentary/comedy series, but it is pretty funny and entertaining in its own way! A “simple” fellow books himself a vacation for a tropical paradise – but he accidentally books a trip to Siberia instead! Fortunately, there’s a bevy of horned-up ladies ready to greet him and show him the pleasures of Siberia! Apparently, there’s some pretty hot pussy in that arctic environment!

Cumdog Millionaire

Ah, another clever, entertaining parody from Television X! And again, this parody does a pretty decent job of following the source material. Leah Jaye sits on the hot seat of the “millionaire” show, where she must recall her past sexual encounters to help answer questions presented to her on the show. I didn’t know too much about Leah Jaye, but she absolutely kills it here!

The Television X-Factor

Talk about a match made in porn parody heaven, eh? In terms of names, you can’t do much better than “Television X” and “The X Factor.” Three judges will help critique and discover the next Television X adult star! The X Factor TV show was pretty popular. And this is a reality competition show – with porn! Various performers get in front of the judges and “perform” right there on stage! In terms of pure entertainment, you can’t beat that!

Fang Bang

Remember the show True Blood? Think of this as a Television X homage to that show and to vampire/human sexual relations. In some of the scenes the vamps drink blood, show off their fangs, and some of them are really pale and undead-looking. Enjoy it, fang-bangers!

Better Than Life

This goes down as one of the most original titles I’ve seen in quite a long time. Each scene is a parody of a videogame, with names like: Grand Theft Anal, Tight Crisis, Sex Men, and Strip Fighter! The premise is clever and the execution is even more impressive. There’s lots of detail and thought put into each scene, and videogame fans should appreciate this videogame-meets-porn film!

Mummy Mia

Initially, I thought this was a parody of Mamma Mia, but fortunately, I was wrong. Mamma Mia is one of the shittiest movies made in the last 10 years and would make awful parody material. Thankfully, this is just pure MILF content, showcasing some of the UK’s finest MILFs as they take on a bunch of younger studs!

Cirque De Sex

Described as adult entertainment with a “macabre twist,” Cirque De Sex most definitely delivers! There are five pretty stunning sexual encounters with an interesting cast: evil clowns, vampires, devil-people, and even half human/animal hybrids fucking and sucking for your viewing delight!

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