Sex Instruction: Too Afraid To Ask? Watch This Porn Instead!

Following rules is important. From way too early to remember, we’re taught that there’s always someone we need to listen to, some authority setting guidelines we need to abide by, and things we need to do. Later, we grow and we learn that being informed and selective are key to following those rules. When it comes to sex acts, there are guidelines just like everything else, and when it comes to authority on sex acts, the porn industry has a healthy list of instructional videos to choose from. Below are a few that stand out to us!

Nina Hartley’s Guide To…

Nina Hartley is a queen of adult entertainment, so it’s only fitting that she has a hit instructional series. A living-legend known as an advocate of safe sex, Nina blessed us all by laying out a blueprint complete with exciting suggestions for couples, and some tips and tricks. With titles dating back to the early 90s, there’s something for everyone ranging in level from beginner to experienced and ready to experiment.

Jessica Drake’s Guide To Wicked Sex

When one of adult entertainment’s most celebrated actresses and Wicked Pictures get together and produce a Guide To Wicked Sex, pay attention. You can’t go wrong with advice from one of the most sexually experienced and awarded people in the biz, and just like Nina up above, Jessica Drake has a variety of videos where she shares what she’s learned and helps the viewer incorporate those lessons into their personal sex life.

Kink School

Dee Severe and Jimmy Broadway are two of the greatest kinky minds to ever share the adult entertainment space. Everything Severe Sex puts out can be looked at as a learning tool because of the high level of expertise they bring to and capture in every scene. Specializing in BDSM, you always feel like you’re in a safe space with them, and their Kink School series is the ultimate example. They’ve also managed to perfectly balance explanations with a sexy vibe that keeps the viewer engaged and ready for the ride.

Sex Toy Demonstrations

This is one of my favorites from back in the early 2000s! Slippery Cat Studios is not the most popular studio out of the bunch, but when it comes to showing a naive young lesbian how to use her brand-new tongue-tingle, this is the place you go. Sex Toy Demonstrations makes reading labels and instructions sexy, and will always be a research tool in my book!

The Lover’s Guide

The Lover’s Guide is a great series for couples looking to learn more about each other’s bodies. You won’t find anything too crazy or adventurous in here, but you will learn things like how to pay attention to your body and your partner’s, as well as what positions enhance orgasms and how sensation plays a major role in it all. It might seem like common sense, but I bet you didn’t know that if your legs are bent too far back in the spooning position, you’ll probably hinder your partner’s climax. See, always something to learn!

Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide

Tristan Taormino is an author, director, and sex educator in New York who has been educating the industry on queerness and sexuality since the 90s. She’s written columns for Hustler‘s Taboo Magazine, lectured in colleges across the country, and directed sexual education hits for Vivid Ed., so when she speaks, you listen. She makes all the sexy feel-good stuff that happens in your body make sense to your brain, and when those two are on the same page something good is bound to happen!

Educational Sex

With over 20 titles on our site, Educational Sex from OSK Productions is teaching everything from changing positions, to performing pro-level rimjobs and footjobs, and even how to swallow. There’s something here for everyone also. Suspension? Covered. Puppyplay? Yup, got that. Looking to master your prostate skills? Boom, right here!

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