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Inspired by the legendary French BDSM erotic novel The Story of O, The Upper Floor illustrates real, lifestyle BDSM as it is lived by slaves and Masters, complete with extreme BDSM, explicit sex in bondage, punishment, erotic humiliation, and more. At‘s The Upper Floor, slaves become willing playthings for the very cruel Masters and Mistresses. They live out pain, pleasure, submission, and their dirtiest and darkest fantasies. Porn stars with submissive desires come to The Upper Floor for slave training.

This is real life, no-holds-barred. This is where submissive kink players become playthings for sexual Dominants. You never know what will happen next. The Upper Floor Gorgeous Fan Girl

Watch superstar Stella Cox in our VOD exclusive, Gorgeous Fan Girl. Stella is a longtime fan of The Upper Floor, and jumped at the chance to be a big-titted slut trainee for the day. She uses her gorgeous body and submissive manner to seduce Kink’s staff into giving her one final anal training at the infamous Armory. As she exchanges flirtations with the Maid (Arabelle Raphael) in perfect French and runs her curious little hand over the Butler’s (Xander Corvus) cock straining against his pants, Stella feigns an innocent curiosity, but is betrayed by her devious eyes. Soon, the door is locked and she is crawling with her ass high in the air, begging for cock, and having her face buried in the Maid’s curvy ass instead. The Upper Floor Gorgeous Fan Girl

Lesson One: Tourists don’t just walk in and get fucked on The Upper Floor, one must always earn cock.

Stella will be earning hers in a terrible squat in hard bondage, her head locked in stocks, a vibrator firmly tied to her cunt, and the simple command to beg for and hold her orgasms. The Maid laughs at her plight while enjoying a deep anal-fucking and crop-beating from the Butler. If Stella wants that dick, she must learn her rules and hold those wild orgasms back like a good girl. Perhaps a bit of electrical discipline will help. The Upper Floor Gorgeous Fan Girl The Upper Floor Gorgeous Fan Girl

Next scene finds Stella tied wide open on a chair, getting all her holes plundered by the Butler as Arabelle attempts to teach her…

Lesson Two: Eyeline

This curious little slut cannot stop looking at people and must learn her place. Luckily, Stella can learn while being double-stuffed and tormented by the Maid. But, she struggles to learn her final rule… The Upper Floor Gorgeous Fan Girl The Upper Floor Gorgeous Fan Girl

Lesson Three: Deportment

The very strenuous bondage has Stella in a complete strappado, her elbows touching in tight rope, arms yanked far above her head as she is anally ravaged by The Butler. However, The Maid seems hell-bent on distracting her with her pussy in her face, vibes on her cunt, and verbal humiliation. What training day would be complete without the trays and a cattle prod? The Upper Floor Gorgeous Fan Girl The Upper Floor Gorgeous Fan Girl

The last scene finds Stella in a painful squat, astraddle on the Butler’s huge cock, trying to balance trays, her beautiful tits bouncing in rope while she begs and cries, dropping tray after tray. The Maid places the items back in her hands and shocks that pussy with the cattle prod while laughing with sadistic joy. Eventually, Stella earns her collar and a place licking the Maid’s pussy as she enjoys one last round of anal orgasms on the Butler’s cock. The Upper Floor Gorgeous Fan Girl

It is indeed a special day, so Stella is treated to a face full of cum and left as every fan girl should be: locked naked in a cage for further use in the future.

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