Love Is Blind(folded)

The old expression “love is blind” still rings true to this day – but it can also be taken quite literally, too! In terms of sex, experts say sight deprivation can enhance and boost your senses and ultimately take your lovemaking experience to a whole new level. And when it comes to intense and scintillating sex involving blindfolds, X-Art has created some really outstanding scenes that give new meaning to the idea of love being blind!

Blindfold Me

The title pretty much tells you all you need to know. Feeling a little playful and frisky, Veronica Radke ties a blindfold over the eyes of her redheaded lover, Jayden Taylors. Jayden is whisked away into the bedroom and immediately gets ravaged by Veronica. Without her sight, every touch, caress, and kiss is amplified and almost electric! Jayden’s audible moans of pleasure fill the room and Veronica knows her idea to play with a blindfold was a good one indeed!

Submissive Seductions

Scene 2

Little Caprice has always loved Valentine’s Day. Yes, it’s a very meaningless holiday, but it’s a great excuse for her to get a little freaky and adventuresome with her lovemaking! She ties herself up for Marcello Bravo, with her eyes blindfolded and her arms tied above her head, Little Caprice could only stand in the living room. Marcello walks down the stairs, admiring his beautiful lover in her corset; she’s completely at his mercy. The sexual tension and anticipation are incredibly apparent! Marcello is in control here and Caprice couldn’t be happier!

Scene 3

Iwia and Jake love to play. Light BDSM has become mainstream over the years, but Iwia and Jake are both well-versed and experienced to the world of blindfolds and restraints. Standing with both arms suspended and a dark blindfold in place, Iwia’s supple breasts are exposed and her nipples are rock hard with excitement. The fit and toned Jake makes his way behind her and rubs his cock on Iwia’s plump buttocks, teasing her and giving her a preview of what’s to come!

Scene 5

Little Caprice and Marcello Bravo are back at it again! But this time, Marcello gets to show off his aerialist skills, as his fit and muscular body hangs and dangles from bed sheets. With Caprice just inches away, she goes in for a lusty kiss and grabs his penis. Marcello is still suspended at this point and his flexibility and balance are just amazing! Not one to be outdone, Caprice also acrobatically hangs off the sheets and sits on Marcello’s face! This is some beautiful, XXX, Cirque Du Soleil-type of stuff!

Sweet Sensations

Ria Sunn always considered herself a sensual lover – the type of lover that relies on her prime and innate senses to take her lovemaking to the next level. And by simply removing her sense of sight, her other senses were vastly heightened! The anticipation of feeling and tasting her lover, Jeryl, were almost overwhelming. After slowly tying the silk tie over her eyes, Jeryl embraces her from behind; his hands wandering all over Ria’s body. Unable to take it anymore, Ria searches for her lovers cock and eagerly sucks him. After taking him doggy style, she finally abandons the blindfold – and that’s when their passions really boil over!

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