Sexy Korean Starlets to Help You Celebrate the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

The 2018 Winter Games are well under way in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Obviously, it’s brisk and chilly out there in Pyenogchang, so we decided to help heat things up a bit! As the host country, South Korea has plenty of natural beauty and fantastic people – and even a few mega-talented Koreans have “competed” in the porn world, too! So, snuggle up, get the Olympics on TV, and take a look at some our favorite Korean porn starlets!


The South Korean-born starlet is also known as the “largest breasted Asian woman in the world.” Minka has been wowing porn audiences since she first made her industry debut in 1994. Prior to joining the business, she was a very skilled tennis player in South Korea and received a scholarship to play for her university. With her jaw-dropping, 54KKK-enhanced bust, Minka’s been a fan-favorite and has no plans to retire anytime soon!

Mia Smiles

Like her name would suggest, Mia Smiles was always happy and upbeat. Born in California to Korean immigrants, she joined the XXX world in 1996. She was married at the time, but obviously her husband didn’t care about her taking the plunge into porn. Mia will be remembered for her lithe and slender, sexy body and for her highly energetic and enthusiastic scenes.


Personally, I like to call her “Mother Earth.” The ultra-sexy, busty, petite starlet was raised by an adopted family in Minneapolis, and she didn’t enter the porn world until the age of 28. Obviously, that didn’t deter her, since she’s had great success in the business and is also a stripper and Dominatrix now too.

Beti Hana

Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Beti eventually moved out to California and officially joined the industry in 2009. And you might recognize Beti thanks to her fantastic boobs and tempting tan lines!

Nari Park

Nari represents the new wave of insanely hot Korean babes poised to make a significant impact on the industry. The fun-sized Nari is extremely cute, but she’s also incredibly bright and sharp. Before showing off her sexual talents, she was working as an engineer in Chicago. Nari is as bright as a sunny day and is definitely a performer to keep an eye on.

Kalina Ryu

Kalian Ryu is a Korean and Welsh performer blessed with the looks of a supermodel. She started out as a cocktail waitress and became acquainted with adult performer, Rachel Starr, who helped get her into the industry. Kalina has developed a stellar reputation for her impressive blowjob skills and for her love of rough and tumble sex!

Nyomi Star

Speaking of in-shape athletes, Nyomi Star is certainly no stranger to having an ultra-fit and sexy body! Yes, she takes her workouts seriously, but also loves to unwind with her pets, some comic books, and maybe even a little weed too! Catch this rising star right now!

Nicole Oring

Proving she’s got plenty of brains as well, Nicole won a plethora of English, science, and sports awards in high school and is even a member of the Nobel Honors Society. Nicole joined the business in 2005 at the age of 28, and was even a staple in famous men’s magazines like Playboy and Penthouse.

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