Our Interview with Newbie MILF Porn Star Della Dane

Della Dane isn’t your average porn star. She began filming XXX at age 33 – which, while no great feat in and of itself, is impressive considering porn is a pretty ageist industry; the majority of female performers typically start between ages 18-22. Within her first six weeks in porn, Forbes magazine profiled Dane in an article tiled, “Portrait Of A (New) Porn Star As A Gig Economy Hustler,” regarding Dane’s entrepreneurial approach towards marketing herself in this highly competitive business. She’s sexy, smart, business-savvy… and a self-proclaimed “slutty sweetheart.” What’s not to love?! Get to know the irresistible, insatiable, and uniquely beautiful Della Dane in our exclusive interview below!

Della Dane for Burning Angel

HM: You started in the industry later than most performers. What made you decide to enter the adult industry?

I had been working in a strip club part-time and ended up crossing paths with some adult performers. I wasn’t happy in my career as a therapist (which was my main job), and began to consider the possibility of changing paths. I had considered it in the past many times, but it just felt like the right time. I also just came out of a long relationship and was feeling the importance of being true to myself and not being afraid of others’ opinions of me.

You previously worked as a family and sex therapist, correct? How has that influenced your career in adult films?

Yes I did work as a Couples and Sex Therapist. I have a Master’s degree in Couples and Family Therapy and worked on and off in the field for almost five years. In addition to being a therapist, I’ve also worked in restaurants, sales and retail, publishing, and in the medical-imaging industry. Because I’ve had so many different types of roles over the years, I have been able to develop a broad skill set such as interpersonal skills, time management, and just general professionalism. My training as a therapist in particular allowed me to really gain personal insight about who I am as a sexual being and certainly contributed to my adventurous and open sexual nature.

You have a unique hair style. How did you decide on it, and how long have you had that style?

I have always loved to change my look up a lot, and this isn’t the first time I’ve had short hair! However, this particular look was sort of a process from doing an undercut, shaving up higher on the sides, to finally wanting a big change, so I looked at a bunch of styles and just went for the one that I liked the most! I have had it in this particular style for about nine months, but I originally cut it really short in September 2016.

Pound My Ass 4 box cover from Archangel

In #MYASS 4 you and Markus Dupree have a pretty intense anal scene, and I have to say, you looked like a seasoned pro even though you are fairly new to the industry. Did you enjoy anal sex in your personal life prior to performing in porn?

Thank you! I loved shooting this scene, and it was really great to get to work with Markus. He is an amazing performer and a great scene partner. Actually, I’ve been having anal sex in my personal life for a long time, and I love the intense orgasms I get!

You also squirted in that scene. When did you realize you could squirt?

I think the first time I squirted was probably about four or five years ago, but it’s still something I’m not super experienced with. I’m not a gusher like some girls, but if someone knows what they are doing, they definitely can make me squirt!

This isn’t your first shoot for ArchAngel or MimeFreak. What has it been like working for Mimefreak?

I shot my very first scene with MimeFreak for the Beginners Luck series, so it was great to work with him again! We have great camaraderie and I enjoy his style of directing. I also really love ArchAngel films so I’m honored to be included on their list of performers.

Della Dane porn star

What are your goals or aspirations for your career in adult films?

I want to be continue to work hard and create films that my fans love. I definitely want to move from performing eventually, but I’m not sure yet what that will be, whether it’s directing, producing, managing, or something else! However, I do know that this is where I want to be for the long haul.

What directors/performers/studios in the industry are you still hoping to work with?

So many but I’ll just name a few…

Directors: Bree Mills, Jonni Darkko, Mike Quasar, Jules Jordan

Performers: Mick Blue, Sean Michaels, Charles Dera, Adriana Chechik, Honey Gold

Are there any fantasies you have yet to play out on camera?

I would definitely like to do more girl/girl action, as well as orgy/group scenes and BDSM.

Do you think you’ll try a double-vaginal or a double-anal scene in the future?

I would love to push myself as a performer and try more extreme scenes, so I would love to eventually do both!

Della Dane porn star

Are there any good stories behind your tattoos?

Most of my tattoos have personal significance for me. The two floral pieces on my arms represent Oregon (where I’m from) and California (what I consider home now). The pinup girls on my outer thighs represent my “naughty” and “nice” sides, and also the dichotomy of my personality as a Gemini.

What are your interests off the set?

I love music of all kinds, going to live shows, travel, good food and drinks, lifting weights, the arts in all forms. I’m a super social person, so you’ll often find me at parties or just entertaining at home.

Do you have any hidden talents or something your fans would be surprised to hear about you?

I was a music major in college for two years, and I have written some music and still love to sing when I get the chance. I was also raised very conservatively and didn’t lose my virginity until I was 21!

How can your fans best support you?

By buying my porn, subscribing to my content, and telling all your favorite studios to shoot me!

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