Revolutionized! Female Directors in Porn (Part 2)

From performers, to writers, to directors, to makeup artists, to photographers, and set managers, women keep this porn train moving from all angles and deserve to be recognized for it. There aren’t enough days in the calendar year to highlight and promote all the influential women in the porn biz, but being the militant feminist lesbian that I am, I feel it’s only right I try. Don’t worry, there won’t be a part 47… this year. See Part 1 here!

Francesca Le

Francesca Le is a member of the AVN, XRCO, and Urban X Hall of Fames, and when you look at her body of work it isn’t hard to figure out why. Le began her career in pornography in 1992 and quickly became known for her dirty talk and love of all things anal, but her impact and influence on the industry goes beyond her onscreen presence. Francesca took a ten-year break from hardcore scenes that began in 1994, and after meeting her husband, fellow actor and director Mark Wood, she jumped back in as the couple formed Le Wood BMC and began laying the groundwork for a creative space that encourages and develops diverse content while promoting stars and their talents. With over 20 years of experience that includes niches like bondage and wrestling, Le’s perspective is invaluable to the adult world and it shows in the work she does in front of and behind the camera.

Courtney Trouble

That badass picture up there is exactly what comes to mind when Courtney Trouble is mentioned. She established TROUBLE Films in 2011 to create, share, and expand queer, alternative, and feminist porn, and has been leaving her mark on the business nonstop. Body image is unfortunately everything in porn (sadly similar to mainstream society as a whole), and Courtney attacks that head-on by directing women of all shapes and sizes in her movies while also proudly displaying her figure onscreen. She takes it a step further by including trans lesbian women and queer women in her movies, exposing audiences to performers and themes they otherwise might never encounter or experience.

Joanna Angel

Joanna Angel is the queen of alt-porn. She’s been banging and bringing the hottest tatted-up chicks to sets and changing what we think porn stars should look like for over ten years. Along with Mitch Fontaine, Joanna started Burning Angel Entertainment to promote sex and alternative lifestyles, making sure to include alt-bands, music, and interviews with performers in her titles. To add to her influence (and worldwide domination) off-screen, Joanna is also a proud author. It’s like there’s nothing she can’t do!

Rachel Aziani

Rachel is a blonde website starlet and owner of and several other adult websites. She is making her mark on the industry through her website productions through VIP Digital Media, focusing not just on MILFs, but muscle MILFs.

Holly Randall

Holly Randall is a female director of hardcore erotica and was named one of the most influential women in the adult industry by AVN back in 2013. Holly started out as a photographer when she was 20 years old, but by 2005 her work soon graced almost every cover of every major adult entertainment magazine. Holly also appears in The Sex Factor, where she performs photoshoots for the female contestants, and eventually for the winner of episode two. Holly is also the judge on season two of DP Star, a contest where aspiring girls compete to win a big contract with Digital Playground, a high-end adult entertainment company.


Belladonna started in the industry as a performer well-versed inanal and starred in over 250 adult films. In 2003, Belladonna became the first female director for Evil Angel.


MissaX is a boundary pushing producer who frequently directs fauxcest scenes. Missa feels this type of work gives her more freedom to act than mainstream porn. Missa likes pushing buttons and isn’t interested in the assembly-line productions (like read your lines and then arch your back) that are common in the more popular, mainstream porn productions.

Roberta Findlay

Roberta Findlay wasn’t just an exploitation icon infamous for grindhouse pieces like Snuff and Shriek of the Mutilated. Roberta was also a powerhouse female director in a time when the industry was dominated by men behind the scenes. She learned filmmaking on the fly with her husband, softcore/grindhouse legend Michael Findlay. To this day, Roberta views most of her career through a lens of practical financial decisions and doesn’t consider herself the auteur that she is. Roberta has worked with classic starlets like C.J. Laing and Candida Royalle.

Colette Pelissier

Along with her husband Brigham Field, Colette Pelissier started X-Art in 2009 and has presented us with high-quality content focusing on beautiful youthful actresses. In 2014, Colette led the charge against pirating by suing close to 200 people for illegally downloading content from her website, making a huge statement for the entire adult industry. While going after individuals proved to be both timely and costly, it also helped to create fear in the consumer with the hope of deterring future theft, but maybe more importantly, provided a blueprint for other directors, studios, and stars. Colette dug deep into her pockets to protect her art and let others know they should value and protect their work the same way.

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