Booty Thirst Trap Review: What's Worse Than the Thirst?

Thirst trap: A sexy photograph or provocative message posted on social media to illicit attention and feed the ego.

Adam & Eve goes from tongue-in-ass to tongue firmly planted-in-cheek with their take on narcissism and social media with four scenes of sexy, vanilla boy/girl couplings. Is there anything more agonizing than a flirty selfie deep in the tease? Now that the dating/hookup scene has become a desert, is social media our collective oasis? Director Andre Madness and Booty Thirst Trap are here to pose the question: just how THIRSTY are you?

Everyday thousands of innocent lambs fall victim to the thirst trap. These are their stories:

“Honestly, I just didn’t really know what a thirst trap was.” – Lucas Frost

“I just like getting compliments from total strangers.” – Kleio Valentien

“I didn’t know I was caught in a thirst trap, until it was too late. Honestly, I just thought I was looking at some chick’s new swimsuit.” – Michael Vegas

“It was my butt. I posted a picture of my butt. I just wanted everyone to see it!” – Avi Love

“Am I guilty? Yeah! But I’m not the only one. Guys do it too!” – Lauren Phillips

“When I posted my post-workout selfies in my gym shorts, outlining my package… was I thirst-trapping?” – Jay Smooth

“You know, if you ask me, if you send me a picture with your thong being too tight, you might as well just send me a picture of your ass.” – Seth Gamble

“Will I stop? No. I won’t. I don’t think I’m hurting anyone. And you know, I’m just… THIRSTY.” – Ella Nova

Scene One – Kleio Valentien and Lucas Frost

Kleio Valentien is spending her evening poolside, when her incredible tattoos and bikini-bound luscious breasts become bored. She decides to take some sexy selfies and succeeds in getting the attention of clueless poolboy Lucas Frost. He’s not too interested in her new manicure, so she berates him for playing on his phone while he’s supposed to be hard at work cleaning the pool. Kleio then catches Lucas trying to take a dick selfie, and she gets a tad creeped out… until her phone vibrates and she gets to see what he has to offer.

Poolboy knocks on Kleio’s door asking for a tip, but she rebuffs him, until he jostles his hips and shows her his helicopter cock waiting for her mouth behind his slacks. Kleio checks her social media account and realizes this is the dick she’s been thirsting for; she asks him to come in to check out her “manicure.” Soon Kleio and Lucas are in the bedroom sans-clothes. Kleio starts out by wetting Lucas’ cock… she’s certainly thirsty for that poolboy dick. Lucas eats her hungry pussy, teasing her a clit a bit, before those beautifully inked thighs ride him cowgirl-style. Kleio gets on her knees so her ass can get penetrated by the thirsty poolboy who will thirst no more. We end as Kleio gets the poolboy to squirt all over her ink above her wet pussy.

Scene Two – Avi Love and Michael Vegas

Avi Love is sitting on her phone ruing how boring her lame-ass college town is. Her parents are away for the weekend and won’t be bothering to check up on her on social media, but Avi soon realizes she is not alone. Someone is stalking around her house like a big creep – BTW this is the whitest house in existence; staring at this set is like staring directly into the sun, don’t forget to blink – The intruder is soon revealed to be Michael Vegas lurking about. He pops out and says surprise! Avi is unimpressed at first. He decides to do some stretches when Avi comes back in and innocently asks him, “Whatcha doing?” Avi shows him her new panties, unsure of whether she likes the fit. But what does Michael think? Let the THIRST begin!

Michael is soon grinding his meta-hipster beard in Avi’s hairy pussy, probing with a finger or two, and getting her mound soaking wet with that parched tongue of his. He sucks and slurps, satiating that mad, mad thirst! Avi then struggles to balance cowgirl-style on Michael’s big dick. It’s another great view of her amazing bush. Soon she’s loosening that tight butthole on that stiff cock before he finishes by blowing a hot load all over Avi’s cunt hair. Avi Love’s tender, hairy pussy lips will need at least a day’s recovery before they can satiate anyone else’s thirst thanks to Michael Vegas’ huge cock!

Scene Three – Lauren Phillips and Jay Smooth

Journalist Jay Smooth is interviewing social media personality Lauren Phillips, a sassy little redhead who dubs herself “Thirsty Booty Queen” on the internet. She loves the attention she gets. The more likes for every thirst trap, the more dopamine this little minx gets off on. The journalist seems a little confused by her narcissism at first. He comes to the conclusion that she’s an attention whore, which if you HAVE to label it, Lauren Phillips agrees with. Lauren starts reading him some of the dirty comments from some of her most recent thirst traps. Journalist Jay Smooth starts to lose his smooth; now he’s interested. He asks how she handles rejection. Lauren replies that that just DOESN’T happen. Everyone likes a big booty on the internet. Now he’s thirsty – so he goes and DISLIKES her most recent photo. Lauren calls the interview OVER. Except that it’s FAR from over…

Lauren gets closer to Jay and wiggles her tight ass in his face as a big tease. “You’re mine now,” she taunts. Journalist Jay goes a tad unprofessional and gives into his thirst by groping and fingering Lauren’s tight, white ass. Soon her lips are wrapped around his hard cock like a vice from middle-school shop class. No going back now! Then they’re both on the couch. Lauren, her black stilettos still on her feet, is riding his man-meat, her pink pussy lips getting quite the stretch. She turns around to give us a view of that hairy red muff. Then Lauren gets that journalist dick shoved deep, right into her tight asshole. Jay and Lauren end with a piledriver, Lauren getting fucked in her tight twat with those oh-so-sharp stilettos hanging over her pretty little head before Jay Smooth blows some ropey loads onto Lauren’s fiery flesh gates. The thirst has been satisfied, for now!

Scene Four – Ella Nova and Seth Gamble

Ella Nova is late for her best friend’s wedding, no big deal though, she’s only the maid of honor. Best man Seth Gamble begrudgingly attempts to get Ella to get a move on so they can make the nuptials, but Ella is all giggles and narcissism. She believes she looks AMAZING in that dress (truth be told, she does, fuck her best friend), but Seth Gamble is having none of it. “Can you believe how my booty just POPS in this?” Ella asks Seth. He orders her to stop making this day about her. She asks him to do one thing: take one more picture. This is where we can start to see the THIRST in Seth’s face and body language. Seth concedes that she does look good in that dress. Needless to say, they both end up late to their friends’ wedding.

Best man and maid of honor quickly retreat to a bedroom and undress. Seth now has the thirst, and he needs to have his hands all over Ella’s beautiful ass, bound by those purple lace panties. Ella goes to slob his knob and give the man some much needed relief, and by the time she starts to gag and suck on his big balls, they’ve both obviously forgotten about this wedding. The maid of honor lies down on her back to take the best man’s long, hard dick. Soon, the best man is in that tight asshole. Seth and Ella go from side-saddle to cowgirl, leaving her precious butt opened and spent. Ella is thirsting to have that long cock destroy her butthole. Seth takes her ass doggy style for a bit, before turning Ella over on her back and propelling a huge warm load onto her waiting belly. The thirst has been quenched for now… but when will it return?

Thirst traps make victims of both predator and victim alike. Booty Thirst Trap gives us four light, safe, very sexy boy/girl anal sex scenes that begin with sexy little teases in the setups that just won’t allow you to just look away and ignore, like that bizarre Pepe meme or your best friend’s posts of the kittens he just impulsively adopted from the rescue shelter. Just like any good THIRST TRAP should!

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