7 Best Prank Pornos (and Ideas!) for April Fools Day

So what is this April Fools Day? Some experts and a few idiots believe it began after the shift from the Julian calendar (with the new year starting around the March equinox) to the Gregorian calendar (which starts the new year on Jan. 1) in the 1500s. People were mocked if they didn’t pay attention to the switch and continued to follow the old calendar. April Fools Day has always been an obnoxious tradition of mirth and merriment, encouraging pranks and hoaxes on family, friends, or a public that
severely lacks critical thinking skills.

Here in America everyday is April Fool’s Day!

Here at HotMovies, we’ve chosen seven of our favorite fuck films that contain the sexiest and dirtiest pranks; who knows, it may inspire you to go out and do some pranking after your spanking… see our HILARIOUS suggestions below!


Nick Manning heads up this all-star porn cast parodying and pranking some of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Mr. Manning stars as Gashton Cootcher who “spunks” his celebrity friends by setting them up in outrageous sexual situations and then reveals the prank each time by “dropping loads” on the celebrity’s face.

Prank Idea #1:

Cum on your partner’s face while SCREAMING “Droppin’ Looooads!”, spin around, and drop a different kind of LOAD and yell “APRIL FOOLS, HONEY I LOVE YOU!”

Porno PranksDigital Playground

Celestial porn vixens Jesse Jane, Riley Steele, and Chanel Preston get bored and decide to stir up some trouble by pulling Porno Pranks – tempting unsuspecting guys into having sex with them while having it secretly filmed. But it’s the pranksters themselves who might end up getting fucked!

Prank Idea #2:

Follow your spouse around the house all day and change the cadence of your voice to quote Niccolo Machiavelli, “It is a double pleasure to deceive the deceiver!” Say it loud, say it in a whispery whine, and then scream, “APRIL FOOLS, HONEY I LOVE YOU!”

Boxtruck Sex: Lesbian MasseusesBoxtruck Sex

An unsuspecting crowd is tricked into sharing their Marxist public works with a big translucent truck featuring two women: one straight, one a lesbian (both European). Our straight little lass is tricked and seduced into lesbian sex while an unsuspecting public gathers round the fuck-truck. The whole Boxtruck series is a wild ride of public sex and exhibitionism. What could be more perfect for April Fools Day?

Prank Idea #3:

Key your friend or spouse’s pick-up truck and shout APRIL FOOLS HONEY! or APRIL FOOLS MY GOOD CHARLY CHUM! Here’s a decent defense for when you are inevitably dragged into Judge Judy’s televised courtroom: it is a pick-up truck after all.

Hollyweed PrankstersEmerald Triangle Girls

These smokey lesbians are up to no good! After some pranking with a little breaking and entering, watch these hungry ladies lick, fingerbang, and fuck each other’s pussies until they cum over and over again. There’s nothing better than some hot lesbian sex after an illegal joke and slow toke!

Prank Idea #4:

Roll and light a joint in front of Jeff Sessions, blow a puff of sickly-sweet smoke in his face, and scream, “CALIFORNIA TRUMPS FEDERAL LAW, BITCH!”, have a nervous laugh to ease the tension and yell, “APRIL FOOLS MY GOOD CHARLY CHUM!”

Come Inside The BoXXXPorndoe Premium

This is lesbian sex like you’ve never seen before… in a box! Unsuspecting but horny Czech lesbians are lured into sex… in a box! There are quite a few lesbians on this list with sleazy tricks up their sleeves! Prank me now before I burst, please ladies!

Prank Idea #5:

Get those old boxes out of your basement and cut out eye and mouth holes in everyone. Paint some pretty faces, have some crayola fun, and be that artist you’ve always meant to be. When your spouse returns home, show your work and proudly put your foot down and demand, “Honey, I want an open relationship!

Family Fantasies 1577: Help Me Fuck My SisterRed MILF Productions

Director Rachel Steele shows us that Prankster Brian desperately wants to fuck his stepsister Charlotte, but whenever this clueless Romeo tries to make a move on her, she rejects him playfully. But he perseveres. On one occasion, he catches Charlotte sucking her boyfriend Kyle’s cock and amuses himself by interrupting their fun, and soon it is too late. Brian’s cock is inside her, and she cannot help liking how it feels. Because, why not? But Brian does forget to say APRIL FOOLS!

Prank Idea #6:

Go fuck a consenting step-sibling and SCREAM APRIL FOOLS! But do this on any other day EXCEPT April first.

Bad Medicine: SisterMissaX

Adriana Chechik is a little prankster and loves any opportunity to ruffle her stepbrother’s feathers. This morning is graduation day, and she’s slipped her father’s viagra into a drink for her brother. The ceremony is in 30 minutes and they only have 10 minutes to relieve this boner predicament! She bites her lip and swallows her feminine pride as she removes her sweet pink dress, covers her private areas, and he strokes his massive dick under his robe to her.

Prank Idea #7:

Tell your spouse you’re popping a viagra for a long night of romance, but pop some alka-seltzer and laxatives instead. Let nature take its course.

Some consider pranks and April Fools Day “controversial.” HotMovies does not endorse criminal activity. Prank suggestions on family, friends, and politicians above are just that… a prank. So, if you do this shit above, you didn’t read it here. We don’t know each other.

April Fools, my good chums!!!

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