Top Ten Female Masturbation Scenes if You Love REAL Orgasms

Everybody masturbates. That’s right, I said it: everybody does it! Whether you’re feeling frisky in the middle of your work day or you’re up for some sexy alone time at home, everyone gets the urge to rub one out sooner or later. But not everyone looks quite as good doing it as these leading ladies. If you need some fodder for your slap and tickle, here are ten of my favorite masturbation scenes to get your blood pumping and your heart racing! You’ll see innocent cuties playing by themselves and you’ll see sexy duos getting off together! Alone or side-by-side with a gal pal, these girls are having fun and proving that you don’t need a man to hit that sweet spot! So without further ado, let’s get down to brass tacks!

Play In Bed All Day – Porndoe Premium

Scene 4: Daphne Angel

Play In Bed All Day starring Daphne Angel

Dark haired, sweet faced Daphne Angel begins her scene by explaining that her right breast is bigger than her left. Thanks for the info, Daphne, but now we really just want to see those glorious, all natural beauties! I love her accent, too, so listening to her interview is a real pleasure. And she’s a Marvel comic fan! Be still my heart, she’s perfect! She goes on to discuss what characteristics she likes in men, her favorite places to masturbate, and much more. You’ll love her interview just as much as the steamy solo scene that follows!

Reclining on the bed, Daphne removes her clothes down to her cute little panties. She licks her fingers and they disappear under the hem of her underwear briefly before traveling back up to circle her already-stiffening nipples. She is incredibly sensual and obviously turned on, her panties showing her wetness. It’s only a couple minutes before she removes her panties and starts to really pleasure herself. Her fingers pay special attention to her clit, rubbing and circling it slowly at first, and then speeding up as her orgasm nears. She dips her fingers into her pussy, sliding them in and out and then tasting her sweet juices. Eyes rolling back in her head or squeezed shut tightly, she writhes in pleasure.

The tension builds and she uses a vibrator to bring her even closer to orgasm, moaning and gasping as she pushes her body to it’s breaking point. The vibrator serves its purpose, so she sets it aside and goes back to using her fingers. A clock appears in the corner counting down 30 seconds to the grand finale. Her feet arched high, her legs shaking in anticipation, the clock promising fulfillment, she finally reaches the orgasm she’s been working for. Her body shakes and she lay there catching her breath and laughing in joy. And believe it or not, she’s wants one more! She uses a different vibrator this time, and it’s only a few minutes before she’s gasping as her orgasm overtakes her. She loves the toy so much she refers to it as her new boyfriend!

Private Moments 115 – AbbyWinters

Scene 5: Alessia and Malena

Alessia and Malena are good friends, but they’ve never shared the screen before. You can see how excited they both are to perform in this intimate masturbation scene together, both of them wearing big smiles of anticipation. And it’s just totally obvious how much affection they truly have for one another; this is a real friendship and it’s a joy to witness. The girls can’t wait to add a new level of closeness to their relationship, and they aptly name this new level of their friendship a kinky sisterhood. They even laughingly say later that this experience is something they can tell their grandchildren about! The studio is hot and both girls are sweating before the scene even heats up. They remove their tops and hug one another lovingly, blowing on each other to cool down in the hot room.

Private Moments 115 starring Alessia and Malena

The girls are really adorable, joking and playing together, undressing and showing how completely comfortable they are with their bodies. Seeing such an open, loving friendship is very sexy. The two brunettes both have a hairy bush, one trimmed neatly and the other wild and unkempt. They begin to rub their clits side by side, both admitting to being turned on by the other, and still in disbelief that this is happening. Even cuter still, they share an Eskimo kiss as they masturbate, their noses touching, the girls giggling, their fingers vigorously rubbing. It’s quite a stunning sight to behold. They remain close throughout the scene, at times cheek-to-cheek. Their passion increases as they lock eyes and one of Alessia’s fingers finds its way into Malena’s mouth. Malena reaches orgasm first, Alessia squeezing Malena’s breast as she moans in pleasure. But Alessia is not far behind; her friend’s orgasm has pushed her to the brink and she finally succumbs to her own body quaking orgasm.

I love love loved this scene! It’s super sexy to watch a woman bring herself to orgasm, no doubt about it. But watching two good friends do it together is beyond amazing! And I firmly believe that the close, loving relationship between Alessia and Malena made this scene that much better. Even the moments after they’ve finished at the end of the scene are great! The dear friends hug and kiss and stare at each other lovingly and with awe, both amazed with the other and basking in the afterglow. This is by far one of the most intimate, beautiful scenes I’ve ever watched and definitely on my top ten list of all time faves!

Wet Solos – Porndoe Premium

Scene 3: Leila Smith

Wet Solos starring Leila Smith

Leila is a 24 year old bespectacled beauty from the Czech Republic. She has a gorgeous smile that she uses often and she loves other people who love to smile, too! She loves to sing and dance and she feels passionately about spreading peace in the world as much as possible. Her charismatic smile and positive energy are incredibly appealing! She goes on to discuss what she wants in a man – she likes a good body, but needs her man to have a good soul. This redhead is stealing my heart right from the start!

After the interview, Leila enters the studio set and quickly removes her clothes. She gets on the bed and uses some lube to moisten her clit. She lays back and begins to touch herself, rubbing her clit and sliding her fingers inside her pussy. She’s very sensual, looking at the camera as she masturbates, raising her leg up and biting her knee. She picks up two vibrators, decides on one, and turns it up to its highest speed. She first rubs it over her small breasts, tickling her nipples and teasing herself. But then it’s right down to her clit, vibrating her sensitive nub and making her body shake in pleasure! Her hips buck, her legs open wide and then squeeze shut around the vibrator as she gasps and writhes through an intense orgasm. There is no doubt this cute redhead just had a real orgasm!

She sets the toy aside and runs her hands over her over stimulated clit, barely able to touch it now it’s so sensitive! But it’s only about a minute later when she grabs the other vibrator and holds it firmly on her tender mound. Once again her legs squeeze tight, her hips buck wildly, and she gasps in delight as another orgasm builds. On her knees with the vibrator buried between her legs, her hips gyrating as she grinds on the toy, she groans through another orgasm, her entire body shaking from the incredible sensations. She lays back on the bed, eyes closed, hands running all over her body, a smile of contentment on her face.

Intimate Moments 3 – AbbyWinters

Scene 6: Keilyn and Klaudia

Intimate Moments 3 starring Keilyn

Cute Euro girls Keilyn and Klaudia begin their short scene with a foot massage. But things quickly heat up when Klaudia rubs her foot between Keilyn’s legs. They lean in for a kiss, giggling and sweet. Before long, they’re both undressed to share passionate kisses and sensual caresses in the nude. Klaudia pushes Keilyn onto her back and watches as she vigorously rubs her clit. But Keilyn doesn’t want to cum alone, so she sits up and pushes Klaudia onto her back, straddling her. The two begin to masturbate together, urging each other on and sharing one another’s pleasure. Keilyn cums first, rubbing one out as she straddles Klaudia. She then focuses on Klaudia fully, telling her she’s a good girl as Klaudia cums hard beneath her. The two end the quickie scene with more giggles and kisses, Klaudia exclaiming that it was the best massage ever!

Intimate Moments – Intimate Orgasms –

Scene 7: Jilly

Intimate Moments - Intimate Orgasms starring Jilly

Jilly’s scene opens in the bedroom, Jilly sitting on the bed and lighting an incense stick to set the mood. She’s a pretty girl with a couple tattoos, dreadlocks, and a nice, natural body that is perfectly lovely. She picks up and examines a new vibrator, taking it out of the box, adding batteries, and giggling as she turns it on. She starts to stretch and roll around on the bed, eyes closed, touching herself. I like to imagine that she’s fantasizing about a lover at this point, a secret sensual memory to get her blood boiling! She pulls up her dress and begins to softly touch her unshaven pussy. Picking up her new toy, she runs it up and down her leg, turning herself on. But then she’s back to slowly, sensuously moving her body, gyrating her hips and grinding on the edge of the bed with her eyes squeezed shut. She touches her breasts, playing with her nipples softly. It’s a very sexy, slow process she has for getting in the mood, and I feel lucky to witness it.

She lays back and spreads her labia wide open, slowly touching herself and opening herself up. On her hands and knees next, she uses her toy to rub her pussy until it’s wet. She slides down onto the toy, penetrating herself fully with the dildo, and then just as slowly she raises up, pulling it out. She moves onto her back and applies some lube to her pussy and the toy, smiling in anticipation of the coming pleasure. Jilly slides the toy back inside her pussy and slowly begins to move it in and out, rubbing it over her clit when she pulls it out. And then she’s up on her knees again, the toy inserted deeply inside her, and she gently bounces on it. She finally decides to turn on the vibrator and she laughs softly as she is both penetrated and receiving clitoral stimulation at the same time. She takes her time, moving slowly, until she cannot handle it another moment! That’s when Jilly begins to bounce fast on the toy, grinding down hard as she fucks herself and gives her clit the attention it deserves. She comes in this position, grinning from ear to ear as her body gives in and the orgasm floods through her. It’s an incredibly sensual scene, Jilly taking her time and putting on quite a show!

Cyberbabes – Bowlsnboobs – Cyberbabes

Scene 1: Little Jay

Cyberbabes – Bowlsnboobs starring Little Jay

Little Jay is sitting astride the Sybian when the scene opens. Her dress is rucked up around her waste, a smile on her face in anticipation of what’s to come. When the Sybian is turned on, she looks up quickly, her face registering a big of surprise. Not quite what she expected, I gather! She’s super cute with a nice smile and short blue hair that looks funky and fun. She has her first orgasm within three minutes of the scene’s beginning! She’s hooked up to Cyberbabes Orgasm Detector so you can actually watch as each orgasm builds and then washes over her! So you aren’t surprised when her next orgasm comes less than three minutes later! The person off screen controlling the Sybian turns it up to one of the highest levels and Little Jay can’t help but moan and squirm on the machine as her tender clit is vibrated hard and fast! Slow and fast, slow and fast, the sensual torture continues and sweet Little Jay is exhausted and gasping for air!

It’s a nice treat when she finally removes her clothes. She’s got a great set of big, natural breasts and a nicely trimmed bush. Watching her breasts jiggle and shake as the Sybian amps up to high is quite a sight! At this point it’s only been about ten minutes and I can’t imagine how she’s going to handle another fifteen minutes of this! Her body quivers and quakes, her stomach and breasts heaving as she tries to catch her breath. She is totally overcome with the sensations the Sybian is pulsing through her entire body! At times she clenches her fists, eyes wide, mouth agape, not sure she can handle more of this! And all the while, the Orgasm Detector is monitoring her, keeping track of her incredible reactions to the Sybian. The entire twenty-five minute scene is incredibly intense. Little Jay handles it like a true pro, riding out the orgasms, one after another, with grace and aplomb. But it’s clear in the end that she’s happy it’s over! Too much of a good thing, perhaps!

Sybian Rides 4 Cash -Tammy – ErosArts

Scene 2: Tammy

Sybian Rides 4 Cash starring Tammy

Tammy is a cute redhead who has never ridden a Sybian before. She’s performed in some fetish films, and even a few hardcore and softcore porn scenes, but she’s never done a solo masturbation scene. In her personal life, she has just one vibrator, so she truly has no idea what she’s in for! She gets paid one hundred dollars to sit fully clothed on the Sybian for five minutes – no problem! But the caveat is that she can’t cum. She giggles in the beginning, but gets a bit more serious when the Sybian is turned up to a higher speed. She’s shocked by the strength of the Sybian and by her intense reaction to it! She falls in love with it and decides she must have one!

For another hundred bucks she agrees to take off her blouse and bra and ride the Sybian for another five minutes, still being unable to orgasm. She’s got a pretty big hickey on her right breast and explains that it’s a product of her being a “bad girl.” Tammy gets through that five minutes and is offered another deal. Another hundred dollars to remove her skirt and panties, but this time she can ride it for as long as she wants and she’s finally given permission to cum! She readily agrees! Tammy settles down over the Sybian, her now bare pussy clinging to the vibrating saddle. It doesn’t take long before she cums hard!

How could this get better, you ask? How about adding a dildo attachment to the Sybian that will give Tammy both vibration and penetration? She settles down on the dildo and the vibration is turned on. It begins slowly and is soon turned up to one of the highest settings. Tammy cannot help herself; she cums hard, squirting all over the Sybian! She is laughing and gasping for air. She finally manages to say that it was the best orgasm she’s ever had and that this is the first time she’s ever squirted! Let’s all take a moment to thank the gods of porn that we got to witness this cutie’s first squirt!

Voyeur Teens 11 – V9 Video

Scene 1: Anonymous Amateur

Voyeur Teens 11

Some of the best scenes in adult films come from anonymous amateurs that work in the industry for a short period of time and then quit, leaving behind some super steamy material that lives on forever. A perfect example would be scene one in Voyeur Teens 11. The scene is set up to appear as though a hidden camera is capturing the brunette teen’s private moments in her bedroom. She’s reading a magazine, but she quickly becomes bored and takes a vibrator from her bedside drawer to help pass the time. She takes off her cute pajamas to reveal big, natural breasts and a pretty shaved pussy. She squeezes her breasts and quickly uses uses the vibrator to delve deeply into her eager pussy.

Writhing in pleasure, her face a grimace of exquisite pain as the orgasm builds, she moves from her back to her belly. She reaches behind herself and plunges the vibrator into her body, grinding her hips into the bed as she fucks herself with the toy. She lays on her side next, her legs open wide as she desperately pushes her body to cum. Moaning in pleasure and eager to get off, she rolls to her back and dips the vibrator deep into her body, thrusting her hips up to meet her hands. When she finally reaches orgasm, she bucks wildly and pulls the vibrator out, rubbing it over her sensitive clit as she comes down from her intense high.

Fucking Machines Cherie Deville –

Scene 1: Cherie Deville

Fucking Machines starring Cherie Deville

Blonde, busty MILF Cherie Deville enters the scene and wastes no time getting right down to business. She speaks directly to the camera, addressing the viewers and teasing them with her sultry, seductive voice. Her clothes drop off quickly and the teasing begins. She’s a dirty girl with an equally dirty mouth, telling her audience exactly what she likes. She sucks on her toes (she’s flexible!) and plays with her shaved pussy at the same time, shoving her fingers deep inside herself. The camera comes in for a close-up of her pussy as she spreads it open to show you. And she promises to spread it for you again after she’s been stretched by the fucking machine! But first, she takes out a vibrator and spends some time doting on her cute little clit. With her panties crammed into her pussy, she cums hard from the vibrator, and then pulls her panties out and puts them in her mouth. What a dirty girl!

Cherie uses her trusty vibrator to get off one more time before the fucking machine comes into play. She is definitely an orgasmic girl! When it’s time for the fucking machine, Cherie is on her back being penetrated by the robotic arm with the dildo attached. She is so eager to get all the good feelings going at once that she can’t wait a moment before adding the vibrator to the mix! There she is, getting fucked by a machine and using another to stimulate her clit! It takes less than two minutes before she’s brought to orgasm again! An up close shot of her pussy shows her love juices flowing as the dildo continues to thrust in and out of her body. But that’s not enough for Cherie; she wants to come again! She takes on the fucking machine again, this time the dildo pummeling her body much harder and faster, her pussy leaking everywhere! The whole process is repeated two more times, each time with Cherie’s clit becoming more and more sensitive. When the scene ends, it’s so tender she can barely touch it!

Grind Against the Machine 10 – ATKingdom

Scene 1: Bella Bends

Grind Against the Machine 10 starring Bella Bends

Cute blonde Bella Bends is intimidated by the fucking machine. She’s never had a machine fuck her before! She’s excited that for once she won’t have to do all the work! But before the fucking machine takes center stage, Bella lays back and uses a vibrator to get herself nice and wet. She pays close attention to her clit, rubbing the toy back and forth over her sensitive little nub. Then she takes her top off and uses the toy on her nipples, coaxing them to stand at attention. She briefly plays with her pussy again before deciding it’s time to try out something new. She picks up a pump and sits it over her pussy, plumping up her labia until they’re puffy and pink and oh-so-pretty. But now it’s time for the fucking machine!

Bella chooses the dildo she wants to use and lubes it up so it’s nice and wet. it’s very sexy watching her give that dildo a handjob! She lays back and slides the dildo into her pussy and turns on the machine. She giggles as it begins to move, but starts to moan in pleasure as the machine picks up speed. There are really great close-up shots of the dildo fucking her pussy as she uses the vibrator to play with her clit. She admits to thinking she wouldn’t like it, but is surprised to find that she loves it! Bella turns up the speed on the machine and rubs her small breasts while she’s being fucked. She moans loudly in pleasure and the camera picks up the squelching sound her dripping wet pussy makes as the dildo goes in and out.

Now it’s time for doggy style! Bella is on her hands and knees, the fucking machine at the ready behind her. The machine begins slowly, in and out, the head teasing her labia as it comes almost all the way out. She turns up the speed and immediately begins to groan in pleasure. The angle of the dildo on the robotic arm is perfectly positioned to stimulate her G-Spot! She’s so into it that she starts to encourage the machine, “Oh yeah, fuck that little pussy!” The machine pounds away until Bella explodes on the dildo and has to turn it off because it’s just too much! But she loves it so much she doesn’t want to take it out of her body, so she just rocks back and forth, fucking herself on the dildo.

But Bella’s not quite done yet! Now it’s time to try the Sybian! She chooses an attachment that penetrates, rotates, and vibrates – she’s in love! She turns it up to high right away, but she’s so sensitive from the fucking machine that she has to turn it down a little. She bounces on the Sybian, fucking herself with the attachment and grinding her clit on the vibrating part. She can’t get enough! Of course, all good things must come to an end, so Bella rides that Sybian until she cums hard! Her thighs and pussy are soaking wet when she’s done! Bella and her pussy are both very happy!

If you managed to make it through this list without making a mess in your pants (or hands!), then bravo to you! If you just couldn’t help but join the ladies in their solo explosions of pleasure, then also bravo to you! I had so much fun writing this top ten list for you, dear readers. There’s just nothing quite as sexy as seeing a woman bring herself the ultimate pleasure! Now, as is my habit, I’d like to share with you my favorite scene. While I enjoyed them all, hence their addition to my top ten list, there is one scene that was by far my favorite of the bunch. If you read my entire list, then you’ll know it’s the scene with Alessia and Malena in Private Moments 115 from AbbyWinters. Seriously, this is the BEST masturbation scene I’ve ever seen! The chemistry between these two gorgeous friends is undeniable and watching them pleasure themselves side by side was the highlight of my day! I hope you enjoyed it, and all the others, as much as I did!

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