The Alpha Female: A Femdom-Lite Exclusive

The Amazons were the mythical warrior women who were the archenemies of the ancient Greeks. Every Greek champion, from Hercules, Theseus, and Achilles, had to prove his manly prowess by fighting a powerful Amazonian warrior queen!

There are NO Ancient Greeks to be found in Team Skeet’s latest kinky offering.

It’s amazons vs. spinners in Team Skeet‘s latest The Alpha Female, available exclusively right here on HotMovies! Four ever-so-slightly kinky vignettes featuring older/younger lesbian domination, teasing, petty jealousies, and innocence lost, panty sniffing, OTK spanking, and tiny nymphets seduced, humiliatied, and absolutely DOMINATED by four beautiful, hulking Amazons.

Scene One – Move In With Your Mom & You Will Go Full Lesbo

Val Dodds & Brooke Haze

Perpetual nerd-girl Brooke Haze is trying to do some studying when she’s interrupted by the towering bully that is Val Dodds. Val mocks Brooke’s studious nature and her new living arrangements (Brooke has just moved back home to MOM). Val snatches a study document, crumbling it and tossing it at the loser Brooke. Val inches in closer, her big, beautiful ass front and center in the camera, as she does her best to ruin Brooke’s studying session knowing that Brooke has been gazing at her bully with the latent type of lust that lonely losers like Brooke are always TERRIBLE at concealing. Val Dodds knows what Brooke wants – and it’s a not a book.

Val pulls Brooke’s hair and pulls up her own top, showing her breasts. She then puts the nerdy Brooke Haze over her knee and spanks her, delighting in Brooke’s weak little gasps of pleasure. Val then pushes two fingers into Brooke’s tight, co-ed pussy. Brooke’s moans are getting louder now.

Maybe she’s not such an uptight little loser after all?

Val still doesn’t seem convinced, and commands Brooke to eat her hairless pussy lips. Brooke still has her schoolgirl uniform on as she works her tongue deep
inside Val, causing Val to cum real close to orgasm as her hips and pierced belly gyrate under Brooke’s slightly-willing mouth.

“More tongue!” Val commands.

Brooke then stands so Val can finally undress her. Brooke’s mouth then goes right to Val’s waiting tits. But Val wants a kiss on the lips. She stops her and pulls Brooke’s face to hers and sucks on her tiny lips. Val can sense the nerd girl is completely turned on and puts her on her back to finger and relieve Brooke’s aching pussy and suck on her little baby toes.

“Play with my clit?” the little nerd asks hesitantly. Val is happy to oblige with both hands all over Brooke’s vagina, getting her closer to an earth-shattering orgasm. But Val isn’t ready to let Brooke do that yet. Val gets on her knees and Brooke licks her snatch and asshole from behind. Bully Val watches her pussy vibrate from Brooke’s eager tongue and fingers. Brooke’s character is a fucking loser, but some losers are incredible when fucking.

“I’m so close!” Val shouts.

But Val pulls away momentarily before they share a kiss again. Val goes to Brooke’s tits, and back to her mouth again. Val leans back into the couch and Brooke returns the favor before bully and victim decide to push their wet pussies together. Val has her back on the floor while Brooke is on top, her swollen clit in full control of her tormentor. So she thinks anyway. They CUM together,
and they CUM hard.

Karma may not always get to bite you in the ass, but it might it get you right in your pussy!

Scene Two – Trying on the Clothes of a Giantess

Mackenzee Pierce & Sara Luvv

Our scene starts with gentle giantess Mackenzee Pierce and the spritely spinner and brightly dressed Sara Luvv, ditzily arguing over Sara Luvv’s cuteness factor. Sara is too consumed with Mackenzee’s luscious, big tits to even entertain the idea of her own cuteness. Mackenzee has an idea for Sara: get rid of the bright, girly colors. It’s time for a new look and this big-titted giantess decides to take the little spinner under her momma-bird wing. Mackenzee suggests that Sara should try on her clothes, despite their size difference, since the two will have some alone time together seeing as how Mackenzee’s sister will be arriving late.

“It’ll probably be, a ‘little’ big,” Mackenzee says, without irony.

This idea delights and excites little Sara Luvv. Mackenzee immediately starts to strip, to Sara’s surprise, but Mackenzee acknowledges they’ve both been in a locker room before, so this is okay. Of course, this is okay. Mackenzee hands over her bra to a now nervous Sara. Sara is not only a tiny little pixie, but as shy as a titmouse. Mackenzee offers to take Sara shopping with her and sister to find a more mature, sexy wardrobe.

Sara Luvv looks like a babygirl trying on Mommy’s big-girl clothes. Mackenzee’s bra nearly swallows Sara’s entire torso. The camera’s gaze also lingers (thank God!) on Mackenzee Pierce’s massive tits, and then back to Sara’s tiny tits devoured by that monster of a bra. It’s a little awkward, but it’s the awkward that lights that sexual spark. Sara’s eyes are lingering on Mackenzee’s gorgeous body. Sara looks down and remarks that she doesn’t feel sexy at all.

And Mackenzee pounces…

…like a cat on an unsuspecting mouse and pushes the silly little Sara onto the futon, bronzed body towering, big tits bouncing like a battering ram in battle. Mackenzee tugs off her own bra from Sara’s body and begins licking and kissing her nipples. Sara is hesitant, but the kindly goddess assures her that her tiny, petite frame is indeed quite sexy!

Mackenzee provides proof by eating Sara’s pussy, licking, kissing, and nibbling on her hairless lips. Sara really wants it, and now she wants it nice and wet. Sara’s back arches in pleasure as Mackenzee rubs her clit with her fingertips; Mackenzee knows just how to make (manipulate) a shy little girl into a confident, aggressive woman. Just sugarcoat your compliments in syrupy sweetness and the tiny pussy will taste all the better for it. Mackenzee may seem sweet but this chick has got some game!

Mackenzee lies back and lets Sara’s bratty mouth into her pussy. Sara spreads the amazon’s full pussy lips with her fingers while her wet tongue massages Mackenzee’s powerful clit. The goddess squeezes her huge tits and looks slightly taken aback – and then out come the toys.

Mackenzee’s got a huge cock! But Sara’s portable prick is pink and tiny…but remember the old platitude, ‘it’s not the size, but how you use it…’

The Amazon and the spinner masturbate together with their vibrators and Sara is getting riled up, and it’s not enough to have her toy in her pussy anymore. She runs her own vibrator over Mackenzee’s godly clit, still wet from her own pussy. Mackenzee moans like a goddess just made of flesh and blood. Sara teases the pussy with her pink vibrator until Mackenzee decides to get her back on her tiny knees to attack her snatch with her huge vibrator. Sara can barely contain herself, as Mackenzee hovers over her little ass like cumulus clouds waiting to burst open with rain.

“Let’s turn it up,” Mackenzee says with glee as Sara’s lips open wider. They then go into a 69 position, and both hunter and prey fill their mouths with each other’s pussy. Sara’s pussy gets so swollen, she orgasms as the gentle-but-powerful MILF finishes off her meal.

Spritely Sara Luvv is finally feeling sexy thanks to the generous Mackenzee!

Scene Three – Help! I Caught My Step-Mom Sniffing My Panties!

Savana Styles & Gracie May Green

There’s a panty thief in poor Gracie May Green‘s house! Her stepmother Savana Styles stops in her bedroom to ask if she needs any laundry done. Gracie seems suspicious of her redheaded stepmom and inquires if Savana has seen any pairs of panties without a home. Savana plays dumb, acting as if she doesn’t even know what panties are. But we know.

We know and so does Gracie.

Gracie May Green gets up to investigate the laundry room. Nothing. But she hears the clank of high-heels on hardwood as her stepmother approaches. Gracie panics and hides. She watches her stepmother get naked, sit on the washing machine bare-assed and pull out a fresh pair of panties: Gracie’s panties. She masturbates furiously.

Savana Styles has been lusting over her tiny stepdaughter for some time now. This excites Gracie, and she stays hidden, pulling up her skirt and we watch as she fingers her pussy while her father’s wife masturbates in the next room, moaning her name stepdaughter’s name. Savana hears something and promptly gets dressed.

She pulls Gracie from her hiding spot and drags her into the living room to throw her on the couch. Gracie tries to struggle, but all she can do is mumble ‘my panties’. Savana easily subdues her and interrogates her stepdaughter on the couch. They now have so MUCH to discuss.

“Your father will NEVER know,” Savana says. But she reveals that she loves Gracie, and is afraid of losing control with her. Sexual control (over her). Gracie smiles and admits that this is all she ever really wanted. Fuck those missing panties. Things start to heat up as Savana whispers about the fun they can both share. They begin to passionately kiss and Savana heads straight for Gracie’s bared pussy. Savana then tears off the younger girl’s clothes while she giggles, still not sure of what she’s gotten herself into. When Gracie’s tits are out, Savana’s tongue goes back to Gracie’s pussy. Savana is so horny it’s getting dangerous. Gracie attempts to lap at stepmommy’s tits while she pins her to the couch after giving her a few much-needed slaps on the ass. Stepmom throws off her clothes and soon stepdaughter Gracie is nose-deep into her soaking wet vagina.

Gracie loves her stepmother’s snatch, and slobbers and eats it around her itsy-bitsy black g-string, the only thing Savana has left on, which soon comes off and is wrapped around Gracie’s tiny fingers. Savana pushes her pussy into her daughter’s face, breathing erratically, losing that control, then Gracie slows it back down and comes up for a kiss. In no time, she’s back down in her stepmother’s firey crotch.

The parental correction is just starting. Savana’s foot ends up in her daughter’s pussy, and Gracie loves riding those mommy toes. Savana gleefully wiggles her feet inside her daughter as Gracie screams in pleasure. Savana has her mouth wrapped around Gracie’s other free foot. This mommy-and-daughter duo seem to enjoy foot-fucking much more than the standard tribbing that most mother-daughter couplings are fond of, but soon Savana’s entire ass ends up smothering Gracie’s face.

We come to an end on a standing-69. Savana lifts her daughter up high and holds her close and tight as they suck and lap at each other’s holes while Savana’s strong shoulders and frame keep her daughter safe in the air. After a more traditional 69 on the couch, Savana sits on her daughter’s face, and then we end on a hard trib.

“You going to make me cum AGAIN?” Savana shouts at her daughter.

Gracie May Green is small and petite but proves to be a regular Sherlock Holmes when it comes to catching a panty thief. And thanks to the guidance of her stepmother’s prodding foot, she also proves to be a real glutton for punishment!

Thank you, ma’am, may I have another?

Scene Four – Devoured by an Amazon & A Strap-On!

Lauren Phillips & Alice Merchesi

Alice Merchesi struts into her home bragging about sleeping with another woman’s boyfriend to a friend on her phone. We instantly feel the need for this devious diva to be knocked down a peg or two. Alice humble-brags to her friend that he’s really AMAZING. And he’s ENORMOUS apparently.

Aren’t they all? Alice’s pussy is so tiny that she can barely fit it inside her. Then there’s POUNDING on the front door. And it’s not the cable guy, but a gigantic and firey Lauren Phillips, who has come to confront the vicious little nymph who has been fucking her no-good boyfriend. This is going to get a little rough.

“You’re Alice?” Lauren asks incredulously. And she has proof BITCH! Lauren muses that she knows why her asshole boyfriend likes her. She’s tiny, petite, at least compared to the towering goddess Lauren Phillips. Lauren hasn’t come for revenge. She’s come for an appropriation. If her boyfriend gets to fuck Alice, then Lauren will too. Lauren makes poor Alice show her where her bedroom is by crawling on all-fours up the stairs like a delicious piece of bovine before the slaughter. Alice looks TERRIFIED (as she should be), and the proudly unstable Lauren isn’t afraid to use a heel or two in Alice’s ass to force her to crawl up the steps at a quicker pace.

This is exactly why you SHOULDN’T fuck other people’s boyfriends. (Or why you SHOULD!)

Lauren falls back on Alice’s bed when they reach the bedroom and forces Alice to kiss her boots after tearing her top off. Alice is not happy about this, but she was happy when she had Lauren’s property in her pussy. Alice is then ordered on the “fucking bed.”

“Let me see that pussy!” Lauren commands.

Lauren wants to touch it, but Alice prefers to touch it herself at first. Lauren mocks her size and tiny tits while Alice nervously fingers her pussy, trying her best to get it wet for Lauren’s sassy mouth. Lauren then orders Alice up on her shoulders. She carries her around the bedroom like a rag doll before tossing her onto the bed. The message is clear. If Lauren wants to break her, Alice is going to fucking BREAK.

Lauren spreads Alice’s little legs apart and opens her pussy with her tongue. Alice can only whimper under Lauren’s heavy tongue. Lauren’s long fingers soon find their way into Alice’s dick-loving pussy. Lauren is here to kick ass, take names, and to change persuasions. Alice’s whimpers turn into reluctant moans.

Lauren Phillips has those magic fingers!

Alice is soon commanded to stick her tiny ass into Lauren’s face so she can pleasure it at-will. Alice seems more ready to have her pussy wet and punished now, but she still whimpers. Lauren slaps her pale ass a few times to beat the diva out of her. Meanwhile, Alice is fingering Lauren’s cunt.

“Make me CUM!” Lauren says.

Lauren reveals she has a surprise in store for Alice. Since Alice likes taking dick SO MUCH, Lauren has one for her. The sultry redhead straps up in a pink strap-on and orders Alice to her knees! She takes the strap-on in her mouth and is ordered to take it deep and HOLD IT DOWN! She tries her best, but Alice’s best isn’t that great, so Lauren suggests that Alice rub her tiny little titties over the strap-on. Lauren gets a nice tit-fuck from this two-timing little sprite. Alice is soon in Lauren’s strong arms again, riding the pink dick the best she can. Lauren is back on the bed, and Alice rides the strap on cowgirl style, rubbing her hard clit tight against Lauren and her strap-on. Alice whimpers like a weakling as she bounces on the pink dick, but she also grunts, moans, and sighs in pleasure as her cunt gets wet and starts to drip over the strap-on. Lauren can feel it, and she loves it.

“I want you to CUM!” Lauren orders. “When you’re about to CUM, you ask permission!”

Alice does just this, and she orgasms into a whimpering, teary-eyed mess as she continues to ride the strap-on she just came all over. Lauren orders her off and tells her to get on all-fours and get ready for the cleanup.

“Lick it clean,” Lauren says as she holds Alice upside down in a standing 69. Alice licks the strap-on clean as the blood rushes to her head, while Lauren has that cheating, boyfriend-stealing pussy deep in her mouth. Lauren takes her mouth away and slaps her ass a few times. She wants the strap on soaking wet from spit. And so do we. Alice GAGS on the strap on until it’s as pure as the driven snow. She gets on the bed, face down, and ass up. Lauren isn’t quite done penetrating and tormenting poor Alice with her pink cock of retribution.

Alice’s pussy is destroyed by the end of the scene, but she’s thankful as she kisses Lauren in gratitude, the camera lingering on Lauren’s beautiful, natural tits. Thanks to Lauren’s sweet punishment, Alice will be a better person from now on, won’t she?

Sometimes we don’t get what we want, but what we NEED!

How does one live with an Alpha Female? Team Skeet has the answer and has given us a light but oh-so-satisfying taste of lesbian domination and humiliation for fetish fans but doesn’t skip on the orgasmic pussy eating, fingering, and the magic act that is tribbing.

The Alpha Female will be dominating HotMovies EXCLUSIVELY until May 6th! Watch it here first!

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