The Girlfriends Experience: Bree Daniels' Top 10 Scenes

I wish I could start this off with a bad-ass story about how one time I met Bree Daniels and she was every bit as glorious in person as she is on the big screen. Alas, that fairytale has not yet come true. What I can do, is tell you that I’ve seen every minute of Miss Daniels’ erotic footage and I’m a huge fan! And while I love seeing her impaled on a giant cock, or gagging on a spit-covered dick, she really shines when she’s paired with another woman. Two soft bodies rubbing against each other, their breasts pressed together, their sweet sensuality combining so perfectly… ahh yes, Daniels’ girl/girl content is definitely my fave!

Bree Daniels

Now, it’s no secret that Girlfriends Films is one of the industry’s best studios for lesbian content. And if you’re already familiar with the studio, odds are good that you’re also well versed on the many thrilling theatrical appearances of the lovely, the indefatigable, Bree Daniels. All natural, gorgeous, and incredibly sexy, Daniels is stunning. Beyond being easy on the eyes, she is a voracious lover and thus an incredible joy to watch onscreen. She has appeared in more than ten different Girlfriends Films movie series, some of them multiple times. Those series in which she appears in more than one film include Please Make Me Lesbian!, Women Seeking Women, Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger, Road Queen,
Cheer Squad Sleepovers, and Twisted Passions.

Because I have such a crush on cutie-pie Daniels and I love her lesbian content, I’d like to share with you my top ten favorite Bree Daniels scenes from Girlfriends Films. You might be wondering how I could choose so few scenes to highlight, considering my complete adoration of Miss Daniels. But rest assured, it was a grueling process! And to be honest, I couldn’t really choose just ten scenes to call my favorites; her body of work (wink wink) is incredible! But I have put together a list of MUST SEE SCENES that will knock your socks off! So before you lose those socks, take ‘em off and keep them handy to clean up the mess you’re surely about to make!

The Bree Daniels Experience: Scene Three

Ok, ok, I know I said that Daniels shines when she’s with another woman, and believe me, that is definitely true! But for my first example of this vixen’s craft, I wanted her to shine all on her own. I chose a solo masturbation scene in The Bree Daniels Experience to give you a tasty treat to whet your appetite. Seen most often as a blonde, Daniels is a saucy redhead in this scene. She is on her knees, clad in a tiny black bra and panties, when the scene opens. She looks directly into the camera and puts on this sexy smile, drawing her finger up her body and lightly biting the tip as she looks deep into my eyes… erm… ahem… the camera. Yes, the camera. My god she’s a saucy little minx!

Stretching out on the bed, Daniels seductively shows off her spectacular body; she is flawless. On her knees again with her back arched, ass toward the camera, you can see her panties hugging her warm pussy. She removes her panties to reveal beautiful, puffy pussy lips. Her ass is great, too; it looks wide open, as if it’s been recently fucked. But I think that’s just her shape, how her cheeks stay apart in expectation of a good time to come. The camera comes in close as she lays back and begins to touch herself. It moves slowly up her body, finally giving a glimpse of Daniels’ lovely breasts, and further up to catch her biting her lip in pleasure. Her fingers dance over her clit, teasing her pussy lips as she sighs in satisfaction. Needing to feel inside her hot pink hole, Daniels dips two fingers inside, using her other hand to play with her clit while she finger fucks herself. Faster and faster her fingers move, grinding her little clitty hard while two fingers pump in and out of her wet hole. When she finally reaches orgasm, her hips thrust and buck as her hands slow to a crawl. She pulls her soaking fingers out of her satisfied pussy and smiles into the camera. Stunning!

Twisted Passions 24: Scene Two

Twisted Passions is a plot-heavy film, with Scene Two showing young Daniels and Kristen Scott checking into the Lamoyne Hotel, a place where desirable women feel free to fulfill their wildest lesbian fantasies. Not long after entering their room, Daniels (looking super cute with short red hair!) pulls out a bible (typical) and a vibrator (bonus!) from the bedside table. What on earth?! What kind of fantastical, deviant place is this? The plot thickens as we find out that Daniels is there with her new stepsister, who is very concerned about Daniels’ fixation on her stepmother. Trying to be helpful, Scott explains that she brought Daniels to the hotel to try to alleviate some of her sexual tension. For her part, Daniels plays the role of meek little lesbian perfectly! She appears shy and timid, but later, eager to please!

After the intervention of sorts, the girls get into bed for the night. Scott climbs into bed with Daniels and takes her hand, holding it against her chest and stroking her breast. Daniels doesn’t pull away, so Scott turns over and kisses her softly. Their lips dance together, gently caressing and lovely. Scott takes it slowly with Daniels, taking her time to kiss her for a long time before moving down to suckle her tender nipples. Daniels bravely reaches up and cups Scott’s breasts when she straddles Daniels and removes her top. Their kisses become more passionate, their breaths coming faster. Finally, Scott is where we want to see her – between Daniels’ legs! She spends a lot of time licking and sucking Daniels’ sensitive clit and puffy pussy lips. Daniels is beside herself, her breasts heaving as she writhes in pleasure! After Daniels calms from her intense orgasm, they kiss sweetly and it’s time for Daniels to take a turn with her tongue!

Daniels may have been shy to start, but she dives right in! Her lack of experience is no deterrent for this sex starved girl. She laps away at Scott’s pussy, tasting a woman for the first time. Perhaps it’s her fervor that makes her such a sexual dynamo, but whatever it is, she has Scott gasping in pleasure in no time! After another fulfilling orgasm, the girls kiss and caress each other, exploring one another’s bodies gently. Once again taking charge, Scott gets atop Daniels and scissors her, pressing their hot wet pussies together. They grind and gyrate their hips, their hands roaming and their lips meeting for passionate kisses. They slowly begin to tire, falling into each other’s arms, Scott resting her head atop Daniels’ breasts.

Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger 43: Scene Four

One of the reasons I chose this scene is that it begins with a little solo action from Daniels. I just love to watch this cutie masturbate! She gets comfy on the bed with the variety of toys she found in her father and stepmother’s room. And even though I know she’s just playing a character, it’s such a turn-on to watch her fuck herself with her stepmother’s dildo! She’s not quite sure how to use a couple of the toys, but I felt pretty certain from the beginning that eventually her stepmama would come in and help her out! And wouldn’t you know it, I was right! But first, young Daniels masturbates herself into a satisfied coma. It isn’t long before her sexy stepmom, Brenda James, shows up to see if Daniels is hungry for dinner. Turns out they’re both hungry for much more than supper!

While softly caressing Daniels, James asks her stepdaughter if she has any experience kissing. When Daniels says no, James decides it’s up to her to teach the inexperienced girl. She leans in and kisses her slowly, softly. Daniels plays the role of shy-but-interested so well that it’s easy to forget they’re acting! James is persistent, continuing to kiss Daniels and caress her body. James spends a lot of time warming Daniels up, touching every inch of her body and kissing her until Daniels is eagerly kissing her back. James eases up onto her knees and spreads Daniels’ legs wide open. She licks her fingers and gently touches Daniels’ pretty pussy, slowly pushing two fingers into her. Daniels catches her breath as James fingers her sweet young slit; she portrays an innocent girl so well! James cannot wait another moment, and she leans in to take a taste of that sweet young pussy. She takes her time and makes sure Daniels gets off before changing it up.

The two lovers get into the 69 position and Daniels briefly licks James’ pussy before they’re on the move again. It’s face-sitting action next! Daniels sits her exquisite body atop James’ face and throws her head back in delight as James uses her skilled tongue to lap away at Daniels’ sweet spot. James gets her fingers involved again, probing Daniels’ tight hole while her tongue teases Daniels’ sensitive clit. They start to wind down once Daniels reaches orgasm again, the young girl collapsing on top of James in exhausted bliss. They hug and kiss and caress one another lovingly, sharing this intimate moment together and relishing the pleasure they’ve both received.

Women Seeking Women Volume 148: Scene Four

Being at an all-girl school doesn’t mean you can’t get some action! When four girls get together to chat, things take a turn for the sexy pretty quick! Lauren Phillips and Elsa Jean play cousins in this scene who dare two schoolmates to try to kiss one another more passionately than the cousins tawdry display. The other girls, played by Daniels and Shyla Jennings, are hesitant to get involved, but once their lips touch, there’s no denying the spark that ignites! The daring cousins go a bit further with some nipple sucking, but they soon decide to leave Daniels and Jennings alone to have some fun.

As soon as the cousins leave the room, Jennings is trying to talk Daniels into making out! Daniels seems reluctant, but Jennings’ soft kisses on her shoulder and collarbone make Daniels’ nipples rock-hard! They lay down on the bed and Jennings continues to take the lead, running her hands all over Daniels’ body, kissing her passionately, and sucking her nipples. These two are great paired together! It’s incredibly erotic and although I realize they’re porn stars playing a role, they both act perfectly like innocent young girls exploring their sexuality for the first time. The sexual tension builds slowly as the girls take their time. Jennings hand disappears down Daniels’ jumper and you can see her hand vigorously rubbing Daniels’ pussy through the material, teasing her and you! It’s such a turn-on to know it’s happening, but not actually see it. I guess there really is some value in leaving a little something to the imagination! Of course, that doesn’t last too long in this scene! Before long, Jennings is on her knees with her head buried between Daniels’ legs!

Jennings may be playing a novice pussy-licker, but with all of Daniels’ gasping and writhing in pleasure, it’s pretty obvious that Jennings knows what she’s doing! And before you know it, it’s Daniels’ turn to take a taste-test drive! The shy schoolgirl is gone now; Daniels is eager to get Jennings’ pants off and take her first taste of pussy. She kisses and licks Jennings’ thighs, working her way up to the sweet spot. And when she finally gets there, she spends several minutes pleasuring her roommate thoroughly! At one point, Jennings grabs Daniels’ hair, her mouth open wide in surprise over her friend’s oral skills. Daniels moves back up Jennings’ body, kissing and caressing as she goes. They lay next to each other, softly touching and kissing. Their fingers find their way to one another’s sensitive clit, touching and pleasuring each other side-by-side. They end the scene this way, laying next to each other, exhausted from their exciting, passionate new experience.

Please Make Me Lesbian! Part 6: Scene Three

I love seeing Daniels play the sweet, innocent role of a girl just being turned onto lesbian action. But I also love seeing her take action and be in control! That’s just what she does in Please Make Me Lesbian! Part 6. Featuring Daniels, Zoey Holloway, and Lily Carter, this scene includes two dominating women, an adorable novice, and some light bondage – everything a superbly sexy lesbian scene should have!

Lily has been going through orgasm therapy, learning how to orgasm multiple times and how to fully pleasure a woman. But when her stepmommy/secret lover (Zoey Holloway) finds out Lily can only orgasm twice, she insists she must keep practicing so that she can orgasm at least five times every day. Poor Lily continues to get into trouble when later, she comes home to find Holloway waiting with Daniels for Lily to arrive. Holloway is angry that Lily spoke of their secret affair with Daniels, a thing she’s forbidden her to do, and now Lily will be punished. And much to my delight, Daniels is there to help! If only all punishments were as delicious as this one! My only complaint is that when the fun begins, they’re already naked. I would have loved some clothes-ripping action from the dominating Holloway and Daniels!

Bent over the end of the bed, her legs bound to each bed post, Lily is taunted with a dildo in her face. If she cannot please a woman, she will end up sucking dicks her whole life! They begin with some light spanking, squeezing her ass and promising her at least five orgasms that night. Holloway fingers Lily from behind, Daniels caressing Lily’s breasts as she cums for the first time. In order to remind Lily how much she hates cock, Holloway and Daniels use the dildo to fuck her, forcing her to cum on the dick she hates! The Gods of Porn were good to Daniels (and us!); she looks amazing in her tiny white panties, her breasts bouncing to the rhythm of the rough cock-fuck Lily is receiving. Seriously, this girl is on my top-ten favorite actresses list. She’s right up there with Skin Diamond, who, in case you’ve been living off the grid, is a fucking rock star. But I digress.

Lily’s orgasmic assault continues with prolonged finger-fucking by Daniels, her mouth covered by Holloway, her moans of desire muffled. After her third orgasm (yes, I’m counting), Holloway and Daniels sit Lily astride a Sybian fucking machine. Her pussy and clit are so tender at this point that she can barely hold herself upright! Orgasm number four is forced out before she is taken off the Sybian and allowed to lie down. But now it’s Holloway’s turn to play with her pussy, and she cannot wait to get started! She licks and fingers Lily’s soaking wet pussy, uses a dildo and vibrator to elicit two more orgasms, all while Daniels fondles Lily’s tits and sits on her face! Unbelievably, it’s back to the Sybian for one more excruciating orgasm for Lily. That’s seven so far! But Daniels isn’t done just yet! She finger-fucks one more orgasm out of Lily before her and Holloway finally allow the spent girl to relax. Now you’ll need to relax before you can read, and stroke, further!

Cheer Squad Sleepovers Episode 3: Scene One

I think Bree Daniels is adorable, I’ve made that abundantly clear. But then I saw her in that little cheerleader uniform and my heart skipped a beat! Good God of Porn, she’s unbelievable! Playing a cute little teenager, Daniels comes home to find her mother visiting with a friend. The friend, and Daniels’ upcoming lover for the scene, is played by Jelena Jensen. Daniels’ mother thinks that she may have lesbian tendencies, and she shares her concerns with Jensen. Knowing she’s going to be sharing a room with Daniels that evening, Jensen hatches a plan.

This is another scene where Daniels plays the innocent girl being brought into the fold, so to speak. I love seeing her portray a shy, inexperienced girl! She plays the role so well, you almost feel bad for her as Jensen asks her embarrassing questions about her sexuality. Jensen is eager to get the cute blonde out of her cheerleader uniform, but first she bares her own breasts and urges Daniels to do whatever she wants with them. Daniels softly squeezes Jensen’s breasts and sucks on her nipples. When Jensen leans in to kiss Daniels, it’s slow and erotic, Daniels moaning quietly at the feel of Jensen’s soft lips. Jensen undresses Daniels and the two continue to explore each other’s bodies. The tension builds until finally, Daniels pulls off Jensen’s panties and touches a pussy for the first time. Daniels, clad now in only her cheerleader skirt, fingers Jensen’s pussy briefly before Jensen takes the reins again.

With a passionate kiss, Jensen pushes Daniels back and sucks on her nipples, moving her way down Daniels’ body until she reaches the apex of her legs. She slowly and sweetly begins to lick Daniels’ pussy, taking her time and watching the pleasure on Daniels’ face. Jensen gets Daniels’ pussy nice and wet before easing in two digits and finger-fucking her. But now that Daniels has had a taste of Jensen, she wants more! So Jensen climbs atop Daniels and straddles her face, throwing her head back in pleasure as her young novice shows her what she’s learned. Daniels feasts on Jensen’s pussy for several minutes and then they lay side by side, kissing, caressing, and basking in the afterglow.

Road Queen Part 35: Scene One

On a road trip alone, Valentina Nappi finds her way to Angel’s Camp, a place where lonely women can go to experience the pleasure of being with another woman. Nappi isn’t sure what to expect when she arrives, but she is pleasantly surprised to find how easy it is to get just what she wants! Daniels comes down from her room to greet Nappi, clad in an adorable little jumper with no bra, her breasts swaying as she walks. She looks amazing! Daniels takes Nappi by the hand and leads her upstairs. Daniels tells Nappi that she is only having sex for money in order to help a friend in a dire financial situation. That brief explanation explains the awkwardness that Daniels is exhibiting. But all that awkward tension disappears when the girls start to kiss.

The girls kiss slowly and seductively, their hands caressing as their tongues mingle. They take their time getting to know one another’s body, gently touching every inch of skin as it becomes exposed. Daniels and Nappi both have big, natural breasts that are incredible to see pressed together. There seems to be real chemistry between them, too. It’s a palpable lust between the two actresses that makes the scene so good. There’s a cute moment where Nappi buries her face between Daniels’ breasts and motorboats her that is so natural and real, the girls giggling and continuing to kiss softly. And then Nappi finally reaches the hot, wet pussy she’s come searching for and she feasts on it lovingly. Daniels moans in pleasure as Nappi gives her sensitive clit all the attention is deserves. Nappi fingers, licks, and sucks Daniels’ pussy until she is overtaken by an intense orgasm.

Now it’s Daniels’ turn to taste Nappi and she dives right in! Daniels probes Nappi’s pussy with her tongue and fingers, pleasuring Nappi skillfully. But Nappi is not content to lay back and receive all the pleasure; her joy is derived from watching Daniels’ face as she is pleasured. Daniels only gets a few minutes to taste Nappi before the dark-haired vixen has our red-haired Daniels on her knees. Nappi buries her face between Daniels’ legs from behind, alternating between rimming her and licking her tender pussy. Daniels gasps and moans in ecstasy, overcome with emotion. They move into the scissor position, both girls grinding their pussies together eagerly. Daniels goes down on Nappi one more time before the scene ends with the girls kissing and caressing each other. This is an incredibly sexy scene!

Lesbian Bridal Stories 5: Scene One

I chose this scene in Lesbian Bridal Stories 5 because Daniels is once again paired with Shyla Jennings and I just love the chemistry between them! The storyline leaves much to be desired, but the erotic playfulness between Daniels and Jennings is undeniable. The girls lounge by the pool and drink champagne while they tell funny wedding stories, eventually moving into the bedroom to try on dresses. Well, I think we all know where this is going to lead! Thankfully, once the girls start getting undressed, the storyline becomes non-existent and they get down to the fun stuff!

Daniels and Jennings have fun trying on dresses and taking selfies, but then they lay down on the bed and Daniels has other ideas. She gets Jennings to pretend to kiss for a picture, but that play-kiss turns into much more! The girls start making out hot and heavy, and before you know it, Daniels has her hand down Jennings’ pantyhose. They undress an inch at a time, each girl fondling, kissing, and caressing every inch of newly-exposed flesh. They’re passionate and sensual, obviously enjoying teasing and tasting one another. Again, that’s why I chose another scene where Daniels is paired with Jennings – their chemistry is real and palpable! I mean, they don’t even get down to oral sex until twenty-four minutes into the scene! They’re just having so much fun kissing and fondling one another!

Daniels takes the lead throughout the entire scene, so it’s no surprise when she goes down on Jennings first. She fingers and licks Jennings pussy eagerly, sucking on her clit and eliciting moans of pleasure from Jennings. Daniels continues her onslaught, Jennings urging her on until she finally cums hard on Daniels’ fingers. After a few minutes of kissing and coming down from cloud nine, Jennings is ready to give Daniels the same kind of pleasure! She’s on her knees between Daniels’ legs, fingering and tonguing her wet pussy, eager to please! She takes the lead and scissors Daniels, grinding her pussy down and bringing both girls intense pleasure! But as we’ve seen so many times, Daniels is not content to be on bottom! She takes control again, going down on Jennings one more time before the two fall into each other’s arms, kissing passionately. Let’s all take a moment to thank the Gods of Porn for pairing up these sexual dynamos once again!

Newswomen 2 – Sleeping Their Way To The Top: Scene Two

I know it’s not the most popular thing to say, but I love the idea of sleeping your way to the top! I mean, what could be easier than getting laid, having an orgasm or two, and then finishing up with a new job? Sounds ideal to me! And in this episode of Newswomen, Daniels decides to use her womanly wiles to get that weather girl job she wants so badly! She arrives at the home of Angela Sommers, a more-experienced anchorwoman with whom Daniels plans to seduce. Gunning for that on air position, Daniels will do whatever it takes to get there!

When Daniels first suggests to Sommers that she’d like to try climbing the ladder on her back, Sommers tries to dissuade her. Sommers even pushes Daniels away when the eager beaver tries to kiss her! But Sommers is intrigued by the bold cutie, and begins to ask her questions about her sexuality. When they finally kiss, it’s hungry and hot, if a little reserved at first. But they’re soon headed up to the bedroom to have some fun! Even though she’d gone there for just this reason, Daniels seems nervous when Sommers starts touching her in the bedroom. Sommers goes slowly, touching Daniels’ skin, kissing her soft lips, and unzipping her top to reveal her perfect breasts. Daniels is enthralled by the older woman, captivated by her beauty. She soon finds herself on her back, legs spread, panties pulled to the side as Sommers licks her.

Sommers spends a long time pleasuring Daniels, using her tongue expertly to give the girl a thrilling orgasm. But now Daniels wants to taste Sommers, so she puts her tongue to work, sucking and slurping away at Sommers’ pussy. At one point she turns her over, buries her face in her ass and licks her from behind. Very sexy! Sommers returns that favor later, Daniels on her knees, gripping the blanket as Sommers eats her out from behind. Overwhelmed with feeling, the two lay side-by-side, caressing and kissing as they come down from their sexual high. It may not be the way to move up the ladder, but it’s certainly fun trying! Plus, I really enjoy seeing Daniels with older women; Daniels’ innocent appearance pairs perfectly with an experienced woman’s wanton desires.

Mother-Daughter Exchange Club Part 44: Scene Two

As I was saying earlier, I love seeing Daniels with an older woman. Especially when she’s taking the lead role rather than playing the innocent girl being lured in by the hot older woman. In this scene, Daniels plays a spoiled girl who wants her room redecorated, and just happens to have a friend whose mom is an interior designer. Daniels’ friend also just happens to be dating Daniels’ mom! And wouldn’t you know it, Daniels is interested in getting her hands on her friend’s mom, too! Daniels’ seasoned love interest in this scene is played by non other than Mindi Mink, a woman just shy of fifty who has obviously found the fountain of youth or something! She is seriously gorgeous!

So, young Daniels gets Mink up to her bedroom, it comes out that they both watch lesbian porn, Mink discovers her daughter’s relationship with Daniels’ mother, and poor Mink is just thrown for a loop! Mink is left alone with Daniels to console her, and comfort her she does! They talk and laugh, Daniels doing her best to put the skittish older woman at ease. When she leans in to kiss her, Mink is stiff and unsure of what to do. Even after a few soft, sweet kisses, she can’t believe this young woman is really coming on to her! Good God, it is so fucking hot. Daniels takes her time so as not to scare away Mink, but she finally gets her dress pulled down and can’t wait another moment to suck on Mink’s nipples.

Throughout the scene, Mink appears stunned, in awe over what is happening. I can’t say I blame her; I mean, I’d be in some pretty serious awe if Bree Daniels was coming on to me, too! The two undress each other slowly, kissing, caressing, sucking every inch of skin. It’s a long, very intense, very erotic scene. It’s almost thirty minutes in before Daniels gets Mink’s panties off and buries her face between Mink’s legs. Daniels is eager to please her lover, licking and fingering Mink’s pussy lovingly until Mink cries out in orgasm. Overcome with pleasure, Mink cannot wait to taste her young lover’s pussy! After she teases and tastes every inch of Daniels’ skin, Mink finally dips into the apex of Daniels’ legs and devours her. The two go on like this for almost an hour, slowly, sensually pleasuring one another. They finish the scene lying in bed, kissing softly, in wonder over what they’ve just experienced.

Now that we’ve come to the end, dear reader, do you find yourself satisfied? If you weren’t already a fan of Bree Daniels, have I given you sufficient reason to become one now? If not, then you’re some kind of fucking robot and I have nothing more to say to you. But now is the time my constant readers have been waiting for, the moment when I reveal my absolute favorite scene! Alas, I am not going to do that this time. Quite honestly, I had a hard enough time choosing just these ten scenes to highlight, that I won’t further torment myself by choosing a favorite. I’ll leave that up to you, if you’re able!

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