May the 4th Be With You: Star Wars Porn Parodies

We love classics at HotMovies, and – as far as blockbusters go – it doesn’t get much more classic than the original Star Wars trilogy. Whether you saw the films in the theater, rented them on VHS, or streamed them on Netflix, Star Wars‘ impact on pop culture is undeniable, as exemplified by the numerous Star Wars porn parodies that are made each year. Something about the intergalactic drama turns people on like nothing else! For Star Wars Day (May 4th), we wanted to highlight a few of HotMovies’ XXX takes on the galaxy far, far away…

Star Wars XXX – A Porn Parody – (2012)

Probably the most well-known of Star Wars porn parodies, the Axel Braun-directed spoof took home a load of awards during the 2013 awards season. And it’s no surprise why! True to Braun’s typical parody style, Star Wars XXX keeps original elements and costuming of the film, while also making the parody elements silly and sexy at the same time. If you’ve already seen it, it’s worth a revisit, and if you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for?! This is a XXX classic!

Star Wars Underworld – A Porn Parody – (2017)

Not one to be outdone, Digital Playground offered up their very own Star Wars parody this year with a unique storyline and strong costuming to rival that of Braun’s remake. Upstart bounty hunter Danni Ora has been hired to protect high-profile target Tyleah Daivik –
the insane but gorgeous daughter of a corrupt senator. When a typical night out in Coruscant’s underworld goes horribly wrong, there’s only one man Danni trusts to track down Tyleah: master bounty hunter Dengar. But will seduction be enough to get him on her side?

Star Ballz – (2001)

Hentai is known for being absurdly creative and pushing the envelope in terms of what’s acceptable in porn – and this movie is no different! Star Ballz combines Star Wars with popular cartoons like Pokemon and Sailor Moon to create one wacky, unforgettable porn parody that will scratch an itch while also leaving you scratching your head.

The Farce Awakens: A Star Wars Cosplay Fetish Porn Parody

Pain-loving sub Eric Jover brings his own take to the Star Wars legacy with his studio, Ultima Entertainment, keeping things fun and kinky for The Farce Awakens. Jover is known for his awesome sense of humor and his undying love for being kicked in the balls. Well, parody, Star Wars, and CBT enthusiasts, it’s your time to rejoice!

Star Babe – (1977)

It’s the year of 2080 and three space maidens are about to embark on a new erotic adventure for the United World Space Agency. Join our three sexy heroines, Star Babe, Twinkle Toes, and Milky Way on their assignment to stop the overthrow of planet earth! If you like alien sex… you’ll love this movie!

Space Nuts – (2003)

Wicked Pictures knows how to deliver a good, big-budget parody. Princess Hubba Hubba reins the Clitorian Star system peacefully along side her father King Gonad. On the other end of the spectrum, the Evil Overlord and the Dark Witch, rule the Intergalactic Vertical Integration Amalgamated Conglomerate with which they use to their advantage to do their evil bidding. The Evil Overlord has a master plan though, to take over the Clitorian Star system so that he can have the power of the entire galaxy in his hands. Small problem though, the only way he can take over the Clitorian Star system is to wed the beautiful Princess Hubba Hubba. Enter Buzz Starfokker, a handsome yet cocky conman looking for the score of the millennium, whom the Princess seeks out to help her keep the Evil Overlord from acquiring the Clitorian system. Plans are thrown awry to protect the Clitorian system, when The Evil Overlord manages to take the Princess despite Buzz’s effort to protect her. Maybe not the wisest choice,but when you’re an Evil Overlord, master plans aren’t always thought through. Now Buzz and his trusty sidekick droid Jeeves must race to rescue the Princess before she is made to wed the Evil Overlord and the Clitorian system is lost. Do they make it in time? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Porn Wars – (2006)

High-end European studio Private takes on Star Wars in multi-episode parodies, with Porn Wars Episode II and III available on HotMovies. I bet you never figured that female Jedis would be this sexy!

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