Friday's Finds: Money Talks

May 25 2018 – This week we feature a few movies that show how far people are willing to go when you throw a little cash at them. Of course, in the case of girls like Georgie Lyall and Kendra Sunderland, the money is nice, but they would most likely be just as slutty without the money. They just like the sex!

Money Talks 3 from Reality


reality king money talks 3

Giselle Leon found Avery Adair and convinced her to wear a box over her topless breasts. Then they walked the streets in search of random people to feel her up. For each person who felt up her sweet tits under that box, Avery collected a hundred dollars. Go see how much she earned.

Whores of Wall Street from OrgyMax

OrgyMax swinging pornstar

Did you ever wonder what porn stars do when they are hanging out at the club? Yeah, it is pretty much what you imagined.
It becomes a wall-to-wall orgy with the oversexed and uninhibited. Throw some money around and you get Amirah Adarah and Tiffany Doll along with dozens more porn stars having a raunchy good time in Orgymax’s Whores of Wall Street.

Gorgeous Latina Salma Collins Explores

Her Body from Flirt4Free

Flirt4Free live cam sesssions

If you have ever been to a cam site and wondered what happens when the girls go “private,” you can check out this new line
of videos from Flirt4Free. They are giving us some of the recorded cam sessions their girls have had with clients so you can see what these girls are willing to do when guys throw a little extra money their way.

Young and Beautiful 5 from Vixen

Young and Beautiful Kendra Sunderland

Kendra Sunderland, aka “The Library Girl,” doesn’t perform very often, so it is always a treat when we get to see her in all her young and beautiful glory. Last week, we brought you Kendra in her first gangbang, and this week we feature her in a scene with Christian Clay in Young and Beautiful 5.

Milf Surrender from Pascal’s Sub Sluts

Georgie Lyall sub slut

“I just like being filthy. It is just who I am” – Georgie Lyall

Georgie Lyall tells it like it is when she sits down with Pascal White in her opening interview in MILF Surrender. Pascal gives her the typical Pascal’s Sub Sluts treatment, and it only makes her cum harder.

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