Joanna Angel Gangbang Review: As Above So Below

When Joanna Angel does something I give her all of my attention. She’s a mega-star who writes, directs, produces, and acts while constantly managing to find and push herself to new limits. For me, that’s what Joanna Angel Gangbang: As Above So Below is all about. The Queen re-establishes her place on the throne by showcasing her gorgeous tatted-up body and using it in ways we’ve never seen before!

Scene One – Joanna Angel

The opening credits include a dark theme and bad-ass music (It has to be Small Hands, I just know it!) that are exactly what you think of when you think Burning Angel Entertainment. A lot was put into the intro as far as building up anticipation. Joanna seductively models and poses in front of the camera while sexy women play with fire and hang in the air behind her. You can also hear someone getting whipped back there, and the sound really adds to the feel of it all. Going directly into her first scene without any fades or cuts was brilliant in my opinion, and I love that she immediately spread-eagles and reveals a shiny butt plug in her ass while playing with her already dripping wet pussy! There’s sooooo much awesomeness to digest in these first five minutes. First off, if you know anything about Joanna Angel it’s that she loves doing anal and is great at it, so seeing that butt plug is as exciting as it gets. Next, think about this: she is so turned on by her body, the set, her performance, and everything else going on around her that her pussy is already soaked! Is it even fair for us as an audience to ask for more of a single performer?! She’s LeBron James in Game One right now, and the tone she sets lets you know it’s only going to get better (it did not get better for King James).

Seven minutes into this thing and Joanna, in all her latex glory, is moaning, smiling, spitting, and squirting all over the place and I love it. This is definitely my favorite solo scene of the year! Already all I can think about is how much I envy her as she gives her clit a constant rubbing and fingers her pussy. It isn’t long before she slowly removes the plug from her ass and licks it before penetrating her underrated booty. By now the background is more intense and mixed with the moans from Joanna’s last orgasm, it’s really difficult not to be excited. Right on cue, two fine-ass women walk out, bag Joanna’s head, and walk off. Let our adventure begin…

Scene Two – Joanna Angel, Prince Yahshua, Isiah Maxwell, & Ricky Johnson

I’m all about living my eternity out in Hell where I can shoot dice and drink malt-liquor all damn day, but if angels look like this, count me in! The all-white theme is visually overwhelming like we imagine Heaven to be, and when the fellas walk in dressed in all-black, that shit just goes to another level. Ricky and Isiah go straight for her tits, while triple-OG Prince Yahshua slides his face directly under her pussy to get the first taste, and it’s clear our angel is in Heaven. It takes a while before clothes are fully off, but once Joanna gets their dicks in her mouth, the action takes off. You can’t say Joanna isn’t an equal opportunity employer, as everyone gets more than their fair share. I’m not even into blowjobs, but I was compelled to watch her giving them and I was impressed. The level of intensity that woman brings to each and every act can never truly be appreciated enough, if you ask me.

By now Prince is in full dirty-talk/motivational speaker-mode, and you really have to sit back and appreciate his personality and everything he brings to a group scene. The dynamic can be hard to balance out and maintain with everyone playing a different role, and you definitely notice him and Joanna as the scene leaders. That being the case, he tags that ass first from behind while Ricky face-fucks Joanna to the point of gagging. I can’t lie, the amount of spit in this scene is incredibly hot! Isiah gets behind her next, lifting one of her legs over her body while she tops Prince off. What follows is a fucking marathon!

Isiah, Ricky, and Prince make sure to flip Joanna in and out of every position you can think off, usually with a dick still in her, and she once again illustrates why she is elite. Joanna Angel doesn’t simply “take it;” instead she meets every thrust with a counter and often a smirk or laugh. She encourages the deep anal strokes and double penetration. She sucks balls while get choked like it’s the only thing she’s ever trained for in her life, and it doesn’t go unnoticed. There’s nothing this woman can’t do! The guys match her eagerness perfectly, especially Prince, but Ricky and Isiah aren’t lost in the background. Each steps up to the plate to give the superstar veteran their best shot, and watching it almost felt like a competition. Of course everyone is a winner (not that participation bullshit either) when all is said and done. The trio spreads her pussy wide one last time for a pounding. Prince decides he needs more though, and fucks Joanna doggystyle with his foot on her face (I miss the Timberland boots!) while Ricky can be heard in the background saying “fuck her, fuck her.” The fellas also make sure to throw in a little hair pulling, face slapping, choking, and face-fucking, all of which pleases our angel. Looking satisfied, she smiles, holds her chin up high, and takes all three loads in the face.

Scene Three – Joanna Angel, Bill Bailey, John Strong, Markus Dupree, Mick Blue, & Steve Holmes

So far, we got a banging-ass solo to open this flick up, and a Heaven-themed interracial gangbang that I’d argue wins Gangbang of the Year already. What could possibly be next? Let me tell you, in case you missed the picture up there… Joanna, back in Hell, is about to take on five cocks at once, while one bitch suspends upside-down, another chick plays with machetes, someone else spins fire around, and a dude whips them. This all takes place behind her! But do you think any of that serves as a distraction? You’re right, it doesn’t! Before you know it, the pro’s-pro is already throat-deep in dick, being held upside-down, and passed for everyone to mouth-fuck. With so many guys, it’s hard to keep up with who is who, but Mick and Steve definitely stood out to me. Steve makes sure everyone’s dick is licked at least once (seriously, he moved her head around), and Mick gets his hands on Joanna quick, slapping her ass and face. Mick fucks first from behind, while Steve keeps her in gag mode, and before you blink an eye – she’s filled with two cocks! Shit is about to get real and we have a front-row seat to all the action!

The sex acts in this scene are endless, since there’s five cocks collectively looking for new creative ways to fill every hole on Joanna’s body. They get really fucking close man! You see her standing up there with a one dick in her pinker and another in her stinker, but there’s an extended period of time which Steve refers to as “making the scene romantic” where our gorgeous angel also has two dicks in her ass and one in her pussy. Just seeing that puts this woman on a different level in my book. Yes, we’ve seen it before, but Joanna adds a level of greatness to the experience that we haven’t seen in a while. Here in Hell, the guys are obviously in control from the beginning, but just like with Scene Two, you feel her energy constantly one-upping theirs in a way that lets you know she wants more. She wants the challenge, and in today’s world where people just mail it in, it’s nice to see an already-established veteran in the porn game push herself to put out something new for her audience.

Getting off to this scene was a no-go for me. It’s hard to establish rhythm during group sex and there are moments when the action is interrupted to change position or let another guy in and it was a little too much. That didn’t stop me from watching this scene in awe, however. Joanna Angel was nothing short of amazing. The realness oozes off the screen the few times she actually does tap out of a position or act, and even though you’re watching a woman do things with her body she shouldn’t be able to, you’re surprised when she actually needs a break! With dicks in and all over her body, she has a proud moment where she says, “I’m doing it!” Yes bitch, you are fucking doing it! And doing it with those thigh-high boots on most of the time, might I add. Eventually they come off, but only when it’s time to ride three dicks – impressive to say the least. The sex is nice and rough throughout, the scenery is perfect with everything going on behind the action (sexy chick still hanging from her skin back there), and the band of merry men is really enthusiastic (who wouldn’t be!) and comical. Everyone was up for the challenge that day and it fucking paid off! She takes their loads all over her body, then is bound with rope and suspended upside-down in the air to let all the sweat and cum drip off her gorgeous body. After watching this scene, I can see how this may be relaxing.

Overall, I loved Joanna Angel Gangbang: As Above So Below and I suggest everyone watch it. It truly is a testament to the hard work Joanna Angel puts in, day after day, not only for her enjoyment but also for her audience. Check it out here and let us know what you think in the comments section below the movie.

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