Friday's Finds: Bad Girls in a Good Way

June 15, 2018 – After watching the Tonys, I found out there was a Donna Summer musical. Donna Summer always makes me think of the song “Bad Girls,” and that is what has been on my mind all week. What exactly makes a “bad girl,” and is being a said “bad girl” necessarily a bad thing? As I culled some gems from this week’s releases, I kept that question in mind.

Cum Credits from Brazzers

emma leigh cum credit

Brazzers compiled their 2015 Mathletes series, added a couple of other scenes featuring Valentina Nappi and Alison Tyler and released it as Cum Credits, a top-heavy title featuring some of the best tits in and out of a school uniform. Here we see Rebbecca More being the consummate teacher when she finds Danny D is struggling to jerk off on Emma Leigh‘s tits; she jumps in and shows him a better technique. The results make for an impressive cumshot. Rebecca More is one bad teacher, but in a good way.

Spontan Sex Mit Jungen Flittchen Von Nebenan from DBM Videovertrieb

dbm amateurs

Alex Magni and his band of horny Italian mopes make their way to Cremona to visit Foxy Lady and her friend Veronica. Foxy is a pro, but her friend is obviously an amateur. Veronica just wants to live out her sexual fantasies. So she wears a mask to hide her identity as she unleashes her hyper sex drive on the men. After seeing Foxy take on all three guys at once, Veronica decides she wants to test those waters for herself. She passes with flying colors. Veronica is one bad sex fiend, but in a good way.

Domestic Games from Verso Cinema

verso cinema domestic games

Lara Duro and Alberto Blanco can’t even slice an apple in the kitchen without getting completely turned on by each other. In a matter of minutes, they are feverishly going at it doggy-style on the kitchen counter. Lara goes into this quasi-cowgirl position on the counter before dropping to her knees for a rather large load that she takes on her face, but then smears on Alberto’s chest. Lara is one bad apple, but in a good way.

Le-Quebec-Est-Perverse from Quebec Productions

lane sisters

Roxy and Shana Lane are two real-life sisters who share everything together – friends, concerts, parties, their two little doggies, and yes, even their guys. Here the two sisters interview a potential porn star and then give him an audition. First they want to see how he eats pussy, especially if he can please them both at the same time. Together, they suck his dick to get him good and hard before they attempt a number of different positions to see how he performs. Each sister breaks for a minute to give their impressions to the camera. These two are some bad sisters, but in a good way.

Good Girl Gone Bad from Kick Ass

good girl gone bad

Lastly, we get to the movie that most fit the theme for this week’s list. It seems like each week, when I am looking for something special and out of the ordinary, I will always come by a scene featuring Giselle Palmer. She has that “je ne sais quoi:” an intangible quality, a magnetic sexuality that just makes her stand out in every movie. Giselle is a very, very good porn star who can make you want her in a very, very bad way.

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