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Here CUMS the Devil (‘s threesome!)

devil porn

At ten years old, on weekend nights and every Fourth of July holiday when my
mamma served as barmaid to horny sailors, I was lucky enough to have my Grandma happily babysit me. Grandma wasn’t so lucky though; I loved horror movies. I loved the risque antics of Dana Carvey, Julia Sweeney, and sketches written by Conan O’Brien on SNL. Grandma loved her little pervert, but was old-fashioned. Grandma LOVED the three C’s: Christianity, Conservatism, and Kittens. Don’t nitpick, because I know you were assuming I would put CUNT in there. No. Grandma was not a cunt. Grandma was from the old country (South Philadelphia), and I was a sexually inquisitive kid. Grandma loved the fuck out of me but was at times quite terrified of me.

“What are masturbating zombies?”

“What are orgies in the Vatican?”

“What do you mean ‘I’ll go blind‘ if I keep touching myself there?”

I was relentless with this poor woman. One Fourth of July weekend, way past the witching hour, I had an ultra-violent, sex-filled
B-movie thundering on the television, which Grandma gladly allowed me to watch, as long as she could avert her eyes to the cushions of the couch and keep both her hands tightly pressed against her eardrums. I heard a phrase uttered after a few scenes of buckets of blood; it was unfamiliar and even more intriguing to me.

“What is a ‘Devil’s Threeway,’ Grandma?”

This was the last straw. Grandma refused to answer and took a LONG break from babysitting, giving my mamma a long break from the antsy sailors who couldn’t handle going three days without the sight of a woman (yes, I know that’s hard). Are you a fan of a good spit-roast? Grandma would surely have told me what a spit-roast was, but it wouldn’t have been the answer I’d be looking for anyway. So what does a good spit-roast mean, and what is a Devil’s Threeway, anyway? Most of you probably already know and that’s why you’re here!

In the honor of the Fourth of July holiday, HotMovies is picking our favorite human-kabob scenes. Spit-Roasting pigs is tasty, but we’re talking our best MFM threesome scenes – yep – spit-roast porn featuring the top stars in the industry getting dicked on each end! Why are these some of our favorites? Is there a certain chemistry in a group sex theesomes? The physicality, or just the size of the wieners plugging the performer like a little blonde Dutch boy plugs a leaky damn with his thumb?

According to Urban Dictionary, a spit-roast is: a threeway involving two men and one woman, as opposed to a “love sandwich” (two women and one man) or a “lucky Pierre” (involving three men)

Still not so sure what it is yourself? Find out below:

No. 1 Jade Nile in My First Gang Bang 6

Jade Nile didn’t fuck around when starting her
nor has she with her comeback in this intense gangbang title from Third Degree, featuring Jade as a human Chinese finger-trap for a cabal of cocks rotating in and out of her tight ass and mouth. We’re happy to have you back, Jade!

No. 2 – Jessie Lynne in Dare Dorm 33

Those nerdy perverts at Dare Dorm have taught teen sensation Jessie Lynne the college rules of dorm sex, and it should usually include more than one cock. “Is there extra credit on this test?” is a question I never uttered once during my twenty years of public education, but Jessie excels at extra credit and cramming all of her holes with fratboy dick. When there’s an extra assignment (cock) to be had, Jessie Lynne is erudite, and is sure to be the girl with her hand up and holes filled!

No. 3 – Lorelei Lee in Barbarella – A Kinky Parody

This is a spit-roast of a different kind, as Lorelei Lee is on the receiving end of a wet male mouth sucking her strap-on as he gets that ass pegged from behind. What makes this spit-roasting scene so good and different, besides the gender reversal and Lorelei Lee’s natural domination as she commands and plugs every one of this poor guys holes, you know why he’s here. He’s obviously being humiliated and destroyed via spit-roast by Lorelei because this guy HAS to be a Bernie Sanders supporter and Lee is taking out her revenge in her mother’s name. Watch her grind her ax in front of your very eyes!

No. 4 – Brittany Bardot in Female Sex Therapist

The blonde and European Brittany Bardot plays a sex therapist in a scene where she goes method and takes a dick in her mouth and pink pussy with her high heels held high. And what is it about that an exposed brick wall that can both make a therapy session and MFM spit roasting so oddly authentic?

No. 5 – Nikky Dream in Scam, Sex & Stiletto

Nikky Dream plays a beautiful home-buyer who’s about to get scammed in this French language scene from Jacque et Michel ELITE. The way she spreads her legs and gently impales herself on two cocks implies that this a girl who knows what she wants and may not be the easy mark her grifters think. It appears that Nikky isn’t even interested in a home sale, but getting all over orifices filled with fat dick, including her tight ass! Nikky Dream anal is a dream within a dream itself! Homebuyers beware, but spit-roasting and
threeway sex is welcome… don’t pinch me, Nikky. I don’t want to wake up!

No. 6 – Hollie Stevens in Cousins

Slave2Lust Productions produced this faux-family cousin porn romp as tribute to the immaculate Taboo series. This
particular threeway contains a very sexy, and of course, naughty FMF spit-
roust with cutie Hollie Stevens at the center. She sucks pussy and gets
fucked from behind from a dick. Now this may not be an authentic devil’s threeway, but in the spirit of breaking taboos we’ve
included it. The sex drips with guilt, discomfort, and is hot as hell!

No. 7 – Chanell Heart in How She Got Her Groove Back

Misty Stone protégé, Chanell Heart probably never really lost her groove in the first place. If you did, in this scene, you wouldn’t know it. Chanell and her tight, white tube socks decide to go the whole nine yards, and commands the crew to come and fuck her into oblivion. Having a few more cocks to quickly fill the gaps in a good spit-roast gangbang is something that comes naturally to Chanel Heart, as no hole of hers is left unfilled for too long!

No. 8 – Samantha Hayes in My Dirty Girlfriend

Colette Pelissier from X-Art is amazing at merging the romantic and the filthy in her impressive catalog of erotica movies. Samantha Hayes was the perfect choice to be wedged in the between the cocks of proto-studs Ryan Driller and Michael Vegas. Spit-roasting on the Fourth of July is about celebration and family, so this is a MFM scene you’ll surely blow loads in record amounts to, but also something you can recommend to your grandma if she likes her Devil’s Threeway sex on the romantic side.

No. 9 – Kari in Polyamorous

Kari is a masseuse in this scene who is very eager to please her customers. Kari is good with her hands, and the slow, sensual direction of the scene makes this a bit more than your average “wham, bam, thank you ma’am” massage porn. Those slender hands of hers soon are put to excellent work, as are those hungry lips and pussy.

No. 10 – Taylor Russo in Pornstar Bullseye Bash

Another group sex spit-roast from Group Sex Games featuring Taylor Russo insisting on being the champion of all dicks at once. This isn’t just a gangbang featuring a spit-roasting, but a full-fledged party with balloons that go pop, swingers that swing, and Taylor getting two of her most important and juicy holes plugged at once, while another model flails right underneath her, helping the guys leave no skin untouched by spit or cum!

No. 11 – Gina Gerson in The
Passionate Three

A spit-roast with sweat and a bit of romance from Sinful XXX known for their exceptionally
shot, beautiful footage of XXX threesomes. See Russian Gina Gerson soaked in sweat as she takes the cocks of both Adam Black and Nick Ross in super close-up and slow-mo may not be for everyone at first, but if you have the patience, this is an amazing spit-roast that literally looks like its sizzling before your eyes. Just like any good BBQ on the grill should.

No. 12 – Tiffany Doll in Tiffany, Sexy Secretary

This blackmail tale features Tiffany Doll as a sultry secretary. Tiffany is the quintessential face of Euro-porn for most of yanks
here in the States, and her work with Marc Dorcel is consistently stunning. After a lesbian romp in the previous scene, Tiffany finds herself sucking and yanking on the uncut cocks
of Totti and Charlie Dean. A perfect
place for both of these gentlemen to penetrate Tiffany Doll from every which way, from spit roasting, a little double anal, and plenty of gagging on big dick. Tiffany’s better MFM threesome scene in recent memory and definitely the sexiest scene in the film. Thank you Tiffany for being a doll!

No. 13 – Kianna Dior in Kianna Dior in Busty Asian Cum Slut 4

Jonni Darkko features his MILF muse in six threesomes of full-on debauchery. Kianna’s beautiful ass is in the air as she leans down to deep-throat a huge cock is a site to behold. Her MFM threesome with Jonni Darkko and Justin Hunt is something to behold for it’s intensity, for you’ll be intensely stroking your cock or your swollen clit while you watch. There’s something about the big-busted Kianna’s eyes that look right into you, not the performers or the camera, but right at you – almost like you’re right there with her!

No. 14 – Carmel Diamond in Interracial Hot Wives 2

Homegrown Video is renowned for showing us the girl-next-door and up-and-cumming starlets looking to shine. Carmel Diamond gets her sexy MFM scene just right in its amateur rawness. This ebony goddess knows how to handle more than one cock, and if she wishes to pursue further sexual endeavors for our viewing pleasure, that’s a skill that’s bound to leave her name aching on all our lips. Carmel Diamond, if we’re lucky enough for a next time, until next time…

No. 15 – Lola Puentes in Revenge Sex 4

Sexy Colombian Lola Puentes, a heartbroken teen, is sick and tired of her ex-girlfriend’s shitty behavior. Lola decides to take revenge in her own hands by taking two thick, throbbing cocks… in her own hands! Santiago Garcia and Pedro Nel are “excited” to help this beautiful babe in her sexual quest for vengeance, and it leads to one hell of a spit-roasting. Stuffing your mouth and pussy with cock for pleasure is just the bee’s knees… but throw an angry motive behind it? Well, you have an angry teen fucking her angst away, and makes for a hell of a MFM scene. Truly, a Devil’s Threeway!

I’m not too sure Grandma would LOVE me writing a blog post detailing my favorite MFM threesomes to the world, but she would love me just the same as she always did – crouched on the couch, knees to her chest, trembling, and hands firmly planted against her ears.

Happy Fourth of July, sex fiends!

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