Friday's Finds: Scary Sexy Scenes!

June 29, 2018 – I noticed a scary pattern in this week’s releases – scary words, that is. “Massacre,” “terror,” “freak,” “creeper,” etc… so I chose to go with that in highlighting some scenes this week that were so sexy, it was downright scary.

Dildo-Terror from OrgyMax

Dildo Terror Gina and Zuzana

Oh, the punanity! Gina Devine is a little apprehensive of the Hitachi, so she won’t even take her pants off when using it. But Zuzana,who was stalking her from the staircase, swoops down and takes control of the wand to show her there is nothing to fear. Zuzana drops her pants first to convince Gina take her own off. But once she does, Zuzana is relentless in giving Gina terrific, screaming orgasms over and over again.

Control Freak from TrenchCoatX

Control Freak Janice and Mickey

Those are Janice Griffith‘s long, spidery legs resting a foot atop Mickey Mod‘s head in the TrenchcoatX release, Control Freak. Mickey tries to assert himself, but he can’t. He is a caught like a fly in her web. The teacher is helpless to the mesmerizing spell his student casts upon him, and he does her bidding without question. This time the student shows the teacher how to behave.

Teen Creeper: Brandi Bae from Fetish Network

Brandi Bae Teen Creeper

Acting coach Bruno Dickems is unable to get the slightest emotion out of Brandi Bae for her upcoming role. He dresses her in a skimpy bikini to get her to feel and act sexy, but to no avail. He asks her to act scared, but she is just as dull in her delivery. She doesn’t know Bruno believes in the method-acting approach, and soon finds her emotional range beginning with “fear” and ending with “sexy.”

Mandingo Massacre 14 from Jules Jordan

gia derza mandingo

Doe-eyed Gia Derza is trapped in her fish net, waiting as bait to be devoured by the pussy hunter Mandingo and his frighteningly large cock. He wastes no time with foreplay and goes right into the doggystyle position, much to the delight of Gia. The only thing that Gia is afraid of is the fact that the scene is going to end! She wants it to go on forever, like his dick.

The Voyeur 2 from Sweet Sinner

voyeur 2 kenna james

Logan Pierce returns as the secretive voyeur, but this time, he gets some help from his tenant Kenna James, who seems all-too-happy to assist Logan in his borderline-criminal behavior. She realizes he can’t get off without spying on people, but she accepts him for who he is because she has secrets of her own, and they are just as deviant!

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