Friday's Finds: Porn for the Plot & Promiscuous Women

July 20, 2018 – The old adage has always been that no one watches porn for the plot. Today, we challenge you to do just that. We are featuring five movies from the past week that are worth sitting back and watching the story (and the sex) unfold.

Hemel from Artsploitation Films

Hannah Hoekstra Hemel

Hemel is a critically-acclaimed movie that won awards at film festivals in Berlin, Netherlands, and Buenos Aires. The lead actress in the film, Hannah Hoekstra, won the Rembrandt Award for Best Actress. Hannah plays a promiscuous woman who really only ever loved one man, her father. But she struggles with her emotions when her father finds true love after years of loneliness. I know it seems a bit highbrow, but all of the offerings from Artsploitation Films feature a certain realistic portrayal of modern sex which make it worth your time to watch their films in their entirety.

The Sting from Pure Taboo

Sting Gina Valentina Michael Vegas

In the movie The Sting from Pure Taboo, we meet a different kind of promiscuous woman. Gina Valentina plays a prostitute who finds herself in over her head when she is caught in a sting operation with two cops who have no plans on taking her in for solicitation. After being duped by Charles Dera, she begrudgingly has to give it up to Michael Vegas as well. Pure Taboo movies typically feature dark-themed plots that add to the context of the sex scene and make watching the scene in its entirely all the more important.

Abduction Of An American Playgirl from Vinegar Syndrome

Darby Lloyd Rains American Playgirl

Continuing on with our “promiscuous women” theme, Darby Lloyd Rains is snatched off the street by two hapless losers who can’t seem to get a girl any other way. But the woman they abducted is an oversexed nymphomaniac and the two men find she is way more than they could handle.

Vinegar Syndrome have painstakingly taken the time to remaster and re-release some classic films from the Porno-Chic and Golden Age of Porn, when porn movies had to have “artistic merit” in order to be considered legal. These movies are not only worth watching because of the often intricate stories, but also because they look fantastic after being scanned in 2K from the 35MM prints. You won’t find any other porn movie from 1975 that looks this good.

Adoration from Sweetheart-Video

Adoration Dana Vespoli and Cherie Deville

Besides being two of the hottest MILFs working in porn, Dana Vespoli and Cherie Deville are also two of the best actresses. So any movie that features both of them is worth watching. In Adoration, Dana and Cherie are long-lost lovers who have reunited after a decade, but the fact that they are 10 years older and their daughters, Ivy Wolfe and Isabella Nice, are 10 years older makes it difficult for the two of them to pick up where they left off.

Shush from

Shush Helen Locks Mia Li

This last one is a little bit different. Instead of watching one movie all the way through, I am going to encourage you to binge-watch all the episodes of Shush, a series from we are currently offering exclusively here on HotMovies.

Cherry Torn runs a internationally-renowned lingerie company that has a culture of rampant sexual harassment between executives and the staff. The staff can’t even go to HR to complain, as we see in Episode 6, where Mia Li goes to see HR director Helena Locke, who subjects her to bondage, flogging, pussy-licking, and finally a strap-on fucking. Stay tuned! There are still two more episodes to come.

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