Pornbusters: Does Testosterone Make Women Horny?


Pornbusters is back, making or breaking some of the biggest questions, myths, and half-truths for you intrepid interlocutors out there. In honor of director Rachel Aziani‘s newest muscular, solo girl outing Iron Girls 7, HotMovies wants to find out once and for all:



Let’s find out, sex fiends!


A study out of the University of Michigan by led by author Sara M. Van Anders says testosterone does have an effect on women’s libidos. After reaching menopause, there can be a decline in sex drive due to a drop in testosterone levels. Many women out there who have tried testosterone patches have found that, indeed, their drive for sex is revived, but it’s a drive that helps women rekindle their love for good ole’ fashioned masturbation. That’s right, more masturbation – not necessarily fucking – determined that women are actually more prone to masturbate more, and a little less likely to have sex with a partner, with added testosterone. This research can be found in The Journal Archives of Sexual Behavior.


In a 2013 Redbook article authored by Amy Gamerman, Gamerman writes that her gynecologist recommended testosterone. She had nearly forgotten what great sex felt like until her doctor prescribed a white jar of testosterone gel, and according to Gamerman, this gel changed her sexual life for the better. It took a few weeks, but soon the author’s desire returned, and their intercourse sessions tripled, although she notes orgasms were still elusive. It does seem that taking testosterone can really increase sexual drive in women, but testosterone treatments don’t help with everything, as desire in itself is quite different from arousal and orgasms.


With that caveat aside, Pornbusters is going to give this the APPROVED stamp. Indeed, testosterone can make women horny. Disagree? Feel free to let us know if we missed a detail or we’re just talking out of our ass, DMs are open!


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