6 Adult Performers Persecuted For Their Profession

In my Catholic high school I wrote a musical titled Jesus Christ: Porn Star, no relation to the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical that is an Easter
mainstay here in the USA. However, my principal and drama teacher did not share my artistic vision and shelved my 170-page plus script, and gave me thirty whacks on the back of my thighs. I was also asked to do a twenty-minute oral report on the life of Jesus Christ. To my shock, I found a lot I liked about this shaggy-haired hippie, in a book called the…Bi-ble. Yes, the Bible, that’s what it was. That virginal, pimply kid found out that he was an okay guy, persecuted for his beliefs. He may not have been an adult entertainer per say, but I found he shared a lot with some of the adult performers on our list: six famous faces, who in some way received shit, criticism, threats, blacklisting, and prejudice just because of their ties to the adult industry. Here are HotMovies top six persecuted porn stars…


No. 1 – Marilyn Chambers

Marilyn Chambers’ death was a blow to the entire adult entertainment community back in 2009. She was a classical icon from the Golden Age of Porn. Marilyn brought a degree of mainstream acceptance in being one of the most recognizable faces in modern adult entertainment, and even went on to break into mainstream movies with some slight success before Traci Lords made it seem chic. But because of her status and beginnings in the adult entertainment industry, this success was very short-lived, and Marilyn Chambers, like another hopeful mainstream actor on our list, was blacklisted from most non-adult acting gigs. It’s been argued that her fleeting moment in the film industry in David Cronenberg’s Rabid was given to her but for the very fact of the publicity her hardcore notoriety would bring the low-budget horror film, but director Cronenberg has stated several times that Marilyn Chambers was indeed talented as an actor. Regardless, she would never be cast in such a lead role again.

Don’t miss Marilyn in her star-making role in the seminal porn classic, Behind The Green Door from the Mitchell Brothers.

No. 2 – Teanna Trump

At merely 20 years old, rising star in the industry Teanna Trump was arrested for marijuana possession in Oklahoma and was jailed for 180 days after already being detained and serving five days in jail the previous year, but was hauled back into court on “trumped” up charges (sorry!). The lovely Teanna was forced to remain in Oklahoma under the terms of her probation, and shocker, Oklahoma has laws about filming pornography in the state. You just can’t do it… or smoke weed, or anything else autonomous in nature apparently. Teanna had to rely on a GoFundMe campaign to get herself back on her feet since she couldn’t work. Like many others using social media platforms to ask for a helping hand, Teanna got a lot of shit and a lot of, “Go get a job.” Thing was, Teanna did have a job, she just couldn’t perform it in the state she was boxed in. All I know is, none of those assholes screaming at Teanna about getting a job better have never jerked off to a Teanna Trump anal scene… (but we all know most of them probably did!)

<a href="//hm.adultempire.com/1865598/deep-throat-league-2.html

Don’t miss Teanna’s incredible oral skills in Deep Throat League #2 from Perv City.

No. 3 – Harry Reems

Harry Reems was born into a Jewish family but converted to Christianity later on in life. The Harry Reems IMDB shows a prolific performer in mainstream projects as well as adult entertainment. Harry was an actor and performer at heart before he was known for his iconic role in Deep Throat. Harry’s serendipitous casting in Deep Throat (he was originally hired to be a part of the lighting crew) led to an arrest and eventual indictment in Memphis, Tennessee on federal charges of conspiracy to distribute obscenity across state lines. Harry called it forum shopping. Harry was convicted, unfortunately, and one of the only Americans on the planet to be arrested simply for appearing in a film. Thankfully, the conviction was overturned on appeal in April ’77, because his activities in making the film occurred before a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on obscenity in 1973 (Miller v. California), and Harry received a new trial. Charges against Reems were eventually dropped. Unfortunately for the multi-talented Mr. Reems, his notoriety followed him in his attempts to break into mainstream acting. Harry was cast in the musical, Grease in ’76, but due to the pressure that his arrest and adult film career would hurt the film’s box office in the United States, Harry would have done just fine in Europe. ..until Brexit came along anyway.

Don’t miss Harry Reems in Joseph Sarno‘s classic Butterflies, in this writer’s humble opinion, his best acting performance!

No. 4 – Asia Carrera

Asia Carrera was one of the first Asian porn stars to hit icon status in the industry, and Asia was the first Asian performer ever to land the coveted award for AVN Female Performer of the Year. In November 2014, Asia grabbed some headlines while taking her driver’s license photo with a colander planted on her head, and tongue planted firmly in cheek, to honor the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I’ve always preferred Satan, but Asia Carrera is going to do Asia. Asia received a lot of shit not just for being an adult entertainer, but for embracing Atheism. After coming out as an alcoholic after her husband’s tragic death, the shit then was flung from a few too many Atheists for joining Alcoholics Anonymous, which Asia correctly pointed out that belief in a deity is not necessary when joining AA. From bible thumpers or atheists, sometimes a brilliant, iconic porn star just can’t get a break.

Don’t miss Asia in a collection of her most explosive scenes in Legends – Asia Carrera from Golden Age Media.

No. 5 – Chippy D

Laurence Fishburne’s daughter started in the industry at the age of 18, and immediately came out to her mega-star Hollywood actor father Laurence Fishburne, and it did not go well for the young “Chippy D.” at the time. Laurence expressed his repulsion to her choice rather publicly and told his own daughter that he was embarrassed by her, opening the young star up to waves of criticism about her personal family life and her own choices. Her dad seems especially perturbed by the fact that Montana was using the last name “Fishburne.” “Montana Fishburne sextape” Google searches were a tad too much for this dad to handle, and if you can’t think of anything worse, how about a father publicly deriding his own daughter for her own personal choices?

Don’t miss Montana in Phatty’s Rhymes & Dimes 14 from director Brian Pumper and Freaky Empire.

No. 6 – Stormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels is one of the most iconic adult entertainers of our modern era, and has now found herself at the center of our political zeitgeist. Stormy Daniels’ appearance on Saturday Night Live and in the news media brought her opposition to the current administration front and center, but Stormy having a public voice has come at a cost and a ton of public vitriol. During a dancing gig at an Ohio strip club, Stormy was arrested and charged for allegedly “touching” three undercover detectives while performing. Stormy posted nearly seven thousand dollars bail and was released the following morning, and charges were eventually dropped. Apparently, the arrest of Daniels was part of a “long-term investigation into allegations of human trafficking, prostitution, & other vice-related violations,” Columbus police said in a statement. Since her arrest under those dubious bullshit charges, Stormy has remained front and center, still speaking out and taking the heat.

Don’t miss Stormy Daniels as she gives you just a taste of her fighting prowess in Vendatta from Wicked Pictures!

I’m sorry, but no one who looks this “cool and collected” in a mugshot is guilty of anything other than being a badass.

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