'Unleashed' Movie Review

When it comes to what I like in porn, my interests are constantly changing. One minute I’m totally focused on bubble butt girls (totally vanilla), and the next I can’t get enough of those latex fetish flicks (vanilla with some burnt edges). But just as my interests change and evolve, there are some that remain the same. For example, I love lesbians! I also fully enjoy a good feature film with an interesting storyline and porn stars acting their butts off. But more often than not, when I’m looking for something to whet my appetite, it’s a flick that doesn’t have anything extra, just gorgeous people having phenomenal sex! And that’s what you’re going to get with the release of Unleashed from Adam & Eve.

Unleashed box cover

This all-girl video features some very sexy women doing precisely what we all want to see very sexy women doing! Director Kay Brandt didn’t clog up the works with bad dialogue or unrealistic situations. Instead, she chose women who perfectly compliment one another to share some screen time, some kisses, and plenty of bodily fluids! It’s both sweet and sexy, intense and erotic. And it’s definitely a must-see!

Scene One: Scarlett Sage, Riley Nixon, and Moka Mora

The scene opens with Sage, Nixon, and Mora dancing together in a studio. No fancy set, no rented mansion for the scene; there’s nothing there to distract you from these three gorgeous girls. And with no cumbersome storyline to complicate things, you can focus all your attention on what they’re doing to each other. They’re cute as they dance side by side, but you’ll start to feel a stirring in your pants when they get closer and closer, eventually sharing kisses and starting to undress one another. Nixon looks amazing with her full, natural breasts and shaved head; I love a woman that can rock a super short ‘do like that! Mora is a cutie with her dark-rimmed glasses and perky tits, being a good little helper as she and Nixon undress the third girl in the trio. Sage is petite and sweet with tiny tits and an expertly trimmed pussy that Nixon and Mora can’t keep their hands off! Sage is fondled and finger-fucked before we’ve reached the seven minute mark! Rest assured the other girls get theirs!

Scarlett Sage, Riley Nixon, and Moka Mora in Unleashed

With Sage’s eye-rolling orgasm complete, Mora lays down and Nixon lays on top of her in a 69 position. Mora dives right in to Nixon’s pussy, licking and slurping up every last drop! Sage takes the opportunity to kiss her way down Nixon’s back and stops only to squeeze Nixon’s delicious booty. The girls spend several minutes in this pussy-pleasing position before moving on. So now that Sage and Nixon have gotten off, it’s time for our bespectacled cutie to get some attention. Mora sits down on her incredible ass (seriously, it’s juicy and delicious!) with Nixon and Sage on either side of her, fondling her breasts and sucking her nipples. It isn’t long before all this attention brings Mora to a squirting orgasm, her juices soaking the floor! With that orgasm still making her thighs quiver, Mora eagerly watches as Nixon lies back and opens her legs for Mora to scissor her. Mora places her sopping-wet pussy atop Nixon’s and begins to rock her hips back and forth as Sage sits down on Nixon’s face. The girls moan and grind their way to another orgasm before switching it up again. They finish the scene with some fingering and fondling for Nixon, but each of the girls is exhausted and totally spent by the end. Their sighs of satisfaction end the scene beautifully.

Scene Two: Riley Nixon and Honey Gold

My my my, I certainly am becoming a fan of the lovely Riley Nixon. Her super-short blonde hair, those oh-so-kissable lips, and her perfect, natural breasts are all mouth-watering physical qualities. But then she starts this scene briefly telling us about her first kiss and her belief that touch is healing, and her voice is so sweet and her smile is so inviting, and boy oh boy, I was wishing she’d touch me! And then Honey Gold tells the story of her first massage and how erotic it was and how she tried to make herself stop feeling that way. Well, I’ve got a feeling the lovely Miss Gold no longer tries to ignore those feelings! I’d like to be the first one to thank sweet Honey Gold for embracing her erotic goddess and displaying her many talents for our viewing pleasure! Perhaps it’s needless to say that once these two women get together, it’s an incredibly sensuous scene. Their camera confessions served to get them in the mood for a steamy scene together.

They begin with lots of kissing and heavy petting on the couch. These two have great chemistry, giggling together and sharing soulful glances between kisses. They slowly undress each other, Nixon’s gorgeous globes and Gold’s perky tits making their first appearance and garnering plenty of attention from both women. Nixon removes Gold’s shoes next, licking the soles of her feet and sucking her toes, eliciting moans of pleasure from Gold. Nixon takes the lead from the start and finally gets Gold fully undressed, oiling up her back and making her skin shine. The two press their bodies together, sliding up and down as Nixon’s hands roam over Gold’s slick skin. Nixon takes her time, kissing and caressing every inch of Gold’s body. Topless but still wearing her jeans, Nixon finally buries her face in Gold’s pussy and tastes her excitement. It only takes a couple minutes before Gold climaxes all over Nixon’s skillful tongue. And now, of course, it’s Nixon’s turn!

Riley Nixon and Honey Gold in Unleashed

Gold takes her time with Nixon, enjoying turning her on and teasing her lovely partner. She takes off her shoes, licking and sucking her toes eagerly. She slowly removes Nixon’s jeans, kissing every inch of skin below her waist and pouring oil on Nixon’s back. Gold massages the oil into Nixon’s skin, caressing every inch of her flesh. Nixon settles against the back of the couch with Gold between her legs, dripping oil down Nixon’s breasts and belly. Gold rubs her down with the oil, lovingly squeezing her tits, running her hands over her soft flesh and working her way down to Nixon’s pretty pussy. She gets below Nixon and buries her face in Nixon’s pussy as she reaches up to fondle her breasts. Nixon bounces on Gold’s face, moaning in pleasure. After several minutes of oral, Nixon has an exquisite orgasm on Gold’s face. After they kiss passionately, they get into scissor position and grind their pussies against one another for several minutes, bringing on another round of satisfying orgasms! Physically and emotionally drained from their intimate experience, the two lie down on the couch together and cuddle as the scene ends.

Scene Three: Jill Kassidy and Whitney Wright

Jill Kassidy and Whitney Wright are the stars of this scene, and once they pair off and do their thing, it’s awesome. But let’s not let that detract from the opening of the scene where a bevy of babes dance with, kiss, and caress one another for nearly five minutes. It’s truly delightful to watch. I mean, this is how every scene should begin! So we’re back to Kassidy and Wright, and their scene is set with some soft, mood-altering music while the two practice yoga. They sneak peeks at each other and trade shy, cute smiles as they stretch. Finally, Kassidy asks Wright to help her with her form in the downward-dog position. Wright takes the opportunity presented and gets pretty handsy with Kassidy, rubbing her hands all over the girl’s ass and legs. Wright asks Kassidy if she wants to play today, nibbling on her ear and slapping Kassidy’s ass. It’s no surprise when Kassidy agrees, but it is a surprise when they get up to leave and you discover they’ve been in a public yoga studio the whole time.

Jill Kassidy and Whitney Wright in Unleashed

So they go into what appears to be a back room, perhaps at the yoga place, and they’re both excited to finally be open about their attraction. They can’t keep their hands off each other, kissing and caressing one another. Wright is definitely the bolder of the two and eager to make good on a mysterious surprise she’s mentioned more than once. The surprise turns out out to be a strap-on that she uses to fuck Kassidy! She comes back wearing the dildo over her tight yoga pants and the two start kissing again, Wright thrusting her hips forward, pressing the dildo between Kassidy’s legs. Wright slowly undresses Kassidy, sucking her exposed nipples and then kissing her way down to Kassidy’s wet pussy. Wright finally tastes Kassidy and it’s as sweet as she imagined. She ravishes that pussy until Kassidy cums on her tongue. Now it’s time for some kissing and cock sucking! Wright stands up and presents the strap-on to Kassidy, who quickly takes it into her hot mouth. Kassidy is no slouch in the cock-sucking department, either! Wright sits down and Kassidy lowers herself onto the dick, riding it for several minutes as Wright fondles her tits and rubs her clit. They change positions again, this time with the pair standing, Wright fucking Kassidy from behind. This goes on for several minutes and gives Kassidy another orgasm before it’s finally Wright’s turn.

Kassidy is certainly more forward once she’s had a few orgasms! She quickly undresses Wright, sucking on her tits and telling her she can’t wait to see how she tastes. She wastes no time getting down to that pussy, slowly licking up and down, focusing on Wright’s sweet little clit. I love the position Wright is in for this part of the scene; it’s so precarious! She’s got her legs spread out and wedged against the wall, looking as if she’s about to fall at any moment. It’s super hot watching her cum in that position! Once Wright gets off, the two kiss and caress for a short time before the scene ends.

Scene Four: Elena Koshka, Riley Nixon, Whitney Wright, and Eden Sin

Setting the mood with some scary movie music to get your heart racing, this scene opens in a dimly lit dungeon. Nixon is bound to a St. Andrews Cross, Wright is bound kneeling atop a sawhorse, and Sin is bound in a chair, her legs spread wide and totally exposed and vulnerable. The three are helpless as Koshka visits each in turn, fondling, kissing, and teasing them mercilessly. Mistress Koshka uses her fingers and mouth to pleasure her bound goddesses, whipping them into a frenzy of lust and wanton desire. She takes out a leather strap that she strikes her submissives with, slapping their exposed pussies and breasts with it and eliciting moans of pain and pleasure. This goes on for several minutes, Mistress Koshka moving from one bound woman to another, her pleasure and desire increasing with each new gasp of pleasure and pain from her subs. When the Mistress finally releases the ladies, it is with directions for exactly how to act. Wright is released and ordered to kneel in front of the still bound Sin; Wright is directed to lick Sin’s pussy, a task she begins in earnest. Nixon is take down from the St. Andrews Cross and Koshka focuses her attention on the obedient slave.

Elena Koshka, Riley Nixon, Whitney Wright, and Eden Sin in Unleashed

Nixon sits atop the sawhorse as her Mistress climbs up and rests her pussy on the waiting slaves’ face. Nixon immediately begins to lick and slurp Koshka’s pussy. Meanwhile, Koshka continues to order her slaves to do her bidding, directing Wright to finger the bound Sin and for both of them to moan louder. She is in full control! Then it’s Wright’s turn to be bound in the chair, helpless as Sin attacks her pussy with her tongue and fingers. She writhes in pleasure at the onslaught. Mistress Koshka briefly fingers slave Nixon before the two move over to the chair where Wright is bound and helpless. Koshka directs Sin and Nixon to simultaneously pleasure Wright and the two waste no time following their Mistress’ command. Koshka interrupts them to sit on Wright’s lap and order Nixon and Sin to kiss her over and over, tasting Wright’s pussy on their lips. Finally, she releases Wright and the three submissive slaves get on their knees surrounding their Mistress. She commands them to kiss one another again and praises them highly, telling them what good girls they have been. She sits down to rest as the scene fades out.

Scene Five: Edyn Blair, Jill Kassidy, Eliza Jane, Honey Gold, and Scarlet Sage

The final scene in this all-girl extravaganza begins much like the third scene – a bevy of beautiful babes are all dressed up and posing for pictures together. With music playing and smiles plastered on their faces, the girls model and pose together for a few minutes before things really start to heat up. They can’t keep their hands to themselves and they start to fondle and undress one another. Add a stripper pole to the scene and these girls know how to have a good time! Blair shows off her skills on the pole, the sexy redhead spinning and writhing on the mini-stage like a pro! She performs for the rest of the ladies for several minutes, getting plenty of cash tucked into her bra and panties as she works the group of girls into a frenzy. By the time the lovely Blair leaves the room, Kassidy, Gold, Jane, and Sage are so turned on they start to undress and dare each other to kiss!

Edyn Blair, Jill Kassidy, Eliza Jane, Honey Gold, and Scarlett Sage in Unleashed

Gold and Kassidy kiss first, making the other girls giggle. But those giggles quickly turn to moans as the kissing progresses to caresses and finally, a full-blown lesbian foursome! Before you know it, Jane and Sage are on their backs while Gold and Kassidy kneel over their faces getting their pussies licked. The girls squeal with pleasure in the cutest way – it’s the cutest, sexiest soundtrack imaginable! After several minutes of this labia-lapping foursome, they switch it up and get into a daisy chain that allows each of them to give and receive pleasure. It’s incredibly sexy seeing them lined up like that, their mouths buried in one another’s pussies and their sighs of pleasure filling the air. They pair up again briefly after that, Gold fingering Kassidy’s pussy while Sage and Jane 69 next to them. But the girls can’t stay separated long and they come back together soon enough to share their combined passion. I love when next the girls stack themselves up next to the stripper pole, Gold on bottom, then Kassidy, and finally Jane on top. Sage kneels behind them, fondling, fingering, and licking each of their exposed pussies. It’s super hot! The girls are exhausted by this point and they share several more passionate kisses between the group as they wind down from their shared sexual adventure.

Well, now that you’ve taken the time to read my review of this scorching lesbian love fest, surely you’re going to watch it! And while I recommend you see the entire film, I understand that some of you only need one scene to, ahem, finish. So as has become my habit, now is the time when I tell you, dear reader, which scene is my favorite. I flatter myself with the notion that you’re waiting on pins and needles to hear my top pick, and then immediately watching it, loving it, and telling all your friends how brilliant I am and how awesome my picks are! Yes, I’m quite sure that’s precisely what happens. So without further ado, my favorite scene from this all girl fuckathon is scene two with Riley Nixon and Honey Gold. I’m totally in love with Nixon after this movie! Her body is amazing, I love her close-cropped hair, and she practically oozes with sexuality! And Gold is a spectacularly sexy woman with her many tattoos, tight little body, and juicy lips that are to die for! These two women had great chemistry and filmed a very sensual, erotic scene together that is definitely one I’ll be viewing over and over again!

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