Sex World Review: Remastered from Vinegar Syndrome

The entire staff at HotMovies are total geeks for the classics, and we’re ecstatic to welcome Vinegar Syndrome to our huge lineup of studios that showcase older, offbeat titles, and grindhouse releases. Vinegar Syndrome is a film restoration and distribution company with hundreds of feature films, shot and edited mostly between the 1960s and 1980s, and was founded by Ryan Emerson and Joe Rubin. The Alamo Drafthouse Theaters glowingly noted Vinegar Syndrome as “perhaps the most important home video label in the world of genre film…” Neither the Red Light District in The Netherlands nor Manila have nothing on director Anthony Spinelli‘s classic, Sex World. Sex World is an adult luxury resort that’s definitely not for children, or the well-adjusted. Sex World was one of the most slickly produced offerings of late 1970s porn and also holds the honor to feature Kay Parker‘s first sex scene on film!

Those saintly degenerates at Vinegar Syndrome present this genre classic newly restored in 4K from the original 35mm camera negative. This film has never looked so pristine. Compare the two shots below side-by-side. The left is the original print and the right is the remastered version from Vinegar Syndrome now available on HotMovies:


Sex World is not just a classic adult film, but a true cinematic experience with impressive acting, lighting, and editing, and a storyline that enhances the erotic scenes because it aims to go beyond them. Kay Parker Taboo fans out there will get a kick out of seeing her in her very first sex role! Fans eagerly waiting for HBO’s Westworld Season 3 and genre fans, in general, should give this film a view. Although you won’t find a Evan Rachel Wood nude scene here, Sex World really deserves revisiting. Let’s see why:

Scene One: Sex World is Here for YOUR Kind of SEX!

Leslie Bovee with Kent Hall


A busload of couples and a few singles are dropped off at Sex World, a fantasy resort that ostensibly caters to all your hidden sexual fantasies and kinky whims. The guests are giving out questionnaires as they arrive, but instructed by our goofy tour guide Wayne NOT to fill the forms out until they are in the privacy of their rooms at the resort. There’s married couple Kay Parker and Jack Wright, who appear to be neophyte pre-Reaganites. There’s the Sapphic and beautiful Annette Haven, who seems to have style and repression to spare. Sex World is devoted entirely to sex, and entirely devoted to YOUR kind of sex, Wayne reiterates as they arrive. There’s another couple played by Kent Hall and Leslie Bovee, their cornfed smiles belie their marital insecurities. Ebony goddess Desiree West rolls her eyes as she sits next to a blonde cowpoke who expresses a sexual interest in his nude covergirl cousin as the tour guide inquires about the group’s fantasies. He points to Kent Hall; deer meet headlights.


We flashback to Kent Hall arriving late from work one evening. His wife, Leslie Bovee, is in the kitchen and she has left a nude painting of a woman spread-eagle in their living room. Kent inspects it closely: the color of the nipples, the dark unshaved bush. His eyes go from aroused to uncomfortably horrified, right back to aroused again. Leslie comes out of the kitchen to greet him, purring and murmuring that she’s been ready for him all day. Leslie is soon on her back naked with her legs spread for her husband to hungrily bury his face into her hairy pussy. He smacks his lips and chews greedily on Leslie’s beautiful natural snatch, causing her to arch her back while the eyes from the painting eerily watch the couple fuck. Kent stands and sticks his cock into his wife to fuck her in missionary position over the couch.

Her breasts bounce and she reaches for his shoulders to pull herself close to him. No cumshot. Flashback to the bus and Kent Hall’s vacant stare. He doesn’t seem to be reminiscing as fondly of the sexual encounter with his wife as he should. Turns out going to Sex World was his wife’s idea. She had found the ad in the paper and circled it in red, leaving it for her husband to find. Leslie Bovee coyly tells her husband that it sounds “super.” They begin to make love again. She wets his cock with her mouth and sucks and pulls on it until her open mouth and cheeks are slathered in cum. And it’s off to Sex World for the so-called happy couple!


Scene Two: The only TABOO in Sex World is COMMUNICATION!

Kay Parker with Jack Wright & Sharon Thorpe with Peter Johns


Married couple Kay Parker and Jack Wright stare blankly ahead as they wait to arrive at their destination. We flashback to husband Jack Wright getting some sloppy head from the luscious Kay Parker in their bedroom. Their oral session doesn’t last long as Kay lets the limp dick fall out of her mouth in frustration and shouts “It’s no GOOD! It’s no GOOD!” Her husband mumbles that he’s “trying,” but all the poor schlub is succeeding at is sexually frustrating his gorgeous wife. Jack Wright suggest some dirty talk to get the juices flowing, but Kay apparently is unable to dirty talk AND fuck at the same time. She’s beautiful, but a bit of a dim bulb herself.

The perfect couple who are perfectly incompatible to fuck; her husband presses on, but Kay thinks the effort would be in vain and saunters out of the bedroom. Back on the bus the couple continue to avoid conversation or eye contact. We see them continue to argue in flashback. It seems as if Kay Parker is longing for something a little rough, something like… “a real man!” Even John Wright’s glasses SCREAM “inadequate,” and the more he calls Kay Parker “Mamma,” the more he pisses her off. Perhaps Kay doesn’t even know what she wants, and she doesn’t seem to want her husband. Then he shows his wife Kay Parker the ad for Sex World… and here they are, arriving in mutual sexual misery.


As the bus arrives at its destination, the tour guide asks the guests to refrain from fraternization between members of other groups. Desiree West puckers her lips at a bemused John Leslie as Wayne the tour guide informs that the resort demands to know of any sexual misdeeds between other couples. The tour guide also recommends that couples have separate rooms, a strange request, but John Leslie is too busy responding to Desiree West’s flirtation by being a stupid asshole to notice or care. The tour guide also warns of discussing intimate experiences with each may create new problems that existed before their arrival.


We follow Sharon Thorpe in a flashback as she listens to the tour guide’s strange rules. The cute and perky brunette really wants to be a blonde, as we see her in her apartment applying a blonde wig as she makes herself up in the mirror. She leans back on her couch and picks up the phone to make a call. Peter Johns picks up. Sharon has seen his sex ad and she’s looking for a phone sex fantasy. She lies and says she’s nineteen, and describes her luscious locks of blonde hair that reach the top of her ass. Sharon lies about her measurements as Peter Johns begins to touch himself and pull off his pants. Sharon Thorpe begs softly, “What can you do for me?” Peter Johns applies some lube to his small blonde cock and talks dirty to the needy Sharon Thorpe. She listens intently, with a perfectly fake press-on fingertip pressed against her open lips in anticipation. She moans and sucks on her fingertip as Peter Johns describes her beautiful soft tits from his messy bedroom that could also be a garage or college dorm room. Sharon touches herself through her wet panties. She’s quickly getting close to orgasm. Peter orders Sharon NOT to cum yet. He wants to cum together. She obliges and continues to finger herself. Peter Johns is rock-hard now and Sharon knows it. But he cums all over himself as he tells Sharon that he wants to fuck her so bad. But something goes wrong for Sharon. Is she upset that he just came? Her facial expression changes to frustration and fear, and she hangs up the phone on the verge of some kind of anxiety attack. She screams out into the void and tosses her blonde wig onto the carpet. Back on the bus, she looks on pensively, in need of… something. This girl has got issues and all the best kind for Sex World!


Scene Three: If You Can IMAGINE it, We Can ARRANGE it!

Carole Tong & Amber Hunt with Kent Hall

The bus finally arrives at the resort and the passengers step out, grab their bags, and head to an orientation session for their three-day stay. Everyone is encouraged to forget their problems and to use their imagination. Sex World offers almost everything: Bondage & Domination, watersports, fauxcest fantasies, frottage, masturbation, and whatever else you desire. A guest inquires what frottage is (the act in which you rub yourself against a fully-clothed person), causing Sharon Thorpe to nervously chew on her knuckles. “Like on a subway, or an elevator!” the advisor states, in all seriousness. There’s even a “special elevator” waiting in Sex World packed with good-looking “strangers”. The partners at Sex World are whoever and whatever you want them to be. “Just be honest with yourself and be honest with us.” The guests are told later that afternoon they will sit down with a counselor for a confidential interview. John Leslie talks to his counselor about domination, still being a smarmy asshole. We see that these interview sessions are not-so-confidential after all, as the guests are being monitored by mad-scientist types that were so ubiquitous in B-movie genre films at the time. Big Brother is watching these couples very closely. Two of these female mad-doctor types decide that John Leslie needs to fuck someone he HATES (as we all do from time to time). One doctor suggests Desiree West, the ethereal black beauty who tried to flirt with John but caused him “economic anxiety.” The Sex World scientists like to play head games that go well beyond just getting off, apparently.

John Leslie calls the manager from his room to complain about the strange decor. There’s a knock on his door. It’s Desiree West in a tight, white robe and looking sexy as fuck. Dumbfuck John Leslie mistakes her for a maid, and Desiree West is here to clean up, just not what John Leslie had in mind. She puckers her lips again. She’s here to fuck the brains out of this Neanderthal asshole. John smugly says that he’s into white meat, but Desiree West is undeterred. She ain’t going nowhere. She lies on her stomach on John’s bed, and kicks her white heels up, and dangles her feet like bait. John still needs some persuading as Desiree continues to purr. She flashes her beautiful muff and his eyes open, perhaps for the first time… ever. Desiree West has never looked sexier than when she calls John Leslie a honky bigot. But she wants to remedy his situation… reach across the aisle. Her jugs are filled with honey, and her honey pot is waiting. John asks her to dance, but Desiree warns him it’s in-between her thighs where her rhythm lies. She lies back on the bed and shows John her long, slender legs. She pulls out her beautiful tits and turns to show her class ass. Desiree rhymes like a poet, and has the grace of a saint as she seduces and coaxes John Leslie out of his racial bullshit. She
mounts him quickly….


We cut to Kent Hall’s interview. He’s rambling about panties as he is monitored. We cut to close-ups of a brightly lit red and blue room. Ken Hall is lead into a bedroom with Amber Hunt and Carole Tong. Amber is angry that Carole has brought back a nasty old cock like Kent back to the room. But Carole convinces Amber that Kent is worth the trouble. Carole gropes Amber as Kent watches nervously. Carole removes Amber’s white panties and goes to suck on Amber Hunt’s hard nipple. Kent tries to split as he watches the girls kiss and touch, but his eyes brighten as Carole Tong eats Amber’s blonde bush, causing her to cry out. Kent keeps saying he has to go but he isn’t going anywhere. Amber returns the favor and sucks on Carole’s warm, trimmed snatch. The girls 69 and Kent Hall can no longer help himself as he feels his dick get hard in his pants. The spies from behind the monitors notice his reluctance and seem to give an order for the girls to go for his hard cock. Amber sucks his dick as Carole tears off his clothes. They both suck on his dick as he awkwardly moans his wife’s name. Carole and Amber greedily share Kent’s stiff prick. He blows a little bit of cum into their open mouths… still mumbling for his wife.

Scene Four: You Can’t Spell Oppression Without Repression!

Desiree West with John Leslie & Leslie Bovee with Abigal Clayton


We cut right to the lovely Desiree West, nude with pussy firmly planted in John Leslie’s face. “Suck that stuff,” Desiree commands. The lowly bigot does as he is told, even though he stutters some muffled protests into her hungry hole. We cut to an awkward scene with Leslie Bovee in her room with her husband Kent Hall who has just returned from his double blowjob. “How is it?” Leslie asks sheepishly. “We’re not supposed to talk about it, remember?” Kent answers with eyes on the floor. He confesses he doesn’t want his wife to go. “I’m running late,” she mumbles.

We jump-cut back to John Leslie planted firmly between Desiree’s spread legs and pulverizing her pussy. He pounds hard, thrusting her hips upward, getting as deep as possible. We cut back to the mad scientists eyeing Leslie Bovee and her sex-surrogate Abigail Clayton. Leslie has had a girl-crush on a girl-next-door from her past. “You even look like her!” Leslie squeaks at the blonde and sexy Abigail. Abigail pulls down her top, exposing her thick, pink nipples for Leslie and pulls her into a deep kiss. Leslie Bovee’s lesbian fantasy has now been initiated from the puppeteers pulling the strings from above. Leslie needs Abigail, but is reticent. Abigail takes off Leslie’s top and orders her on her knees. We see glimpses of the painting from the opening of the film. The painting is Abigail Clayton. Leslie spreads her legs and allows Abigail to feel her up over her panties. The frame slows a bit and becomes oneiric and surreal as Leslie Bovee and Abigail Clayton have sex. Abigail devours Leslie’s pussy with a fierce hunger. Slowly, the piercing eyes of the portrait pierce through the frame as Abigail eats Leslie out while reaching up and squeezing her breasts. We jump-cut back to Desiree getting pumped doggystyle by John Leslie. And he fucking loves it… and so do we!


Scene Five: All Mamma Needs Is Some Stunt Cock!

Kay Parker with Joey Silvera, Jack Wright with Maureen Spring, & Annette Haven with Criss Cassidy & Roberto Ramos


Jack Wright and Kay Parker tell their auditors their fantasies. Kay wants some BIG BALLS: a manly man! Jack longs to play the voyeurism game and to watch unnoticed by his wife. Kay wants her guy to throw her ass down on the bed and talk dirty to her… as real men do. Jack confesses that he’s terrified Kay may find out about his intention to watch her get off. Jack Wright is a guy who doesn’t like to get into trouble. This guy’s got mommy issues. The puppeteers set up a one-way soundproof window for Jack Wright to get cucked and watch Kay Parker get fucked by Joey Silvera. Joey shows up to Kay’s room and takes her by surprise, throwing her to the bed.

For a moment, it seems as if Kay Parker has regretted this fantasy. Jack Wright watches his wife thrown on the bed and is greeted by the spritely Maureen Spring. She taunts Jack a bit, asking why he’s hiding when they can’t see him. She leads him to a closer look at wife getting rampaged by Joey Silvera. Joey humps her furiously (frottage!) and Kay begs Joey to bite her on the neck. She loves it. She’s finally found her REAL MAN. She recounts her dirty affair with her scumbag manager from years back, whispering into Joey’s ear as she gets manhandled before he pulls out his cock. Maureen Spring tells Jack that he’s seen enough, but he refuses to turn away. Joey Silvera face-fucks Kay Parker in front of her husband’s trembling eyes. He removes his glasses in amazement. Kay Parker grabs Joey’s big hard cock and jerks it off, spraying cum all over tits. Kay grabs his cock and puts it back in her mouth, cleaning and sucking all the cum off. “Don’t torture yourself,” Maureen Spring says teasingly to a frightened Jack Wright. “Cum with me,” she says and finally leads him away as we see Joey Silver’s cock clean of cum. It’s all over Kay Parker’s breasts and face! Jack confesses to Maureen that he needs help and asks if she will be his “Mamma.” Maureen Spring shakes her head and states, “Your Mamma is DEAD. Do I look like your Mamma?” Soft music starts to play and Maureen asks Jack to hold her. He’s hesitant, but they share a brief dance while Joey lies in the afterglow with Kay Parker. They don’t care about names. They don’t care about anything but each other’s holes.

Jack Wright is now kissing Maureen Spring softly. Maureen may not be Jack’s Mamma, but she’s exactly what he needs. They kiss deeply as Maureen begs Jack to touch her. She wants it, so bad. She unbuckles his belt and finds his erection. Finally… an erection! Jack Wright panics… he doesn’t have much time to waste! Kay Parker is still jerking off Joey Silvera’s hard dick while Maureen rides Jack Wright doggystyle. We get great closeups of that hairy cock sliding in and out of Maureen’s pussy. However, this is a stunt cock. Jack Wright was hired for his acting ability, but opted to have the penetration scenes shot with a stunt double. Stunt cock does a fantastic job of spreading Maureen Spring’s nude pussy lips. The cock falls out of Maureen’s tight snatch and cums all over her gorgeous muff. Maureen cleans the dick off with her wet mouth. Joey Silvera continues to pound the shit out of Kay Parker until she cums.


We jump to the gorgeous Annette Haven lighting a cigarette like a class act as she converses with her counselor. She’s a lesbian, but tonight she has requested a young man. Her counselor certainly doesn’t think his unusual, but it is for Annette. This is new territory for this lovely lady. Her counselor prods her to share her more, but she refuses and threatens to leave the resort, so he gives in and promises to get her EXACTLY what she requested. The control room is ON it. Annette goes back to her room to reminisce about her old lover, Criss Cassidy. Annette was very much in love. We have a dreamy flashback watching the two women kiss and caress nude on a hotel room bed. It’s slowly paced and erotic, but a voiceover reveals that Criss Cassidy has left her lover after five long years. Annette is lovelorn. A knock at the door; It’s Roberto Ramos, exactly as she ordered. Annette comments that Roberto looks the part, and explains she does NOT want to go too fast. The redhead beauty leans in and kisses Roberto, and then she stands and unbuttons her dress, and slowly removes her sheer undergarments. Annette Haven’s bush is a wonder to behold for the sex surrogate’s eyes. He sees the picture of Criss Cassidy by the bed and inquires if that is Annette’s sister. “Not quite my sister,” Annette answers quietly. “You don’t have to know anything about me,” she tells him. Annette wants minimal communication but wants to be fucked like he’s in love with her, which is easy for Roberto Ramos. He runs his hands over her beautiful natural breasts and makes passionate love to Annette. His cock is filled with blood and his thrusts are just as fiery as Annette Haven’s natural red bush, with excellent dreamlike closeups of his hard dick penetrating Annette and sending her into ecstasy.

We jump back to Desiree West riding Joey Silvera’s big cock cowgirl-style. She lets him slip out and jerks him off, and we finally get our Joey Silvera/Desiree West cumshot as he blows between Desiree’s fingers and all over his belly.

Scene Six: You Don’t Know What It’s Like To Be Lonely

Sharon Thrope with Johnnie Keyes


Mousey Sharen Thorpe is speaking to her counselor as if he were a psychotherapist. Sharon is a beautiful girl, but she’s so introverted and ruled by self-loathing. She confides she has no friends and just really wants somebody to notice her, to be kind to her. She confesses she goes to X-rated movies. Sharon doesn’t quite yet grasp what she really wants from Sex World. Her counselor prods her, and she talks about her favorite adult movie, Behind The Green Door. “There’s a black man,” she says, “all dressed in white…” Sharon is trying to say she wants to fuck superstar Johnnie Keyes.

We cut to Sharon Thorpe nude in her hotel room, fondling her golden blonde wig and there is that familiar knock at the door. It’s time. Sharon speaks from behind the door. She has an admirer who has been watching her. Is this the kindness she’s been looking for? Sharon refuses to let him in. “Do you really like me?” she asks the stranger. He confesses he has been lonely as well… but is lonely Sharon really looking for a kindred spirit like this? She hesitates… and he walks away. When Sharon finally opens the door, the stranger is gone. The puppeteers notice and set their plan in motion for Sharon Thorpe. The soundtrack slides into some loud funk, and the man, Johnnie Keyes himself steps into the room in his original costume from Behind The Green Door, hard ebony cock poking out of the cut hole in his white leotard. Sharon Thorpe’s eyes glow, and at that moment this lonely girl finally transcends all of her fears and anxieties, and those pussy juices start flowing for an interracial fuck session. Johnnie reaches for Sharon and pulls off her slip. She spreads her legs and gives us a great view of her hairy pussy and pink asshole as Johnnie tongue-fucks her. He tongues her lips slowly, spreading her pussy apart with his fingers. Sharon twists on her back, mouth agape and unable to hold onto control. Johnnie grabs his big cock and mounts her. He thrusts slowly at first, keeping rhythm with the soundtrack, with an excellent closeup angle of his wet dick stretching Sharon Thorpe’s cunt. He kisses her, and their tongues entwine. Johnnie goes for full, slow strokes, pulling his meat out just at the head, and then plunging back in. He may just be a fantasy, but this man knows how to make real love to a real lady. The puppeteers look pleased with their work as they watch from behind their monitors. Sharon takes the huge cock into her throat, stroking it with her lips, and then her hand, forcing Johnnie to shoot a huge load straight into her open mouth. With the memory of a massive dick like this, Sharon will never feel empty again.


The weekend comes to an end and the guests pack up and begin to board the bus home. Leslie Bovee is unsure about how she feels about the weekend’s events. She fears for her marriage. Coming to Sex World might have been a monumental mistake for this couple. Jack Wright proudly tells his wife Kay Parker that, “Mamma is dead, sweetheart!” John Leslie has not had enough of the lovely Desiree West. Like the audience, he has fallen under her spell, but when he tries to bribe a resort employee to find out how he can contact her again, he is rebuffed. His money means nothing to Sex World now that the weekend is over. We see a smiling Desiree board the bus from behind John’s back. Back in the control room, the puppeteers suddenly become silent. They are frozen. Completely still.


What’s happening? Have our heroes not only been fucking sexual robots, but also being manipulated by them as well?

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