Pornbusters: Do Men Fake Orgasms On Set?


Was that orgasm a forgery? There are many times in my porn-viewing habits that I feel the dubious and massive-looking cumshot may not be real, and I’m not alone. He creampied her, right? Where are my dollar-store reading glasses? Or was that sexy teen creampie faked with a twist of the face and some heavy breathing? Is that fake cum, a sugary sweet… or both? Can men fake orgasms, and if we can… we can do anything! Has it happened on set, and how often?

Male performers faking orgasms and the fake cumshot are not the unicorns we think in the adult entertainment industry, and may be a tad more ubiquitous than the naked eye can always catch. The last time I faked an orgasm was because I was too distracted by the arrival of my new NES CLASSIC and just wanted the sex to finally end so I could play Kid Icarus. Yep, men fake it too… on the reg. Ask the company Magic Money Shot.

Magic Money Shot is a synthetic-cum company that makes fake cum for personal consumers and for studios alike. Studios and series like Slime Wave, Monsters of Jizz and MissaX regularly shoot buckets of fake cum with glee to tap the vein of fake-cum fetishists and similar niches, but why would a male performer for a gonzo shoot fake a cumshot? Turns out porn shoots are HARD work!

Monsters of Jizz

Riley Reid talked to VICE about the practice of faking male cum shots:

Most guys like to fuck to pop, so if I were a creampie porn star, he’d just be able to fuck me and cum inside and then cut scene. But because I only do money shots, we have to change camera angles and set it up. So then the talent and I either fuck to pop and he just pulls out and I rush down on my knees hoping to not miss a drop, or he fucks to a fake-pop and the cameras cut and they set up a new shot with the talent re-positioned. When that’s the case, I have to make sure I can give the best goddamn blowjob ever to make this guy cum. After going from my sweet little hole, there’s only so much my mouth and hands can do. I never fail, and we always manage to get the guy to cum. But it’s sometimes a bit more of a time-consuming challenge.


Some days, there are just creampies that don’t quite STICK the way a director wants them to. Internal cumshots tend to be like the weather, and are impossible to control in the moment. Certain studios and shoots may require a massive amount of cum, that although may look incredibly hot on a model’s face in the moment, sometimes the amount required for your sexual satisfaction is not quite possible for the male performer. Male performers may also have to do several shoots per day (gotta pay that rent). And sometimes, even among the manliest on set, nature doesn’t always work the way we want it to, no matter how erect we are. Then there is timing… something that will resonate highly with the technical among us. Sometimes a director or videographer will miss that perfect moment due to incorrect blocking or just one misplaced hand when it happens, and time is money… and cum is just cum, and not so difficult to imitate on film.


Men DO fake orgasms, for a variety of reasons, and performers DO sometimes fake orgasms on set for practical reasons such as stamina and performance issues over a long day’s shoot. Faking an orgasm now and then is most likely more preferable for many performers and directors then using enhancements such as medication or even syringes shot directly into the dick… ouch! Fake cum seems to be a niche or fetish all onto itself. How do you feel about cutting corners? Is it okay to bullshit a consumer every once in a while for a performer’s comfort and safety?

Did you know, that it wasn’t until the early 1970s that there was even the expectation of some kind of pop-shot to end a scene? Has that standard money shot in mainstream porn become boring? Fake orgasms like fake news? (Many current insiders say… why yes it has). It was actually 1972’s classic, Deep Throat that was the first adult film industry example as a money shot meant to be an intentional scene-capper. So which is worse, fake cumshots or fake news?

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