Misha Cross Discusses Her Directorial Debut

From the outset of her career in 2013, Misha Cross came into the industry headstrong and with a purpose. She knew when entering at the age of 23 that she needed to get some experience so that one day she could start her own business. After spending the past five years honing her craft and making a name for herself as one of the most fervent and energetic adult performers, she has decided it is time to take her first step towards that goal with her directorial debut and showcase film, Misha In Exile. Misha granted HotMovies the exclusive release of her directorial debut and answered a few questions about what she thought about directing her first movie.

EM: The title Misha In Exile is inspired by your inability to come to America for the AVN Awards because of immigration issues. You weren’t able to get a visa? Do you know why? Are you still unable?

MC: Yes, I had experienced some difficulties when I wanted to return to the United States in January 2015, which eventually led to me being banned for five years. I was travelling to Los Angeles with an intention to get my papers sorted, but I never had a chance to do so. Consequently, I was stopped at the border and refused entry. I tried to fix my immigration issue for the next two years with different lawyers. I finally managed to get my professional visa petition approved, but I was refused admission in the embassy and I was told I cannot return to L.A. until end of 2019, when the ban is finally lifted and I can apply for the same professional visa again.

As a director, what is going to set you apart from everyone else? What’s going to make your movies unique?

I think that cinematography is what makes Exile stand out from the rest. When we shot it, we didn’t think of shooting another porno, we decided to think out of the box, to deliver the product that is complete and highest quality possible. And we know how to do it. I love mainstream with its epic music videos and high-end commercials. I’m inspired by that and I want to bring this feeling to my movies. I believe that if you have a good, quality product, people will definitely buy it. I kinda want to quit with the infamous statement that anybody can shoot porn. Well, maybe, but definitely not the porn that we do.

misha cross in the sea

Are there any other directors, adult or non-adult, whose work inspires you?

I get inspired by many artists and things. I adore Aiden Riley, the moment I saw his Fetish Fanatics 13 was when I got completely obsessed with his work and decided I wanted to direct as well. I love Kayden Kross, shes one of the brightest people in this industry. Apart from the adult, I get inspired mostly by music. Music has always been a huge part of my life, I grew up watching music videos that my dad had on his VHS tapes from MTV. Pink Floyd, Metallica, Depeche Mode, Eurythmics, Shakespeare’s Sisters: I watched it all when I was just five! I love how visual arts evolved, it’s a feast for my eyes.

You had Samantha Bentley produce original music for your movie and you two appear together in the last scene. I understand she is a longtime friend of yours. How did you two meet?

We met in Prague on set for one of the productions we shot at the same time for. We were having dinner in a bar that was nearby the studio with everybody and I saw her and told her I wanted to shoot a scene with her because she’s awesome. We went up to the studio and told Nacho Vidal, who was one of the male talents for this production, that we want a scene together with him and we are going to tell the director to shoot it! That’s how we ended up shooting one of the best scenes of 2014. And that’s how we became friends, in a pool of pee and sweat, filming this crazy scene.

misha cross and sam bentley

Samantha was an obvious choice for you to perform with, but what made you choose Dolly Diore for your movie?

I worked with Dolly several times before I hired her to work for me. She’s a great performer, she loves girls and is very genuine in what she’s doing. I have a sixth sense if it comes to people; I knew she would be great in it, and she was. When I’m shooting a scene, I kind of switch off on everything else and focus only on the person I’m working with. I expect the same thing from people who work with me.

Now that you have directed your first movie, what did you like most about directing?

Being in charge, being my own boss, and bringing my vision to life. It’s the best feeling in the world.

Dolly Diore and Misha Cross

Is there something in the process that you plan to improve on with your next movie?

I’m constantly improving. If you refuse to be better, you’re clearly stupid. I’m definitely thinking of having more people on set to help with the production. There’s only so much you can do by yourself, and having someone who you can rely on and trust to make things happen its a huge advantage.

You have a degree in Sociology? Has that helped or influenced your career at all?

I don’t know, hard to say. I’ve always been fascinated by social science and human behavior, even before I went to the university. I can read people pretty well.

Do you have any ideas of what you want to do for your next film?

I do, but I wont tell.

As an actress, is there a particular famous role that you think would be perfect for you? It can be adult or non-adult.

I’ve always wanted to play in a dark love/hate drama or a character that is emotionally unstable. Not that I speak from experience (or do I?) lol.

I know you are an avid reader, what book are you currently reading?

Paul Britton, The Jigsaw Man

Is there an artist, writer, or band that you think everyone else should know about?

Too many. I find it quite shocking how ignorant some people can be sometimes if it comes to music or films. If you don’t know who Tool is or who wrote Misery, we probably don’t have much in common anyway.

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