Angela White Talks Impressive New Showcase, 'I Am Angela'

Angela White currently holds one of the highest honors in the adult industry as the AVN Awards’ Female Performer of the Year, but rather than rest on her laurels after her big win, she continues to push herself further in 2018 to demonstrate her limitless desire to perform. This year has seen some truly showstopping scenes featuring the indelible superstar, with four unique performances in Evil Angel Films‘ latest showcase-documentary, I Am Angela, dedicated to Angela White’s illustrious life and career in porn.

'I Am Angela' from Evil Angel Films

While Angela’s sterling reputation and accolades are clearly deserved, her ability to remain gracious, informed, and committed to her sex-positive message makes her a perfect spokeswoman for the industry. Ever the consummate professional, Angela was kind enough to take time to speak with me about her work ethic and success, filming I Am Angela, and how she builds chemistry with her costars to create an explosive scene. Familiarize yourself with Angela White and her new showcase movie below!

Hi Angela, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak with us. I just finished watching I Am Angela and am completely spellbound by all of the performances.

Thank you very much. I was thrilled when Evil Chris approached me about shooting I Am Angela. I think his documentary approach to shooting adult films is highly innovative and extremely important. This movie gives fans an unprecedented look at my background, my life, my sexuality, and my journey. I hope that the movie dispels some of the myths that shroud the adult industry by giving viewers an honest look at the process of producing adult content.

Angela White in 'I Am Angela'

It’s very clear why you’re the current reigning Female Performer of the Year. Your passion for what you do, as well as your drive, professionalism, skill, and stylized approach have set you up to be the superstar you’ve become. What advice would you give to newer starlets on following in your footsteps and setting themselves apart from the rest?

I wouldn’t actually recommend that anyone “follow in my footsteps,” or anyone’s footsteps, for that matter. I think one of the keys to success is to blaze your own trail. My advice would be to focus on doing what you love and don’t be afraid to do things differently. Then there are the obvious things that everyone should do: be professional, be prepared, know your value, be polite, but also stand up for yourself; remain humble and treat everyone with respect. These things will aid you on a path to success in any business.

Being that you’re FPOTY and often get mainstream media coverage, do you feel pressured to be a “role model” or “spokesperson” for the industry, or do you prefer to just lead by example?

I’m not aiming to be a role model; I simply speak my truth and try to conduct myself and my business in an ethical and fair manner. My experiences in the adult industry have been positive, empowering, and affirming. But I understand that this industry isn’t right for everyone and there is a lot of stigma that anyone involved in adult entertainment must navigate.

Angela White in 'I Am Angela'

You mentioned in I Am Angela that your mother instilled a lot of self-awareness and empowerment in you from an early age, and those traits helped you thwart the stigma surrounding your career when you entered the industry. In the broader culture, do you believe the stigma surrounding pornography and the people who do it is lessening at all?

I believe that there has been some positive change, but we still have a long way to go. Performers still face institutionalized discrimination when applying for bank accounts, loans, health insurance, and rental properties. And one need only look at the comments under any performer’s social media posts to find instances of misogyny, slut-shaming, and – in extreme cases – death threats.

As an empowered woman who made the conscious and informed choice to join the adult industry, what would you say to those who feel that porn is “demeaning to women” and “only caters to male fantasies?”

I think conclusions like that say more about what detractors are typing into their search bars than the actual content of porn. Porn that caters to “female fantasies” are a search term and a click away, and what is considered “demeaning to women” is subjective and dependent on cultural and historical context. I would agree that a lot of “mainstream” porn still prioritizes a male gaze, but that is shifting as more women take greater control of production by directing and creating their own content.

Angela White in 'I Am Angela'

You own your own production company that you direct, edit, and (of course) perform for, as well as constantly getting booked to perform scenes for other companies. How do you like to pamper yourself when you aren’t filming to ensure that you’re able to juggle all of these responsibilities and still perform to your very best?

I will be the first to admit that I’m a workaholic and don’t really take much time to pamper myself. The one exception is when pampering myself contributes to my work. I take epsom-salt baths to help with bruising and soreness and I go to the gym, do pilates and bootcamp to stay fit and relieve stress. The only thing I wish I had more time for is reading, but I will need to rearrange my priorities before I can make more leisure time.

In I Am Angela, you described the first scenes of your career as great and fun, but ultimately they were guided by someone else’s vision. At what point in your career do you remember taking control and starting to bring your vision of the Angela White brand to fruition?

I developed a plan to build my own website and direct my own content shortly after I shot my first boy/girl sex scenes. It was one of the greatest decisions I ever made for my career and my sexual journey. The “Angela White brand” is simply a reflection of who I am: my sexuality, my aesthetic priorities, my desire for adventure and pushing my limits.

Angela White in 'I Am Angela'

You talk a lot about the importance of chemistry in a scene, and it looks like you have chemistry with everyone you perform with in I Am Angela. How do you describe that intangible feeling of having chemistry with someone?

I don’t think chemistry is intangible; I believe it’s possible to develop chemistry with anyone. You just have to be empathetic, attentive, and available. I develop chemistry with my costars through being present and in-the-moment with them, being considerate of their wants and needs, and – most importantly – being open and authentic. I think it is simply a fear of being vulnerable that prevents a lot of people from developing connections and chemistry with others, particularly strangers. But my best scenes have always been the result of letting go of fear and expectations and focusing on my partner’s touch and emotions in the moment.

Angela White & Chanel Santini in 'I Am Angela'
Angela White & Chanel Santini in 'I Am Angela'
Angela White, Chanel Santini & Joey Silvera in 'I Am Angela'

I loved your excitement for your first trans scene with Chanel Santini in I Am Angela. Not only were you simply excited to finally have sex with her, but you said you looked forward to showing trans bodies as sexy and desirable, which you certainly did! What was sex with Chanel like, and do you plan to do more trans-lesbian content in the future?

The scene with Chanel was more than I could have ever hoped for. It was an incredible sexual encounter and I loved the intimacy and the connection that we shared. To have the scene shot by trans-porn pioneer Joey Silvera made the experience all the more special. I’m certainly open to doing more trans-lesbian content with the right performers and directors. I want to shoot with performers I have an authentic connection with, that’s why my scene with Chanel was so perfect. Our chemistry was insane and she genuinely loves being with women. I also want to make sure I’m shooting with directors and companies that are representing TS performers and trans-sex in a positive light, and I would love for the sex to be a true representation of our sexuality and desires.

Let’s talk about that incredible last scene with Rocco Siffredi, which I can only describe as “animalistic.” Did you plan on jumping his bones immediately upon seeing him, or did it just kind of happen?

I tried not to have any expectations or plans leading up to that scene. I think Rocco and I both had a lot of pent-up sexual energy and it just exploded when we finally got in the same room as each other. It happened organically, and once we started it was hard to stop.

Evil Chris and John Stagliano were begging you and Rocco to stop fucking, but you two couldn’t get your hands and mouths off of each other in order to start the scene properly. Has this happened to you on other sets, or is this just what happens when two legends finally get together?

It has happened on set before, but not to this extent. I usually try to keep my composure and not ruin the makeup before we’ve done the stills. But it was such a unique situation having to wait three months to do the scene and having someone fly over 6,000 miles for it… there was so much sexual tension between us that our desire became a force to be reckoned with.

Angela White & Rocco Siffredi in 'I Am Angela'
Angela White & Rocco Siffredi in 'I Am Angela'

Speaking of legends, you also enjoyed a gonzo lesbian threesome with Joanna Angel and Dana Vespoli that featured lots of lube, ass-play, and gaping. If you had to choose, would you prefer your lesbian scenes to be rough and nasty, or more sweet and sensual?

I’ll take sweet and sensual every day of the week. But I would argue that my threeway with Joanna Angel and Dana Vespoli was sweet and sensual. Yes, it included anal, gaping, and spunk, but there was a lot of kissing, caressing, and connection. If viewers watch closely, they will see the tenderness and attentiveness with which we all pleasure each other. There is an assumption that if anal is involved in a scene, it becomes rough or nasty, but I think anal sex can be romantic and affectionate. The DVD and VOD versions of I Am Angela are actually missing out on a very special moment… when Dana anally fisted Joanna and I. It’s funny how certain sexual acts get branded as extreme when the experience of them in reality is sensual and transformative. It was actually one of the most beautiful sexual moments I’ve experienced; to be relaxed and trusting enough to take someone’s fist inside you, and the slow massaging and attentiveness that is required for success, it makes the experience extremely connected and beautiful.

Angela White & Joanna Angel in 'I Am Angela'

There was so much for me to love about I Am Angela, but I have to say one of the things that stood out the most for me was the domineering dirty talk in the first scene while you’re getting double-vaginally and double-anally penetrated. How did you get SO good at talking dirty? Does the sexy accent help?

I’ve never really considered myself a “dirty talker,” so I appreciate your positive feedback. It was actually John Stagliano who suggested the deliberate focus on dirty talk in one of our initial pre-production meetings. I’ve done a number of double-penetration/airtight scenes and we wanted to find a way for this one to stand out. It’s certainly the filthiest DP I’ve done in terms of dirty talk. My accent probably makes it sound hotter for some people. I just focused on saying all the dirty things that were running through my head as Mick, Markus, and Steve fucked me.

Angela White, Mick Blue, Markus Dupree & Steve Holmes in 'I Am Angela'

You looked like you were LOVING the double-anal and double-vag… do you think there’s any chance of a triple-penetration in the future?

I’ve done triples before with two dicks in my ass and one in my pussy and vice-versa, but never three in one hole at once. I’ve don’t think my holes are built to accommodate any more than two dicks in one hole at the same time… and even that’s a stretch. Never say never!

How can you fans best support you?

There’s the obvious financial support that fans can give me through buying my movies, but I think the best support would come from fans helping to reduce the stigma around sex work. Become an ally. If a friend of yours says something negative or derogatory about a sex worker, please stand up for us. That doesn’t mean getting aggressive or confrontational. You can stand up for us by simply stating that you don’t believe there is anything wrong with a person embracing their sexuality or choosing what they want to do with their body. You can create meaningful change through influencing just one person.

Angela White in 'I Am Angela'

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