'Group Bi-In' from BiPhoria

I wouldn’t say I’m not into bisexual porn, it’s just not the genre I tend to go to first. But after watching this new film from BiPhoria, that may change. Director Jim Powers brought together an incredible cast of performers for Group Bi-In, an intensely erotic bisexual orgy film that had me wetter than a ride down the slip and slide! No joke, guys, this movie is super hot. And it’s no wonder, with the star-studded cast it boasts, including Kasey Miller, Kat Monroe, Riley Nixon, D. Arclyte, Damien Thorne, Michael DelRay, Ruckus, and Wolf Hudson.

The film has a loose storyline throughout, and I do mean loose. The characters are paired up in couples, each duo with their own set of concerns. It’s super convenient that they all just use their performer names too, so I don’t have to refer to made-up character names while discussing them. So let’s get to know our players, shall we?

D. Arclyte is throwing a dinner party, and only the tastiest treats are invited. And while it would seem that everyone has either attended one of D’s parties or been regaled with stories, they all have a very different idea of how the night will go. Kat Monroe and Ruckus are a cute couple. Kat has been trying to talk Ruckus into having a threesome with another man. But she’s intent on seeing Ruckus’ cock in another man’s mouth, and Ruckus isn’t sure he’s ready for that! She urges him to think about it and she’s excited about D’s party because you just never know what will happen at D’s!

Kasey Miller and Riley Nixon are a sexy lesbian couple. Riley is apprehensive about going to D’s party because she knows that D just wants to fuck Kasey. Kasey thinks Riley is overreacting and sarcastically comments that an orgy might break out… yeah right! But Kasey sees that Riley is upset so she assures Riley that she’s her girl. They kiss softly.

Michael DelRay and Wolf Hudson are a handsome new couple. Wolf is a little nervous about D’s party. He is worried that Michael will fuck it up for him; after all, it’s a dinner party with his colleague and he wants to make a good impression. Wolf tells Michael he better not catch him in the bathroom sucking D’s dick! Foreshadowing, anyone?! And that only leave Damien Thorne; he plays the role of D’s dentist, invited to the dinner party stag. But don’t feel bad for him, he manages to find some fun that evening!

We next see everyone milling around at D’s house, chatting and eyeing up one another. Kat is eager for Wolf to wrap his lips around Ruckus’ cock! Riley is super annoyed by D’s obnoxious flirting with Kasey. Michael is chatting it up with Damien about the possibility of getting some laughing gas, and D is asking Wolf why he’s been hiding Michael from everyone. Fast forward a couple minutes and D has gotten Michael off by himself and they’re really hitting it off. Before you know it, Michael has D’s cock in his mouth and D’s eyes are rolling up in his head. Wolf was right to be worried! But my oh my, what is the happening with the other party guests?

Talking up her dude, Kat makes Ruckus blush when she tells Wolf about his big dick. Wolf wants proof and Kat is quick to pull out Ruckus’ dick and start stroking it. She gives Ruckus lip service briefly before asking Wolf to show off his own sucking skills. Wolf is surprised, but doesn’t hesitate for long and soon has Ruckus’ stiff prick between his skillful cock-sucking lips. (Seriously, those lips tho! Total DSLs!) Kat and Wolf share in the fun, with Wolf taking every inch of dick in his mouth and Kat sucking Ruckus’ balls eagerly. But believe it or not, it gets even hotter when they start to share Ruckus’ dick! They each take a side, wrapping their lips around the shaft, their lips meeting as they suck and slurp up and down Ruckus’ dick. They wind their tongues around the head of the dick, their tongues twining and playing together as they pop the head of Ruckus’ cock in and out of their mouths. It’s crazy hot! And boy oh boy, Wolf is one hell of a dick sucker! Those lips… my god!

There’s no actual talk about this turning into an impromptu sex fest, but before you can blink, Wolf has his shirt off and his lips wrapped around Ruckus’ cock again. But hey, I guess dick sucking can only lead to more dick sucking, right? But then their little threesome grows when Damien enters the scene, watching intently as Wolf gobbles up every inch of Ruckus’ cock. Kat asks Damien if he’d like to try it and he readily accepts the offer. So we have Damien on his knees with Ruckus’ cock in his mouth, and Kat getting super horny watching while Wolf strokes his dick right behind her.

Kat glances across the room and notices that Riley and Kasey are still there, drinking wine and watching the action. As Kat makes eye contact, Kasey slowly reaches over and caresses Riley’s breasts, running her hand down her belly and down to the hem of her dress. Riley raises her dress every so slightly so Kasey has unfettered access to her pussy. Of course, she’s wearing no panties… have I mentioned yet how devastatingly gorgeous Riley Nixon is? I mean seriously, you guys, this girl is a knockout! Watching her heavy-lidded eyes darken with desire as Kasey slowly caresses her body is mesmerizing. And now that Kat has noticed the ladies are horny and willing to play, she strides across the room to their side.

Kat is a smooth-talking vixen and I totally dig her! Looks like Riley likes her too… their lips meet softly as Kasey looks on with desire. Isn’t it funny that Riley thought Kasey would be whoring around at the party, but it’s Riley that gets frisky first! Kat pulls down Riley’s dress, exposing her lovely breasts, Kat and Kasey both leaning down to take a nipple in their mouth. Then Kat suggests they get comfy on the couch and like magic, everyone makes their way to the sofa. Kasey rests between Riley’s legs, licking her pussy. Kat squeezes and sucks on Riley’s nipples for a minute but then Ruckus asks her to share Wolf’s dick with him… she’s so excited for them to share their first dick! They take turns sucking off Wolf, Ruckus showing real promise in the dick sucking arena! Kat is so proud of her man and his dick sucking skills!

I love this part of the orgy; everyone is having so much fun exploring and trying new things! And then there’s Damien… there’s a brief moment or two when he’s on his knees behind Kasey, his tongue barely moving in his lackluster pussy eating performance. That’s probably my only complaint about this movie, that damn half assed oral nonsense. Okay, okay, rant over. Sorry, I take pussy eating very seriously. Anyway, back to business. The first one to get their dick wet in a hot hole other than someone’s mouth is Ruckus. He slides into his girl Kat from behind while she’s filling her mouth with Wolf’s cock. Next lucky dick is Damien; he penetrates Kasey doggystyle, his dick buried in her cunt as she buries her face in Riley’s pussy (lucky girl!). Fast forward a couple minutes and now Michael and D have come back from their private rendezvous and their ready to join the party! Michael starts to unbutton his shirt and then the camera moves and we see that D is already naked! Less than 10 seconds, that must be a record!

So now that everyone is down to fuck and all in, the fun really begins! There’s people choking on cocks and girls moaning in pleasure. Riley, the sexy lesbian goddess in this film, gets her pussy penetrated with a dick while Kat sits on her face. D fucks Kat from behind while Ruckus fucks her throat. It’s a tangle of sweaty bodies writing in passion, their collective voice a blur of pleasured sighs and gasps of delight. I just love all the “noise” you get with an orgy! I could watch an orgy with the sound off but it just wouldn’t be quite as good, you know? There’s just something so raw and erotic about all those wet, satisfied sounds echoing throughout the room… balls slapping an ass with each thrust, grunts of desire as pussies are pounded, the slurps and slobbering of a tasty blowjob… it’s music to my ears!

It’s time to switch positions and partners! The girls each choose a guy and lower themselves onto a rigid dick, riding it smoothly up and down. They spend several minutes in cowgirl position, all three of them riding like the wind! But the boys are getting eager for some dick too, so the girls have to share! Wolf gets atop Damien the dentist and slides down his pole, taking it deep inside his tight ass. He settles in, every inch of Damien’s cock buried in his ass, and then he starts to move up and down, his ass squeezing Damien’s dick like a grip vice! Meanwhile, Riley is riding D’s cock while Ruckus sits on D’s face and gets his salad tossed! But this group is constantly moving, so before long Riley is on her back sucking D’s dick as he kneels over her. Ruckus is behind D, sliding his dick deep inside the host’s eager hole! After several minutes of intense sucking, fucking, and fondling, the group takes a moment to kiss and caress one another slowly, intimately. They really are the best of friends!

After their brief hugging break, Damien finally gets fucked! I was worried there for a minute thinking he’d only be a bottom, but nope, he finally got a dick in that hole! Good for him! He bounces up and down on D’s dick, sitting down and taking D’s entire cock in his ass. Now this is a much better seat than he offers patients in his dental office! Right next to them on the couch, Wolf is riding Michael’s cock while Kasey sucks his dick… and what a dick it is! Wolf is one handsome stud and he just happens to have a long, thick cock, too? How lucky can one guy get?! Then Riley comes over and gives Damien’s cock some attention while he rides D’s dick; she sucks and strokes his dick like a pro! Damien sure seems to enjoy the extra set of hands!

This group loves to keep it moving! From one partner to another, they switch so quickly it’s hard to keep track! Everyone’s having fun!

Cowgirl and doggy and missionary, oh my! Cock sucking and pussy eating and anal sex, oh yes! It’s almost too much to handle! The duos change over and over, the group moving like one organism, with one mind, intent on only one thing… pleasure. The positions change, the pairs keep switching, and the sexual tension rises as each of them fuck their way toward orgasm. Watching this group writhe together in ecstasy, using every part of their bodies to deliver pleasure to one another is a heady experience. Wolf’s mouth is wide and big, perfect for a dick; his lips the ultimate compress for a rigid pole. Riley is perfection; she’s like the perfect Christmas present, so beautiful wrapped up and then the ultimate delight once you remove the wrapping. These two by far make the movie for me! But where would they be without Damien’s dick to suck? Without Kat’s pussy to sit on Riley’s face? Without Michael’s stellar dick sucking skills? Without all the rest in this super sexy bi orgy, for that matter?! I can totally admit they’re my favs in this flick, but the entire group made this movie the red-hot sizzler that it is! And when they’ve all fucked themselves silly, we have the messy cumshot to look forward to! Because how could a group this frisky not have a messy cumshot?! And how nice is lovely Riley for scooping up that hot cum from Damien’s chest and getting rid of it for him? Watching her bring her cum covered fingers to her mouth and suck them clean was incredibly sexy!

Generally, at the end of a movie review, I’ll tell you guys which scene was my favorite. But for Group Bi-In, there is just one long, sexy, tasty, devilishly delicious scene! And I think I’ve already made it clear I’ve got a lady boner for Riley Nixon (swoon!) and Wolf Hudson is a tasty morsel, as well. I can tell you that this movie has whet my appetite for bisexual content unlike any other I’ve seen before. And I can tell you it was fun (a few times!) to watch! So now I’ll just implore you to give it a try. If you’ve never been into bisexual stuff before, this is the one to experiment with. The cast is awesome, the sex is truly sexy and satisfying, and I guarantee you’ll finish before they do!

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