Our Top 20 Taboo Titles from Manipulative Media

Director/Actor Levi Cash knows exactly what his fans want and he gives it to them each time Manipulative Media drops a new flick. They’ve become experts in the world of faux-family taboo over the years, and the high ratings their titles receive is very impressive! It’s been a while since I’ve personally delved into Levi Cash and everything Manipulative Media, but the arrival of our exclusive title, My Step Sis Swallows 2 piqued my curiosity again and I went digging. Below are Manipulative Media’s Top 20 movies, decided by you!

1. Son… Cum Inside Me

Son...Cum Inside Me
I was not surprised to see Son…Cum Inside Me pull in the top spot at all on list. This flick did gangbusters on our site for weeks and stayed on our Most Popular page even longer. Just looking at Reagan Foxx‘s boobs on the front cover sent me over the edge, but do yourself a favor and check out Andi James and Levi Cash in the 4th scene. You’re going to love it!

2. Father Daughter Manipulations

Father Daughter Manipulations
Forbidden love, stiff dicks, and horny teenagers always mix well, which is why Father Daughter Manipulations ranks so high on the list. Both scenes are incredibly hot and worthy of your attention.

3. Naughty Nieces 2

Naughty Nieces 2
Tales of uncles and nieces getting together really gets people hot. I know because this title got over 70 ratings and I’m willing to bet it has everything to do with Levi Cash banging Gia Paige to start things off. The chemistry in this scene made the fantasy come to life and the sex set the tone for the rest of the movie.

4. Naughty Nieces

Naughty Nieces
You know how else I know you lovable perverts really dig twisted tales of uncles and nieces? Because the first edition of the series makes this list right behind the 2nd! I can’t lie, I wasn’t expecting that, but again, the tone is set from the very beginning with Gianna Nicole and Tony D in the first scene and continued right through to the end of the movie.

5. Father’s Forbidden Fantasies 2

Father's Forbidden Fantasies 2
Oh, the minds of our fathers! As the title suggest, Father’s Forbidden Fantasies 2 explores the frowned-up lusty wants of step-dads everywhere. [Rahyndee James}(//hm.adultempire.com/646989/rahyndee-james-pornstar.html//hm.adultempire.com/19543/tony-desergio-pornstar.html>Tony De Sergio in an attempt to help him through his divorce and dammit, if that’s therapy, sign me up!

6. Step Mother Son Perversions

Step Mother Son Perversions
Power struggles with moms are inevitable. It doesn’t matter if you’re blood or married in, at some point she’s going to boss you around and get on your nerves. The plus side is that in Levi’s world you get to fuck her back, literally.

7. Father Daughter Bonding

Father Daughter Bonding
2015’s Father Daughter Bonding is still flying high as one of Manipulative Media‘s top rated titles on the site, and with Anya Olsen sucking and riding slightly older guy Michael Masters like mom could walk in the door at any moment, I can see why. They way they stay in character is amazing to me.

8. Step Mother Son Perversions Volume 3

Step Mother Son Perversions Volume 3
Ariella Ferrera is fine as hell! I would watch that woman read a book if it came down to it, but I definitely prefer watching her bump nasty parts in Scene Two of this POV masterpiece.

9. Naughty Daughter-In Laws

Naughty Daughter-In Laws
Now we know why mothers and daughters-in-law don’t get along! Imagine Sabrina Banks strolls into your house talking about how she’s marrying your son, and then bangs your husband in your living room while you’re running around planning her damn wedding! Unacceptable!

10. Father Daughter Perversions 5

Father Daughter Perversions 5
Riley King stole the show for me in Volume 5 of the Father Daughter Perversions series. I like her look a lot and her chemistry with Levi was right on point.

11. Stalked

Stalked is full off stories about young women becoming adults and attempting to assert themselves as such, and just like in real life, parents get in the way. When you’re caught fucking or getting naked on webcam and your back is up against the wall, you’ll pretty much do anything to get out of trouble. It’s just extra fucked up when your dad is the one stalking and framing you!

12. Father Daughter Perversions 4

Father Daughter Perversions 4
Levi Cash and Makenna Blue are everything in Scene 2! It’s the hot scene of the movie, and even if the fantasy isn’t for you, the sex will be, trust me.

13. Brother Sister Manipulations

Brother Sister Manipulations
Siblings rarely get along even when it appears they’re getting along. Usually it’s all about who comes out on top, but in this movie being on top doesn’t put you in control. Holding a secret over someone else is the only way to win this game, and these brothers definitely know how to play.

14. Teen Manipulations 3

Teen Manipulations 3
When it comes to teens, it’s easy to think you’re the one in control. You’re older, smarter, you’ve seen more, and you’ve experienced more. But watch as Aubrey Gold, Kimber Lee, and Kota Sky come out cum-filled winners in Teen Manipulations 3.

15. Teens In Trouble 1

Teens In Trouble 1
Luckily when there’s trouble, there’s also Levi Cash and Tony De Sergio to fuck and save the day! Sure, some may call them two creepy older guys preying on women in bad situations, but this isn’t politics, and Katerina Kay and Daisy Haze look pretty damn happy to me!

16. Teens In Trouble 3

Teens In Trouble 3
This time, Tony D gets in on some of that Teens In Trouble action as he loans a helping hand and a hard dick to Halle Von in the first scene of 2014’s Volume 3. Turns out she can’t pay her rent and we all know how that’s going to go!

17. Step-Father Daughter Perversions 6

Step-Father Daughter Perversions 6
Kimber Lee, Caroline Ray, Rina Ellis, and Avery Adair flip the script on their fathers this time around. Now, the girls are the aggressors, and saying no is not an option.

18. Father-Daughter Manipulations 2

Father-Daughter Manipulations 2
It’s Dad’s way or the highway while mom is away! The lines of morality are blurred as two horny, big-dicked stepdads give into temptation and sin with their young-and-ready stepdaughters. Both scenes will get you where you ultimately want to go so you can’t go wrong, and the acting, sex, and fantasies are right on-par with what we got in the first edition.

19. Step Mother Son Perversions Volume 2

Step Mother Son Perversions Volume 2
I was waiting for this one to show. People absolutely loved Andi James talking shit to her stepson in this POV filmed edition and I get it. She pulls off the mommy role perfectly, so if this is the fantasy for you, Andi and Levi in Scene 3 is definitely where you want to start.

20. Entrapments #2

Entrapments #2
I totally get why Marsha May in Scene 1 is the hot scene of this flick. She’s incredibly hot, freaky to no end, and although she may be young, she already knows how to throw that ass back! You can’t beat that, but you sure can beat off to it… I know I did!

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